Unsafe three-dimensional ultrasound – better than himhold in 1 trimester

Update: February 2019

In the early stages of pregnancy, Royal College specialists
акушерства в Британии считают проведение 3 и 4-ех мерного УЗИ
not safe and not necessary. Two-dimensional B-mode is much safer,
than 3D / 4D ultrasound and the need for them in the early stages there (see
calculating the duration of pregnancy).

Today it is very fashionable to follow the development of a child almost with
first weeks of pregnancy, and future parents do not think about
possible negative effects of any research and external
impacts on the growing fetus. Pictures of a tiny baby can and
replenish and make the family photo album more modern and
interesting, but is it important?


It is in the first 3 months of pregnancy that all organs are laid.
baby and there is no full protection from adverse external and
internal factors. All malformations of the child are formed
in the first trimester. British doctors are convinced that with
no serious suspicion or medical evidence
need to be affected by the effect of an excessive ultrasound signal.

Modern conventional two-dimensional ultrasound can eliminate heavy
congenital malformations and pathologies – this is quite enough for
screening 1 trimester. With 3D / 4D ultrasound, the procedure is longer and
a more powerful ultrasonic signal is used – this is negative
affects the formation of the placenta and the fetus.

The long-term effects of ultrasound on the developing fetus are still
little studied. The statement that the ultrasound does not affect the child is based on
that it does not lead to serious consequences. But frequent and
prolonged effect of ultrasound has not been thoroughly studied.

Once again you should not interfere in such a complex process as
the formation of a new life and do not neglect measures
precautions. Most experts are inclined to believe that
without three and four-dimensional ultrasound can be done because of its
potential insecurity, if there are indications for its conduct,
then apply it only after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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