Twenty-sixth week of pregnancy


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Deadline 26 weeks – what to expect and what to fear? What kind features of this period and what recommendations give specialist?

At week 26, the baby has already formed eyes. During this period he begins to make attempts to open them, but completely in the crumbs do it does not work. The color of the baby’s eyes at week 26 is already determined, but a few years after birth, he may change.

26th week of pregnancyAlso, the child has activated work taste buds. Special studies have shown that since such a crumb period loves sweets more than smoked meats or bit bitter food.

The thickness of adipose tissue stops increasing, since before that a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat has already accumulated. After 25 weeks, eyebrows and eyelashes grow, they can even be seen by ultrasound.

The baby actively reacts to everything that happens around, therefore Mommy should always remain calm and relaxed, Stay in a light atmosphere, listen to relaxing music. Many women even sing lullabies in their tummy this also makes sense, because the baby hears you, not doubt it.

One of the less pleasant symptoms of 26 weeks is pain in back. The weight of the child at this stage of development is rather rapid increases, so his movements and attempts to roll over felt more acutely.

To relieve pain, purchase a special mattress for pregnant women, but before buying, consult with your doctor. It is best to sleep on your side during such a period, so less noticeable baby movements.


With normal fetal development, ultrasound should be done no more three times for the entire period of pregnancy. At 26 weeks, the second falls planned ultrasound examination.

You need to do it in order to evaluate the development activity baby, exclude the possibility of various kinds pathologies, normal functioning of all body systems crumbs. Also ultrasound examines the placenta and the state of amniotic fluid. On On the 26th week, parents can already find out the gender of the baby.

In addition to ultrasound, other tests are prescribed for this period. One of such is a blood and urine test.

The results of these analyzes provide an opportunity to see the level glucose in the body of a woman, the amount of vitamins, etc. Data on glucose is necessary in order to exclude the possibility the occurrence of diabetes in mom.

This disease is found in only 2% of pregnant women, but if you an excess of sugar is detected in the blood, this is an occasion to consult with endocrinologist and make changes to your diet.

Using a blood test to determine the number of leukocytes in the blood, thanks to this doctor it is possible to exclude the presence of inflammatory process in a woman’s body, as well as evaluate the urinary system, because it is during this period strongly load increased.


Very soon your baby will be born, and therefore in the period pregnancy, you need to carefully monitor all processes in your body. At week 26, the uterus increases significantly, reaching 16 cm wide and 24 cm growing in height.

Since the womb will rise higher every week, there will be apply pressure to all organs located in the abdominal cavity future mom. This is the cause of heartburn and bloating, which worries a woman in subsequent pregnancy.

In this period, the same mucous membrane begins to form cork that starts to depart at the moment when the baby decides be born.

As early as 26 weeks, the so-called training contractions that gradually prepare a woman for stronger and frequent contractions of the uterus. However, if uterine contractions are too painful and accompanied by watery discharge, you need right there call an ambulance.

This period is characterized by an increase in the number of secretions. They should be of mucous structure, may have moderate smell.

However, if you notice that the secretions have acquired curd consistency, changed color from light to brown or yellow, if the discharge began to resemble pus, urgently needed consult a doctor and take action. In such situation the woman is also concerned about itching and burning in the organs of the reproductive system, which indicates the manifestation of inflammation and the development of infection in genitals.

A woman must undergo treatment to an infectious disease did not harm the baby in any way.

If the discharge is bloody, this is also an occasion to cause ambulance. With spotting, a woman also feels severe pain in the lower abdomen, this may indicate detachment of the placenta.

Discharges that have a more watery structure than the mucous membrane should also alert the pregnant woman, as in in this case, leakage of amniotic fluid is possible, which is fraught negative consequences.


At week 26, the woman’s stomach becomes rounded, begins to rise, it becomes more difficult to hide under ordinary clothes. The time has come to go shopping for pregnant women.

During this period, stripes form on the stomach, which later will become stretch marks. In order to prevent the formation of these most stretch marks, you need to take care of the skin of the tummy.

Now there are a number of special anti-stretch gels for pregnant. Rubbing such a gel just once or twice a day will save you yourself from stretch marks after childbirth. Some women are already experienced Mummies, instead of various ointments, use olive or even vegetable oil.


26th week of pregnancyAt 26 weeks, the crumbs have already formed certain facial features, eyebrows are formed. Also, the baby already the ears took shape, on an ultrasound you can see how they protrude slightly from the head.

