Twenty-ninth week of pregnancy


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  2. Analyzes and ultrasound
  3. Food
  4. The dangers
  5. Stomach
  6. Discharge

29th week of pregnancy: the baby has grown and his height is an average of 37 cm with a weight of 1.25 kg. These figures are averages in the world and can differ both up and down.

If childbirth takes place at such a time, then 9 out of 10 children survive. But it’s too early to hurry with childbirth, because there are still ten weeks ahead for normal development of the child and his adaptation to life.

The baby’s head has become more proportional to the size of the body. The child has become rounder due to fatty tissue, the proportion of which is 4%. This contributes to the normal thermoregulation of the body.


29th week of pregnancyAt this time, the immune system begins work independently, but antibodies enter the bloodstream only from Moms

The teeth that hide inside the gums are already covered with enamel. Kid became larger, and spinning around, as before it does not allow him space.

Therefore, shocks replace the pulling sensations. Small man rests with knees and elbows.

The bottom of the uterus is located above the pubic phimosis of about 30 cm, which corresponds to 7-10 cm above the navel. Pulse and pressure slightly increase.

This period requires careful attention to weight gain. It is undesirable to recover more than 0.4 kg per week. If talk about weight gain since the beginning of pregnancy, then ideally she should be 10 kg.

It is often necessary to consult a gynecologist about amount of water consumed. Fluid may build up in tissues. and cause swelling, and this happens completely unnoticed by Moms

Swelling may appear on the arms, legs, and internal organs. The reason is poor kidney function. or in the worst case, histosis. This is a dangerous complication requiring timely intervention, which is primarily in regulating nutrition and fluid intake.

One of the important points is the control of the big belly, which can be dangerous. When lying on the back, the uterus compresses the vena cava, which disrupts blood circulation and reduces pressure. For this reason, doctors always recommend lying to women. in the side position. The uterus also presses on the bladder and other organs. If with frequent visiting the toilet will have to put up, then to reduce pressure on the stomach, you need to eat in small portions, up to 7-8 times a day. Remember to control calorie intake.

Most mothers feel tired by the end of 28 weeks, because even breathing has become harder. With shortness of breath, you also have to put up with 34 weeks, when the fetus under its own weight sink and decrease the load on the lungs. In this period you need learn to relax, especially since there is soon time to relax will be much less.

The center of gravity is slightly offset. Therefore pregnant women often have poor coordination. To avoid falls, you need to be very careful. If a fall occurs, there is no need to panic. AT in case of bloody or watery discharge, immediately call an ambulance.

The third trimester is a normal period that is necessary wait out. The child may show slight activity, the degree of which depends on several factors, among which are present the following:

  • Woman’s nutrition;
  • The amount of incoming oxygen;
  • The presence in the diet of vitamins and minerals.

Mom needs a complex of vitamins, each of which is responsible for a certain direction. So, folic acid along with iodine allow full development of the intellect and the heart, vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels, vitamin D and calcium essential for bone tissue.

Analyzes and ultrasound

// on Week 29 becomes the best adviser and friend. So as not to I had to feel discomfort caused by temporary complications and, the most important thing is to prevent various diseases, give regularly all analyzes.

If all inspections that include weighing, measurement pulse, pressure, palpation of the abdomen and its measurement, as well as tests, ultrasound, performed on time, then questions about health the baby and his mother practically does not arise.

Additional tests and examinations are only prescribed in case there are indications for this. These may be screening for sugar, hormones and more.

A full re-examination is carried out after 30 weeks, but in the case of the appearance of prerequisites, examination by a cardiologist, therapist and other specialists can be carried out at 29 weeks.

A characteristic feature of the twenty-ninth week is the number of shocks that the baby performs. Therefore gynecologist can instruct you to calculate their number.

Ultrasound is a safe type of examination, which also can be performed as directed by a doctor. This easy way allows you to get accurate information about the size of the fetus, its condition, the amount of fluid near the baby and its cleanliness.


Ultrasound is also used to determine the location and size. uterus. If before this period, ultrasound was performed only at an early date pregnancy and the sex of the baby is unknown, then week 29 allows you to accurately determine who to expect the expectant mother.

Also on the screen you can see all parts of the child’s body. At the request of the parents, you can take a picture, which will be Remind pleasant moments of expectation.


It is possible to bear a healthy and full-fledged child thanks to several important components, one of which is complex nutrition. The former type of nutrition should replace the previous one. new healthy food.

The selection of products is individual, taking into account all the needs of a growing organism. Therefore, you need to bet on minerals and vitamins.

At week 29, the fetus needs 220-260 mg of calcium. Advantage is on the side of calcium of vegetable origin, because the animal leads to early ossification of the skull.

Mom needs to take care of replenishing this substance, the lack of which leads to osteoporosis and several other complications. Protein is a key element that you can consume both animal and plant origin.

Typical heartburn will occur less frequently if give up fried, and fiber will help get rid of problems with the intestines. It is also recommended for women suffering constipation or hemorrhoids.

Dishes that contain a lot of salt and hot seasonings are better avoid like smoked foods. Salads, buckwheat, beets will increase hemoglobin levels.

Refuse excess chocolate that is contrary to popular belief does not make up for the lack of hemoglobin. Chocolate restores fat and is better to eat it slightly less.

The dangers

Women this week face such dangers:

  • Sometimes bloody discharge occurs;
  • High risk of miscarriage;
  • The center of gravity shifts and the woman can fall.

When secretions appear, it is necessary to immediately call a doctor. The threat of miscarriage during this period due to the fact that between the immune systems of the mother and baby there is an immune incompatibility.

You need to fully relax, monitor your weight, and carefully move exclusively in comfortable shoes. Very helpful on this special exercises for expectant mothers to perform It is possible only with the permission of the gynecologist.


29th week of pregnancyThe pregnant belly certainly hurts. This is due to an indirect cause, such as stretching the skin.

If the skin is not flexible enough, then stretch marks and even cracks. Therefore, you need to lubricate it with moisturizers.

Sometimes mom feels itchy, which is allergic in nature. To avoid this, use only hypoallergenic underwear and pay attention to food, which is most often the cause of all kinds of allergies.

If itching persists, consultation is required. specialist and survey. If the pain is worn cramping short duration then it is considered the norm: the uterus is preparing for childbirth.


If we are talking about watery discharge, then they can be partial or simultaneous. In both cases, it is necessary go to the hospital, as this may indicate early birth.

In order to distinguish between normal discharge from amniotic fluid in pharmacies sell special tests. Also amniotic the liquid is colorless and odorless.

Discharges in the form of pus, vesicles, lumps indicate the presence of genital tract infections. If the discharge becomes scarlet or bright red, this may be due to placental abruption.

In this case, you should not be scared and panic, because it is not will help. But you can’t delay too, turning to a specialist, since there is a threat to the life of the baby!

Blood can be caused by hemorrhoids or other causes. So first check where it came from. Take care of your health and health of the unborn child!

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