Twenty-seventh week of pregnancy


  1. Fetus
  2. Ultrasound scan
  3. Stomach
  4. Pain
  5. Discharge
  6. Sex
  7. Analyzes
  8. General state
  9. Food
  10. The dangers
  11. Advice

What is the 27th week of pregnancy? This is the time when your baby’s most important body systems are already formed, most actively developing brain at this stage a child.

At week 27, the skin of the fetus consists of four full layers, however, it remains shriveled and has an unnatural color, which due to the long stay of crumbs in the amniotic fluid.

27th week of pregnancyThis period is a time of great changes in the body of a woman. She starts strongly after 26 weeks blood composition changes, cholesterol levels increase.

Cholesterol is a very harmful substance, but in this case it is vital, since it is cholesterol in the greater degree supports the vital activity of the placenta.

The presence of this substance in the female body leads to an increase body mass of the future mom. Just in this case you don’t need to sit down on a diet or resort to changing your diet, as these kilograms will leave during childbirth along with amniotic fluid by the waters.


The baby at the age of 27 weeks is actively growing. Its weight is about 900 g and a height of 36 cm. This period is time, when the baby’s brain and spinal cord develop intensively, nervous system.

He adds the bulk in weight by increasing height, since the pituitary gland produces the hormone sonatropin, which helps add to your baby centimeters in length.

27th week is a period of active development of children’s hormones, including insulin, thyroxine and others. Now the hormonal background of the child exists separately from mother’s, therefore the woman’s well-being at this stage of pregnancy significantly improved.

The body systems that perform the main functions life activity, at 27 weeks already formed. Until full the baby remains 13 weeks.

Outwardly, the fetus begins to look more like a baby. At baby tiny nails on arms and legs are already starting to grow, appear first hairs.

The genitals are also clearly visible. Wrinkled baby skin due to constant stay in the amniotic fluid. She’s getting brighter which indicates the formation of a layer of subcutaneous fat.

At this time, the baby already has its own sleep schedule and wakefulness that you have already noticed. He distinguishes sounds and smells, makes itself felt in small shocks. If these shocks in some moment suddenly become weak and rhythmic, then your baby hiccups, it will pass soon.

Ultrasound scan

Usually an ultrasound examination is done at 26 weeks, but not it is possible that it may be necessary to do so and now.

The cause of a forced ultrasound may be a suspicion of a dysfunctional pregnancy, the presence of any infection in the body women, etc. No need to worry if you are assigned Ultrasound at this time, it’s just reinsurance.


At week 27, the height of the uterus is 27-27 cm, it located at a distance of 5-7 cm from the navel. Uterine mass at this time greatly increases, a woman feels an increase in severity.

Sometimes the uterus infringes on a complete vein, due to which the flow of blood to the heart becomes very weak, dizziness may appear. In to avoid this, do not lie on your back for a long time, do not stay in the same position for a long time, also not worth it to lay foot to foot.

The size of the abdomen noticeably increases, because of what appears shortness of breath, insomnia is possible. Consult a specialist as to how you can alleviate your condition and improve well-being. The movements of the baby at this time, as before childbirth can bring mom some discomfort.

Due to the fact that the skin on the abdomen is very stretched, it can itchy. If itching is very severe, consult a doctor.


Pregnancy is great, but it’s not very pleasant. moments. Pain during pregnancy is an incredibly relevant topic among women who are preparing to become mothers.

Painful sensations at this period appear with some periodicity and they are not very strong. The cause of the pain is ligament tension resulting from an increase in size uterus.

For 27 weeks, a digestive disorder is characteristic system. A woman may have constipation, which are also the cause of pain. There is no danger in such pain, however consult with a doctor is still worth it.

Most often, pain in a pregnant woman occur in the lumbar region, this is due to an increase tummy and a large load on the spine. For, to relieve fatigue in the legs, you need to make a cool bath or foot massage.

Since the baby’s bones form, mom should eat as much calcium as possible. If this substance is in the body of a woman lacking, cramps in the calf muscles may appear.

Pain in the lower abdomen or in urination testify about the disease. If you have painful urination, burning and stitching pains in the vagina, necessary see a doctor immediately.



An increase in the amount of discharge at this time does not represent danger to a woman. Translucent cloudy discharge with no a very strong smell should not scare you, but if they acquire a more saturated color and expressively smell, this is an occasion in order to turn to such a problem to the doctor.

Spotting is also a danger, in this case you need to call an ambulance.

