Twenty-third week of pregnancy


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Each subsequent week of pregnancy gives the expectant mother a large number of new sensations. Everything is observed in her body more visible changes. Gradually, both development and growth fetus.

By the end of the first trimester, he almost completely many organs are formed, which then begin to actively function. During the second trimester, the baby continues grow and gain weight. What are the features of the course of pregnancy on twenty third week?


23rd week of pregnancyUntil the twenty-third week, as in further, the baby is constantly evolving, getting all the necessary substances. In most children at this period, the weight reaches 440-510 gram. The characteristic growth is within 30 centimeters.

One of the important features is the completion of the process. formation of marigolds.

On ultrasound it can be observed that the fetus has well-developed sexual organs. So, the scrotum forms in the boys, and the ovaries in the girls, which at that time contained several million ova

In a child, the skin remains wrinkled. However fluff covering his body begins to gradually darken. Parallel accumulation of brown adipose tissue occurs.

The dynamics of the development of internal organs is observed. On during this period, the formation of the pancreas continues, responsible for providing the body with one of the vital hormones – insulin.

However, the spleen is able to perform its main function: control the quality of the produced blood cells (red blood cells), screening red blood cells with any defects. She provides production of the required number of monocytes and lymphocytes.

At the twenty-third week, the child, being in the womb, begins to train his lungs. He performs up to sixty respiratory movements per minute. Due to the fact that the lungs disclosed only after childbirth, such movements do not occur systematically.

At the sixth month, each child is already fully formed digestive system: small and large intestines with a stomach and pancreas, liver and esophagus.

The brain of the fetus also develops all the time. His weight constantly increasing. If in the second month of pregnancy he could weigh about two grams, then on the fifth – at least twenty.

By the end of 22 weeks, the baby’s brain weight reaches one hundred gram. Therefore, it must be provided with large amount of oxygen.

To do this, stay in the fresh air for as long as possible, regularly engage in special breathing exercises and learn to relax.

At the twenty-third week, the stomach continues to grow actively. The skin in its area visibly stretches and becomes drier to the touch. The last change is often the cause the occurrence of unpleasant itching, as well as a rash. Specialists recommend using a special cream against stretch marks, lubricating the tummy with it, or with another fat cream.

The size of the abdomen at the same time in different women, he can differ. This is due to the individual characteristics of each female body and body structure. AT this period the uterus moves about four centimeters higher navel level and is located at a distance of more than twenty centimeters from the pubic bone. She begins to push harder not only on the bladder, but also on the intestines with the stomach.

There are changes in the placenta – its size is noticeable increases. Amniotic fluid increases.

When a pregnant woman gets wet underwear, she needs to immediately to react and carefully consider what happened, because that it can be both urine and amniotic fluid. Last just seep or flood with a strong stream as a result rupture of the membranes. Be sure to contact to the doctor.

Often at the end of the second trimester in a woman carrying child, there are irregular manifestations of uterine contractions. They bring pain, uncomfortable sensations, cause sharp tingling sensations in the lower abdomen.

Similar fights last for several minutes. So thus, the uterus prepares for future births by training shrink properly and then relax.

Mom needs to devote more time to a good rest. With such contractions, you need to lie down a bit so that the pain disappeared without the use of medication.

Many mothers note the possibility of more clearly distinguishing various movements of your child. It happens quite often so that he begins to actively move while a woman asleep.

23rd week of pregnancyBy the end of the sixth month of pregnancy weight increases by an average of 5-7 kilograms. On chest size which continues to increase, the areola of the nipples acquires more dark shade.


Sometimes a few drops of colostrum can stand out from the nipples. This is quite normal, do not try on your own extrude it to speed up the end of the process.

Future parents are increasingly wondering about their gender baby. The gender of the child is determined during ultrasound, but sometimes it occurs mistake. It is determined by the corresponding set of chromosomes, which was obtained by fertilizing an egg with a sperm during conception time.


At such times, a responsible approach to drafting your daily diet. Doctors strongly recommend limit the amount of salt consumed, as well as dishes in which it is contained in a relatively large amount.

Therefore, you need to temporarily exclude the following products from the menu: chips with salted nuts, hamburgers and fries, a variety of canned food with pickles.

With an excess of sodium in the body, fluid retention occurs, which causes edema. If the legs began to swell, you need start a salt-free diet, eat about two liters of water.


The child regularly swallows amniotic fluid. This the process causes him a hiccup, which manifests itself in weak bouncing inside the womb.

During the day, the baby is able to swallow about five hundred milliliters of amniotic fluid. Their small part is absorbed into blood, and the remaining amount accumulates in the intestine as meconium – the original feces.

The latter has a dark olive tint due to the presence of pigment bile. It stands out after childbirth.

Increased hormonal activity leads to note joints of the hands, as well as redness of the skin. After giving birth, these changes disappear.

Pain occurs during walking. And pain and discomfort is due to the softening of joints between pelvic bones because the body begins to actively prepare for the upcoming birth of a child.

The center of gravity is noticeably shifted, so the gait changes. Specialists advise using a special antenatal bandage, which allows you to reduce the burden on the stomach and spine.

Pregnant women need to take care of their vacation, as well as normal sleep. At the end of the sixth month it is advisable to sleep at least eight hours. Better to give up sleep on your back or on the stomach. Need to stock up on small pillows so that you can if necessary, place them under the stomach, sides and legs.

Ultrasound scan

Expectant mothers do not need to be afraid of the ultrasound procedure research, because it does not harm the child in any way. Ultrasound scan carried out with the aim of prevention in order to notice in a timely manner all kinds of complications and prevent the threat of miscarriage.

Thanks to him, the specialist determines the size of the fetus and their compliance with a specific period, monitors the activity of movements baby by the work of the heart. He examines the uterus, location the placenta. If the child is deployed accordingly, then you can almost accurately determine its gender.


By secretions, you can determine the health status of the expectant mother. They indicate the penetration of a particular infection.

Therefore, they became abundant or changed the shade (steel bloody, earthy, yellowish or green), found sharp, unpleasant odor, consistency of curd or flakes, you need tell the doctor about it.

After all, there is a danger of charging an infectious disease of the fetus in the result of passage of the birth canal. Are safe watery, colorless discharge, with no pungent odor, and not accompanied by various painful symptoms.

Painful sensations

23rd week of pregnancyAt the twenty-third week painful sensations that occur in the legs are commonplace. Cramps in the calf area due to significant deficiency calcium.

Therefore, you should add more foods to your diet, containing this vitamin: curd products, medicinal drugs.

Pregnant women often complain of pain in the lower back, back as well as tailbone. Unpleasant sensations are the reaction of the body to increased loads on the spine and ever-growing weight.

Pain in the abdomen is not as dangerous as it seemed before. At this time, even sneezing or laughter.

Be sure to respond to prolonged and acute pain, which is usually accompanied by syndromes such as fainting, fever, chills, vomiting. In this case, you should be sure to consult a doctor.

The end of the second trimester is a lot of interesting impressions in life of a pregnant woman. She continues to watch the changes occurring in her body, feel the process of development of her baby. Many mothers even write down their impressions and order. changes, mood swings in a special diary.

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