Twenty-Fourth Week of Pregnancy


  1. Fetus
  2. Uterus and stomach
  3. Disease
  4. Can I have sex
  5. Analyzes
  6. Ultrasound scan
  7. Weight and Nutrition
  8. Recommendations

The sixth month ends with 24 weeks of gestation. This period – the most calm and pleasant.

A woman can slowly prepare for childbirth, before which there are three more months left. Toxicosis in a woman has passed, before childbirth long and the baby’s weight is light enough not to make it difficult movement.


24th week of pregnancyThe expectant mother significantly adds to weight for 24 weeks. The child needs body fat to protect it from sudden changes in temperature.

The fetus is fully formed and can breathe on its own. A woman can feel a slight malaise at this time:

  • Migraine;
  • Pain in the legs;
  • Dropsy;
  • Varicose mesh;
  • Hard stool;
  • Digestion problems;
  • Swelling of the legs and cramps.

The bladder still feels fetal pressure, so a woman will experience frequent urination.

If you feel very sick, it is better to contact to the doctor.

At this time, the woman ceases to experience toxicosis, and volumes the abdomen has not yet reached the size at which the baby is becomes a burden.

At this time, the fruit weighs about 600 grams, and its growth is 22 cm. The uterus is getting closer for the baby, therefore a pregnant woman may feel slight tremors. Baby starts perceive external sounds and rustles, so do not make sharp movements or raise your voice. Scared baby is hard reassure.

Characteristics of the fetus at this time:

  • There is no fat deposits, so the baby is thin;
  • There are sweat glands in the skin;
  • The baby has developed muscles in the arms and legs;
  • A child can cough, sneeze, hiccup;
  • The baby’s skin becomes thicker;
  • Eyes are passionate.

The maternal body accumulates drilling fatty tissue on this stage. When it burns, the body secretes increased The amount of heat.

The stock of such adipose tissue is necessary for the baby’s body, because with during childbirth he will experience severe cold. His body begins produce growth hormones, therefore, starting from 24 weeks, the fetus rapidly gaining weight. The baby’s respiratory system has formed, and the lungs are covered surfactant. This substance does not allow capillary sacs. to dry out. Sweat and sebaceous glands become functional. The fetus enters a viable phase of development.

The baby begins to form a brain:

  • gyrus;
  • grooves of the brain.

The baby has reflexes, he can perceive signals from the outside world through the senses. Recommended to women start chatting with your child.

At this time, the baby begins to remember the voice of people. Child will respond to communication by shocks and stirring.

In the amniotic fluid, the baby sleeps for 15-20 hours a day. Child may even dream. It may respond differently to emotional states of a pregnant woman.

Uterus and stomach

The abdomen is noticeably rounded at this time, its surface covers a noticeable network of vessels. At this point, it is recommended use remedies for stretch marks. Such creams are purchased in pharmacy, they do not harm the baby.

Pregnant women for 24 weeks may experience back pain and lower back. To prevent discomfort, it is recommended do sports before pregnancy. In the period of gestation It is advisable to do special fitness.

To prevent back pain, you can wear a special bandage. Comfortable shoes make walking easier.


24th week of pregnancyOften a pregnant woman suffers from heartburn. She due to the fact that the contents of the intestine under the pressure of the fetus gets into the stomach, so food should be taken in small portions.

Another problem is leg cramps due to excessive load on the legs. During pregnancy, it is better not to wear High heel shoes. Sneakers, sneakers or slippers are suitable. Legs should rest often, you can throw them up so that there is an outflow blood from the lower extremities.

There is no abdominal pain at 24 weeks of pregnancy must. In case of aching, constant pain, which is accompanied by discharge, you need to see a doctor.

Adverse discharge during this period include:

  • Yellow discharge;
  • Purulent, greenish discharge;
  • Discharge with an unpleasant odor;
  • Bloody issues.

Yellow, watery discharge may indicate a miscarriage and preterm birth.

Amniotic fluid can be released in small portions, which indicates cervical insufficiency. Necessary see a doctor.

Spotting is a negative symptom. They indicate placental abruption.

Light discharge with a sour smell is considered normal. uniform density.

Purulent or curdled discharge indicates the presence of infection. Self-medication is not worth it, since most drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Doctors should be called in case of the following symptoms:

  • Seizures that occur more often than 5 contractions per hour;
  • Dramatically increased swelling of the face and hands;
  • Pain during urination, which may indicate bladder or kidney infections;
  • Acute and prolonged abdominal pain;
  • Vomiting, nausea;
  • Departure of a pure aqueous liquid, it may be amniotic fluid;
  • Drawing prolonged lower back pain and abdomen visa;
  • Desires for bowel movement without emptying.

Can I have sex

In the absence of contraindications to the doctor, sex for 24 weeks pregnancy is allowed. It’s important not to choose the postures in which pressure occurs on the stomach.


At 24 weeks of pregnancy, it is enough to take urine and blood tests. These tests diagnose the presence of diseases.

Urine shows:

  • the level of red blood cells and white blood cells;
  • the presence of protein.

Blood tests reveal your blood sugar. Important to diagnose early stage diabetes in pregnant women with high levels Sahara. The development of diabetes is characteristic of the late stages pregnancy.

Ultrasound scan

24th week of pregnancyAt this time, the pregnant woman may do an ultrasound scan. Thanks to him, the position of the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid. The placenta should lie near the wall of the uterus or at the bottom. If a woman does not feel well, the doctor prescribes additional analyzes.

A planned ultrasound is not done at this time. Woman had to do the planned ultrasound for 22 weeks. If a woman registered later, then a second scheduled Ultrasound

Repeated ultrasound may be prescribed in case of suspicion of chromosomal abnormalities and malformations of the baby. During analysis Particular attention is paid to the parameters and size of the fetus. He must comply with the norm defined for this period.

There may be a threat at 24 weeks of gestation preterm birth or diabetes. Check for diabetes needs to go to women predisposed to the onset of diabetes.

Weight and Nutrition

A woman can gain up to 10 kilograms by 24 weeks of pregnancy. Thin people recover more than full ones by nature. AT a week pregnant adds 300-500 grams in weight. Houses should be Libra.

If a woman is gaining weight too abruptly, maybe consultation with a doctor and diet. Big weight can testify to a hormonal disorder and complicate the course childbirth.

At this time, you need to eat natural fresh products. Eat more boiled, baked and stewed. It is advisable to refuse following products:

  • Sahara;
  • Confectionery
  • White flour and products from it.

The above products deliver fast carbohydrates and can cause diabetes. Need to cut amount of salt.

It is advisable to add products containing iron to the diet:

  • Sea kale;
  • Cherry;
  • Mineral water;
  • Bell pepper;
  • Buckwheat;
  • Persimmon;
  • Liver.

A pregnant woman may experience constipation, caused by a fixed lifestyle. To improve digestion It is recommended to consume vegetables and fruits. They contain fiber, which stimulates digestion.


A woman needs to monitor the following health indicators at this term:

  • Thirst;
  • Desires to urinate;
  • Itching

These indicators indicate an increased level of sugar. Yet they may indicate that the baby is overfed. In this case need a cesarean section.

Pregnant women are recommended:

  • Often walk in the fresh air;
  • Relax;
  • Lying a lot;
  • Listen to relaxing music;
  • Do not be nervous;
  • Wear comfortable clothes;
  • Refuse heels.

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