Two-month baby daily routine


  1. How to occupy a 2-month-old baby while awake
  2. Massage
  3. Walks in the open air
    1. How to entertain yourself on a walk with a child
    2. Sleep on the balcony or loggia
  4. Bathing
  5. Approximate daily regimen for a 2-month-old baby
  6. Conclusion

At the age of two months, a feeding regimen is established, the period wakefulness is increasing and if you have failed before this time systematize the regime, continue to accustom the baby to a certain mode, you will definitely succeed.

A two-month-old baby is watching with interest the new for him in peace, smiles, begins to walk. Baby weight more than 5 kg can easily withstand a break in food for 4 hours.

How to occupy a 2-month-old baby while awake

We continue to spread on the tummy before each feeding, baby raises and tries to hold the head, thereby training the neck muscles and backs. We stimulate the physical activity of the baby by moving before eyes bright toy left, right, up, baby is no longer just watching the toy with his eyes, he tries to reach for it, straining thereby muscle. We voice all our actions, the baby listens to speech, correctly guesses intonation.

Sing it yourself if musical ability allows you to otherwise, it’s better to let a special nursery listen music and songs. There is an excellent collection “Classic for Kids” V.A. Mozart, L.V. Beethoven, P.I. Tchaikovsky.


The regimen of the baby in 2 monthsDoing massage, easy stroking legs from feet to buttocks, pens from fingers to forearm, backs from buttocks to shoulders, tummy clockwise arrow. We introduce him to the surroundings, new sounds.

At this age, the baby is already able to hold a short time in hand any object, the child grabs and holds fingers adult, you can give a light rattle with a pen in the handle. Colors for choose bright toys, best of all red, yellow, their child begins to distinguish first.

Give the baby to touch various objects on the texture: smooth, soft, round, ribbed. The pleasure of touching and new tactile sensations help develop harmoniously.

Walks in the open air

Recommendations for mothers on the regimen of the day of the newborn say that Fresh air is necessary for the child. Even a 10 minute stay on fresh air saturates the child’s body with oxygen. Time stay in the air we increase gradually and it depends on time of year and place of residence of the family.

It’s easier to organize a walk in the countryside, a stroller with a sleeping child on the leeward side of the yard and you can go about your business nearby, keeping your eyes on the stroller as a child. City dwellers were not so lucky, but a plus too there, walking with the child, you breathe fresh air yourself.


How to entertain yourself on a walk with a child

The regimen of the baby in 2 monthsYou can find a lot of useful things. and entertainment while the baby sleeps peacefully in a stroller. Read listen audio, learn a foreign language, chat with other mothers, do sport.

Do not walk along the roadway – gas contamination air, dust, noise. Better find the nearest park, square, garden and enjoy your walks. On the day off the whole family walks will greatly benefit the family climate relationship.

Sleep on the balcony or loggia

Do not replace a full-fledged walk in the fresh air with a dream in a stroller on the balcony, drafts and it’s hard to guess the temperature on balcony, and this threatens the child or overheating, or hypothermia. Such a “walk” will not bring any benefit. to fall asleep on her own, using the recommendations of experienced Mom.

Find out here how to tie a baby sleep bag. crochet.


Organize swimming as a joyful and relaxing procedure. Time bathing can be increased up to 15 minutes a day.

If before bathing took place in a small bath, now sometimes you can put your child on a “big swim”, that is, organize bathing in a large bath. Hold the baby’s head with your hand and let him freely wallow with arms and legs in some water.

It will bring him tremendous pleasure, relax muscles body, relieve cramping and colic in the tummy. After swimming usually children eat well and can oversleep calmly all night.

Approximate daily regimen for a 2-month-old baby

6 a.m. lift, morning toilet, feeding
7:00 – 09:30 sleep
09:30 – 10:30 feeding, wakefulness
10:30 – 13:00 sleep, preferably in the fresh air
13:00 – 14:00 feeding, wakefulness
14:00 – 16:30 sleep
16:30 – 17:30 feeding, wakefulness
17:30 – 19:30 sleep, preferably in the fresh air
19:30 – 20:30 Bathing, feeding, waking
20:30 – 6:00 Night sleep, 1-2 feedings


I repeat that this mode of the day is of a recommendatory nature and is intended to help orient in an approximate amount feedings and hours of sleep.

In your specific case, taking into account the needs of the child Build the best option for you daily routine. Not Wake him up at night to feed when hungry wake up, then feed.

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