Unusual birth stories of children

Update: February 2019

The woman until the birth did not know that she was pregnant

Katerina Kropas, a 23-year-old resident of Massachusetts due
severe back pain went to the hospital. To the surprise of the medics and
the patient, after being examined at the reception, she was sent to
maternity unit and an hour later gave birth to a child. �”About the upcoming
Maternity I was informed at 10:15, and my daughter was born at 11:06 “, –
the newly made mother told reporters.

According to Katerina, she didn’t feel any
signs of pregnancy, and weight gain explained its good
with appetite, addiction is tasty and there is a lot to eat. Despite the fact that
no American medical observation passed, no
prenatal examinations were not conducted, the child was born

The administration of the clinic where the woman turned (South Shore),
noted, “We have 1-2 women each year complaining about
health, not knowing that they are pregnant. This usually happens before
deadline of 20 weeks. But this case is unique because a woman in an hour
before giving birth, she was unaware of her position. ” British Medical
a journal in 2012 published a study confirming that 2
women from 1000 to approximately 20 weeks of pregnancy do not suspect
about it. The explanation for this strange phenomenon can be

  • rarely possible in early pregnancy
    insignificant discharge in terms of the proposed menstruation,
    therefore, women do not perceive scant periods for delay (see
    first signs of pregnancy before the delay)
  • in case of prolonged irregular menstruation, a woman
    may perceive the absence of menstruation as the norm to which
    got used to
  • overweight women may not care for growing
    stomach or not notice fetal movement
  • toxemia in the first trimester of pregnancy a woman may not
    experience or nausea during pregnancy be perceived as
    nutritional errors, food poisoning
  • most likely it is women who do not have basic knowledge
    the physiology of the female body, and not caring about their health,
    since today a reliable pregnancy test is sold in
    any pharmacy or supermarket and is not expensive.

Dead pregnant women are not disconnected from the devices
life support to save the baby

In recent decades, the presence of artificial
life support allows you to maintain the body after death, in
able to coma for a long time. And in the case of pregnancy women
the fetus can survive until term. Birth cases
after the death of the mother in the world is not much, here are a few of them:

  • In Italy in October 2014, a 36 year old woman in week 23
    pregnancy hemorrhage occurred. Save in hospital
    San Raffaele in Milan, her failed and with the consent of the family in
    the next 9 weeks she was on the apparatus of artificial
    life support. At week 32, a caesarean section was performed,
    A healthy boy weighing 1.8 kg was born. Close relatives of the deceased
    women agreed to transfer her organs for transplant
    needy patients.
  • In Ireland up to the present,
    a pregnant woman, hemorrhage occurred in the brain, connecting to
    life support apparatus against the will of her family.
    Doctors refuse to disconnect from the device because of the law,
    giving children in the womb special status and rights. How will this end
    The situation is still unknown.
  • In the United States in 1993, at the 17th week of pregnancy, the mother was shot,
    body maintenance lasted 100 days, a healthy boy was born.
  • In the United States in 2001, with a 2-week period, the 24-year-old American from
    Cincinnati spent the entire pregnancy in a coma, the baby was born
  • In China in 2001, she also gave birth to a healthy son, being
    last 3 months in coma.
  • In Germany in 2007, at the 13th week of pregnancy due to
    heart attack woman fell into a vegetative state, 5.5 months doctors
    raised a baby.
  • In Russia in the spring of 2009, a resident of the Moscow region fell into
    car accident, severe injuries have introduced the injured to
    vegetative state, gestational age was 10 weeks. 7 months
    in the Domodedovo hospital, at the request of relatives, doctors kept
    pregnancy and the baby was born by caesarean section.

If you evaluate the risks of adverse effects of such unusual
childbirth for a child, they are insignificant.

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