Unique health drinks alreadycreated

Update: February 2019

The publication “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” published an unusual news:
FEFU Biomedicine School (Far Eastern Federal
university) were able to come up with unique mixtures to maintain
our health. This effect young researchers have achieved
by adding various natural compounds that were originally hidden
in hedgehogs and algae leaves on the bottom of the seas, lemongrass leaves and
other Far Eastern gifts.

The first “special” drink was created by Andrey Podkorytov. Job
novice researcher carried out in conjunction with the professor
Irina Kadnikova. Together they betrayed the public recipe
useful drink with the addition of Chinese lemongrass (Schisandra
Chinensis) and pectin. The second component Andrew took from the sea
phyllospadix (Phyllospadix Iwatensis).

Adding pectin (and about half the norm in the total
treats) justified by its ability to inactivate radionuclide
compounds and metals. Lemongrass perfectly warns nervous
overstrain and a positive effect on the nervous system.

And Julia Mamonova, together with Professor Lyudmila Levochkina
kefir drink was created with beet puree and timarin –
sea ​​urchin extract. The latter enriches the health drink
antioxidants in the composition of quinine pigments. Quinine – the basis
structure needles and shells hedgehogs. Beet puree is rich
betanin with antithrombotic activity that strengthens
walls of erythrocytes and blood vessels.

Of course, until the latest drinks are on sale throughout
country. But who knows, maybe we will drink them in the near
the future.

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