26th week is also the term for the formation of the inner ear, which indicates that the baby can hear sounds from the outside. Since the baby’s eyes are just starting to open, try to avoid bright light, this applies to both artificial and natural light sources.

Sing baby lullabies, read rhymes and tales, turn on instrumental music. Scientists concluded that at 26 week baby knows how to distinguish between mother’s and father’s voice, so with both parents should talk little.

During this period, the formation of the respiratory tract ends. The child’s bones continue to strengthen, the same goes for the teeth, therefore, it is advisable for mom to consume more calcium.

The arms and legs of the fetus take on a more perfect shape, folds are formed on the elbows and knees. Baby’s heartbeat on The 26th week should be 125-160 beats per minute. Weight crumbs in this age is an average of 750 grams, growth – 35.5 centimeters.


A woman may notice that the baby’s heartbeat is uneven and confused, do not worry – this happens quite often. The cause of increased heart rate is active development. fetus.

After all, the baby’s body is constantly growing and developing, and the heart is given the task of pumping blood throughout the body of the crumbs. Besides the heart is also in the process of formation, as soon as this stage will end, arrhythmia will disappear.

If your concerns have not passed, you can contact specialist, in this case, the perinatologist will help you. Sensible the decision will also be made by ultrasound, the results of which as much as possible tell in detail about the condition of the fetus.


At this time, the child is already quite active and significantly moving. Even if someone puts a hand on your tummy, you can feel the movement inside. And if you attach an ear to your tummy, then there is the opportunity to listen to the heartbeat of the crumbs.

It is impossible to predict the periods of activity of the baby, it individual developmental features. Some women have a baby moves and tossing hard throughout the day, others only occasionally feel strong shocks. By the way, on the behavior of the child in the womb can determine his temperament for the future.

There are situations that a pregnant woman does not feel movements his baby in the afternoon and, remembering this evening, begins to panic. But anxiety is unnecessary, this happens most often in those cases when the future mother was busy throughout days and just did not attach importance to the movements of the baby.

In order to eliminate your feelings, lie on your side and listen to yourself. If this does not adequately reassure you, you can consult a doctor for an experienced specialist to check heartbeat of a tiny heart.


The appearance of pain in a woman at a given time is a phenomenon purely individual. The cause of pain can be primarily vigorous activity of the baby and strong tremors, since a constant increase in size he becomes cramped with his mother in tummy.

The baby can rest its legs directly on the stomach or ribs, creating this mom is uncomfortable. Pain in the lower abdomen at this period is observed almost all. This is due to the constant rise of the uterus, and also due to the abundant secretion of special hormones that soften the joints and prepare the woman’s body for childbirth.

It will become easier for you if you lie on your side, so the severity the baby will seem smaller.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, a frequent occurrence is convulsions and leg pain, toxicosis. Of course, due to the greatly increased a huge load on the legs per day so you need more rest.

Take time to relax all day, lying down, put a pillow under your feet, so the pain will leave you faster. To help unload your back, attend yoga classes or walk swimming will also be great if you give up heels and start wearing a bandage.


26th week of pregnancyEat right at any time pregnancy is extremely important, because what you eat gets into organism to your baby. There must be foods in the diet rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Exactly such a diet can be considered correct and balanced.

Minimize the use of foods such as milk, honey, citrus fruits, chocolate, cocoa, the thing is that such food can cause an allergy, even if you haven’t seen it before. Need to refuse to eat fast food in any form, eat less smoked and salty, as this can trigger the appearance of toxicosis.


In order for the pregnancy to pass easily and pleasantly, you need follow very simple recommendations.

  • Use anti-varicose veins to prevent it bothered you in the future, and also use medications to stretch marks warning.
  • Make your diet more balanced, if available try to get rid of excess weight, now you need it as you and the baby.
  • During this period, you can have sex in any position, except those in which there is pressure on the stomach. Sexual intercourse is good for the reproductive system of women and contributes to easier delivery. Orgasm at this time the woman feels especially strongly.
  • Little by little, prepare the nipples for breastfeeding. For this wipe your nipples with cool water from time to time, after which Wipe with a hard towel.
  • Talk more with your baby, now you have a unique the opportunity to establish contact with him, because now you are close as never.
  • Get plenty of fresh air, take a walk.

These rules are simple, but they are useful at week 26. Pregnancy should be enjoyed, and not suffer at this time from toxicosis and other “charms” of this period.

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