Uncomplicated appendicitis can be treateddrug-free, without surgery

Update: February 2019

One of the most routine operations in surgery is
appendectomy – removal of appendicitis. Once installed
the final diagnosis is inflammation of the appendix, surgeons
remove it, trying to do it as soon as possible because
Delay can lead to serious complications. But,
British scientists say that with uncomplicated appendicitis in 60%
clinical cases possible treatment without surgery.

This conclusion was made by researchers from the University of
Nottingham – University of Nottingham (UK), studying
данные 900 случаев аппендицита (см. симптомы аппендицита у
adults, signs of appendicitis in children). Up to 2/3 of all cases
inflammation of the appendix, they believe, it is possible to cure
with a course of antibiotics. So, if correct
you can evaluate the patient’s condition, you can have thousands of patients worldwide
eliminate the risk of surgery.


Of course, such an operation for experienced surgeons is not
difficult for the patient, however, any surgery hides
in itself a lot of risks. Any surgical procedure prolongs
recovery period after illness, operations always carry the risk
complications, for example, wound suppuration.

Лечение аппендицита антибиотиками The authors of the study
analyzed data on the treatment of 900 patients – treatment
antibiotics were made to 470 patients, 430
производилась аппендэктомия (см. как правильно принимать
antibiotics). As a result, after antibiotic therapy on
over the next year, 80% of patients did not have seizures

The risks of developing complications in both
treatment options. The risks of complications after surgery
were almost the same as in patients with antibiotic therapy.
The advantage of antibiotic treatment before surgery is undoubtedly
is a reduction in hospital stay.

Conclusion – based on the data obtained, the authors of this study
claim – most of the clinical cases of uncomplicated
appendicitis can be treated with the help of drug therapy.
Modern diagnostic methods and the latest equipment to date
day solves the problems of accurate observation and control of dynamics
in patients with drug treatment.

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