Twenty-second week of pregnancy


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The second trimester of pregnancy, including the 22nd week, characterized by the cheerful mood of the expectant mother. Woman is showing activity, full of strength. A little more than half of the gestation has been completed. baby, much more lies ahead, but much remains behind – doubt, getting used to your “interesting position”, uncertainty.

Now is the time to come to grips with your own feelings and pay more attention to the safety of the baby. Connection between him and mom are now quite strong. The baby moves a lot that once again reminds: she is preparing to separate and exist by yourself.

What’s happening

22nd week of pregnancyWith normal development of the fetus, its the length from the sacrum to the toe is about 27-28 cm, the weight should reach the mark of 420-500 g. Such dimensions allow the baby survive even in case of premature birth.

The child is actively developing tactile sensations at week 22 and grasping reflex. He begins to grab the pens for everything that he will “fall under the arm” – so the kid studies the environment actuality. Active finger sucking is observed.

Sweat glands develop intensively, but activity brain growth is somewhat reduced. At this point, neurons the brain is already formed, now the installation is in full swing nerve connections. The child perceives, distinguishes and remembers voices people surrounding his mommy.

The crumbs exacerbate sensitivity to light. If the front to direct a bright ray to the abdominal wall, the baby will react and turn into side of the light source.

The taste buds in the oral cavity begin to function: if mom ate something sweet, the pean joyfully swallows amniotic fluid, if the mother’s food is spicy or spicy – puzozhitel wrinkles displeasedly.


Along with increased activity, women after 21 weeks pregnancies are prone to bouts of physiological anemia – at times weakness attacks, dizzy. The reason is that new cells do not have enough time to form, but at the same time the volume of blood increases.

This week also for the first time confronts a woman with back pain, swelling of veins, heartburn, swelling. Appetite is growing. Respectively, a woman gains weight (within a week from 350-500 g). Get up on scales and watch the numbers – if they are more than indicated, there is fluid retention in the body.

About sex. At the 22nd week he is most pleasant. there is evidence that many women in this period of their lives begin to experience vivid orgasms, even if they weren’t before experienced. However, the nature of the pregnancy should be considered – if there are some complications, from intense intimate contacts it is better refuse.

Be prepared for the fact that with the advent of the 22nd week your sense of smell noticeably increase. You will become more sensitive to odors and tastes. And nervous reactions will aggravate, a woman subtly reacts words and events.


If you have not started keeping a diary, it’s time to do it. On On the 22nd week you will have many new experiences, all of them deserve attention and to fix them. Now it’s especially important that the right one is established between mom and baby contact.

Talk to him more, give up negativity, high-profile screams, discontent. Maximum of positive, kindness, affection – that’s what you need a man developing inside you. In what emotional you are in such a state, since he sensitively captures the slightest differences in your mood.

Tips about the spine: with the growth of the fetus, the load on it increases – not only on the back, but also on the lower back. Learn to lie, walk, stand, sit correctly. Not recommended cross leg. It is preferable to lie more on the hard one. Lie on your side while sleeping, for comfort pillows.

It’s time to give up heels, down with the rubber and leatherette. Orthopedic insoles – a green light! Sole desirable with a slight rise, solid or wide and steady heel 1-1.5 cm high.

Walk more, breathe fresh air, avoid the negative experiences. Try not to be inside stuffy rooms, so as not to create a risk of fainting. Realize the depth of your female happiness.


While the stomach is not too constricted, difficulties are mainly related with an increased load on the skeleton, but the size of the abdomen is still let you bend yourself to see your own legs or even zip up boots or to tie shoe laces.


However, discomfort in the form of pain on the sides of the abdomen is possible. The thing is that the ligaments of the uterus are stretched.

The bottom of the uterus takes place 2-4 cm above the navel. By the way, external the size of the abdomen directly depends on what your muscle tone is the abdominal anterior wall “tightened”). Well, it’s very important in what position the baby lies – from it depends on the shape of the mother’s tummy.

The child at the 22nd week leads an active life, as if he is looking for contact with mom, ready to respond to any of her actions. At that including touching the stomach. Put your palm on it and baby most likely will answer you with a push from the inside.

Carapuzus is cramped, he continually changes his position. Accordingly, from different sides of the abdomen there will be tremors and stirring.

A properly developing child “must” make movements not less than 10 times a day, this is the norm. Should alert as excessive activity of the fetus, and the absence of its movements for more than 1 days.

Ultrasound scan

22nd week of pregnancyIt is necessary that the expectant mother clearly I understood: the 22nd week is extremely important for screening. It is at this time with the help of ultrasound diagnostics that identify (or exclude) malformations.

Also, during ultrasound, the size of the fetus is determined on the subject compliance with the norm. Ultrasound shows biometrics reliably parameters – thigh length, head size, coccygeal-parietal size and etc. During an ultrasound, the specialist observes the condition amniotic fluid and placenta.

Skeptics are of the opinion that ultrasound is supposedly harmful to unborn baby. There is no evidence for this hypothesis.

Although the fact that ultrasound can affect the human genetic material. How to be? Medical the community concluded: it is optimal to do an ultrasound scan once, but not abuse it.

Some mothers have seen an increased interest in look at the monitor screen once again. Try to be reasonable, be guided by expediency, not idle curiosity. The importance of ultrasound is that if it is not done, you can easily skip the emerging pathology and not accept timely remedial measures.

Pain, bleeding, discharge from the genital tract

At the 22nd week, discharge from the genital tract may become more plentiful than usual. If they still keep healthy whitish tint and a slight smell of sour milk, discharge transparent – there’s nothing to worry about. Just change daily more often gaskets. If itching and unpleasant smell, and the color of the discharge is brown or greenish – necessary see a doctor. Infections await a pregnant woman at every step, the doctor will help to deal with the problem. They may occur due to the fact that due to metabolism may decrease immunity.

Another sign of this fact is bleeding gums. Rinse your mouth with disinfectant solutions, change the brush to the one whose softer bristles. Eat Vitamin Complex (only by agreement with a doctor).

Do not be surprised if you put your nose in – too normal and is a consequence of a decrease in immune defense organism. Sometimes instead of nasal congestion, it appears bleeding. So, blood pressure increased. It is recommended that several procedures for instillation of drops into the nose onto based on a solution of sea salt.

One of the most disturbing threats of the 22nd week is isthmic-cervical insufficiency (ICI). How is it shown: the cervix is ​​weak before the onset of fetal mass. Consequently – increased risk of infection leading to fetal rupture bladder and premature birth.

If you feel stiff-cutting abdominal pain, unusual over-normal species; plentiful discharge – urgently go to the doctor!

22nd week of pregnancyAny suspicious symptoms should become a signal about the violation of the course of pregnancy. Also for every 3 pregnancy 1 ends with premature amniotic flow waters at the 22nd week (if you do not take timely measures).

What else should alert and talk about the threat premature birth? Rising body temperature. If she is from 38 degrees and above – an occasion for a visit to the doctor.

If you feel pressure on the bladder and perineum, suffer from diarrhea – these are signs of early birth. Also time turn to doctors to protect yourself and the baby.

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