During pregnancy, a sexually transmitted disease may appear, so how during this period the body is too susceptible to infections. Quite often pregnant women have thrush, from it you need get rid as soon as possible, as this complicates the birth process, and in such a situation there is a risk of infection of the child.

It is at the 27th week of pregnancy that there may be first discharge colostrum from the chest. This is normal, expressing milk in none by no means impossible.


27th week of pregnancySex prohibition on this no deadline. Sex is no threat, but with intercourse should not be a burden on the stomach.

Pleasant emotions will only benefit the expectant mother. During sex should also not make sudden movements, choose the most comfortable postures for women.

You should know that pregnancy is the worst time to change the sexual partner. You have to be sure of a man, so how do you risk getting the infection yourself and infecting the baby.

During pregnancy, you need to practice unprotected sex, but you must be 100% sure that your partner is clean.

It may happen that you have sex during pregnancy there will be a ban. The reason for this may be an increased tone of the uterus and the presence of a threat of premature birth. This reason imposes the ban is not on the active actions of sexual intercourse, namely on orgasm, since this begins active contractions of the uterus.


During this period, a visit to the gynecologist should occur once every two weeks. The doctor will examine and measure the tummy, he listens to the baby’s heartbeat, checks the arterial pressure of the future mom. If you have any concerns, do not need to be shy, you can tell the gynecologist about this.

Examination of a pregnant woman also includes a blood test, with which helps to check blood sugar levels. Compulsory is a urine test. You need to take tests before going to the doctor, so that the specialist can immediately analyze the findings experts.

High cholesterol, which you will learn from the analysis. blood, it’s normal for 27 weeks. At this stage in the development of the baby cholesterol is necessary for the placenta, as well as for body production hormones. The appearance depends on this substance in many respects. colostrum.

General state

Behind the whole 27 weeks of pregnancy, there is nothing surprising in that a woman feels tired from pregnancy. Approximately at this time the future mother has a desire to give birth as soon as possible.

It’s not so easy to tolerate pregnancy symptoms! Always needed remember that pregnancy is only a temporary condition, after childbirth you will still miss this, miss the rounded to the tummy, according to the movements of the baby inside.

To make pregnancy easier, follow all doctor’s recommendations.

  • It is very important to eat right;
  • Do not do large loads on your legs, relax more;
  • Ideally, you should sleep during pregnancy on your left side, so you you will feel a minimum of discomfort and you can get enough sleep;
  • You also need to monitor your posture when your stomach is huge I really want to crouch and walk with a hump, but you can’t allow it, because in the evening you will suffer terrible pain in back, you can strike an irreparable blow to your the spine;
  • Do not stay in places where it is dusty or smoke;
  • Constantly communicate with the baby, because he hears you perfectly – tell him tales, sing lullabies, according to his movements you can recognize the reaction of the crumbs to your actions.


27th week of pregnancyEat right during pregnancy extremely important. It is necessary to use as many natural as possible products, but in small portions.

Food rich in your diet must be present. calcium and protein, as these are building materials for the body crumbs. From salty, sweet, fatty, smoked products costs refuse. Also limit your intake of flour, as this may cause weight gain, which you now do not need.

An ideal breakfast for a pregnant woman would be oatmeal, to you can add some fruit to it. Protein is required for lunch food.

Dinner should be light so you can sleep better at night. If after you want to eat dinner again, try to satisfy your hunger with a glass kefir or fruit (preferably bananas).

During pregnancy, you need to consume a sufficient amount liquids. Drinking plenty of fluids is by no means the cause of puffiness, but thirst can greatly harm both you and and to the child.

It’s best to drink plain non-carbonated water, not very large quantities are allowed to eat fruit drinks and unsweetened compotes.

The dangers

Changes in blood circulation make themselves felt “goosebumps,” which are felt from time to time in the limbs or even in all to the body. This is not worth fearing, because everything that happens is quite natural process.

The strange structure of the discharge is an occasion to consult a doctor. because of cramps in the muscles, as well as cramping. Consult a specialist on how to avoid these symptoms, individual recommendations are needed here.


  • In order not to disturb the pain in the legs, you can stand on a cold surface or massage your feet;
  • Take vitamin complexes, as it is extremely difficult provide your body with vitamins fully through consumption healthy food;
  • If you are healthy, attend future courses moms, yoga, swimming;
  • With convulsions, spotting, excessively severe pain call an ambulance.

No need to be afraid of this period. Very soon everything will pass, you and you yourself will not notice how you will remember the time when you walked duck walked and talked to their tummy.

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