Twenty-eighth week of pregnancy


  1. What’s happening?
  2. Feel
  3. General advice and recommendations of doctors
  4. Ultrasound tests
  5. Childbirth
  6. Stomach
  7. Pain
  8. Discharge
  9. Bleeding

28 weeks is the third trimester, then the birth remains not so a lot of time, most women at this time continue work, although some ailments may already appear. In it period recommended caution, do not wear gravity, do not hang clothes and curtains, tedious activities should be excluded.

What’s happening?

During this period, the endocrine system, the pituitary gland produces growth hormone. Pancreas and the future mother’s endocrine glands no longer support development baby, now the production of all the necessary hormones is carried out forces of the child’s body.

28th week of pregnancyAt this stage, the formation own metabolism, facial features begin to form the skin becomes white and smooth. In the photo, the image has many similarities with the baby.

All internal organs are already formed by the end of week 27, bone tissue strengthening continues interlayer. The process of accumulation of fat slows down somewhat, to this the only incomplete process remains the formation pulmonary alveoli, without which the baby will not be able to independently breathe.

The child’s brain also changes, previously appeared gyrus and grooves continue to improve, at this stage the child the child is already begins to distinguish smells and tastes, everything reaches its receptors substances entering the mother’s body. In this period are formed food preferences, fetal growth is 35 cm, weight is not exceeds 1 kg.

At week 28, the activity of the baby increases, gaining strength movements, the child begins to open the eyes that everyone on this term blue – pigmentation begins to change later. Eyes open, the pupil membrane disappears.

In the video you can see how he looks at his body and umbilical cord, trying to touch their handles. Activity is expressed in constantly changing position in the uterus, movements can even cause discomfort to expectant mother. The kid reacts to sounds, his activity increases with loud music, with the sounds of voices Mom and Dad baby calms down. The cartilage of the ears and nose is still soft, the nails on the fingers grow, but not stand for their edges. At week 28, women with a negative Rhesus factor injected immunoglobulin, which prevents production of antibodies to the blood of the fetus, for this a special analysis for the presence of antibodies.


Mom’s state of health does not change, anxiety can cause swelling of the hands and feet. This condition occurs when overwork, in such situations it is recommended to rest, for Improving the outflow of blood is easy gymnastics for the legs, lymphatic drainage massage will also help.

With severe edema, a doctor’s consultation is indicated to help establish the cause of the condition, prevent possible complications, if necessary, medications are prescribed.

The doctor must consult about taking vitamins and minerals, with leg muscle spasms are prescribed preparations of magnesium, calcium. To relieve spasm, baths and massages are also used.

General advice and recommendations of doctors

28th week of pregnancyGreat attention should be paid body position during sleep, on the stomach can no longer sleep because of pain and circulatory disorders.

It is most convenient to sleep on your side, knees can be pulled to the chest. Particular attention in the third trimester should be given to the correct nutrition, an important role is played by the number and frequency of meals.

The diet should be adjusted so that the body received all the necessary vitamins.

There are often recommended in small portions, this is the same useful for the baby and for the expectant mother, as increased in the size of the uterus can squeeze the stomach. When dosed frequently nutrient intake increases comfort.

Between the last meal and sleep should be about 2 hours. It is recommended to eat only freshly prepared foods in such dishes, beneficial substances are stored in maximum volume.

It can take a lot of time, but you need to prepare for it, since after the birth of a child all the dishes need to be cooked exactly in this way. Assimilation of valuable substances contribute to positive emotions in the process of eating.

A significant increase in weight leads to a shift in the center of gravity, what could cause injuries. To prevent dangerous situations It is recommended to be neat, wear comfortable, do not clothing and shoes that fetter movement.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, an increase in fluid volume occurs in the body, which can lead to edema, in order to avoid this It is recommended to relax, eat right, do leg massage, monitor the work of the kidneys, timely take tests.

At this time, there is a high probability of anemia, which can cause serious problems. In the presence of weakness, dizziness, pallor of the skin is recommended to take analysis to determine hemoglobin level.


Some women may be afraid of giving birth, special courses for pregnant women will help to cope with it. For this state is also characterized by psychological problems, a woman it may seem that no one understands and supports her, in such a frank conversation with a partner will help the situation, it is very important joint pastime.

Ultrasound tests

Ultrasound at this stage is not included in the routine examination, with the normal course of pregnancy, a woman by this time should to pass 2 ultrasound examinations, the results of which set the floor of the baby.

Ultrasound at 28 weeks is prescribed only if there are problems with health of the future mother, the procedure is absolutely safe for health, any contraindications for its implementation are absent.

At this stage, standard tests are taken: general urine analysis and blood, sometimes a blood test is prescribed for sugar. Women with negative Rh factor additionally donate blood to antibody testing, according to its results, one can judge the presence of rhesus conflict and the likelihood of complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

In the presence of a rhesus conflict, immunoglobulin is administered, which prevents the formation of antibodies to the components in the mother’s body blood. At this stage of pregnancy, a woman should 2 times a month visit a gynecologist, before taking it is necessary to pass Analysis of urine.

According to him, the gynecologist will be able to prevent potential complications in late gestosis, premature birth and edema. During the doctor also measures the size of the abdomen, listens to the heart rate, pays attention to the location of the fetus.

Frequent consultations with a gynecologist will prevent amniotic fluid leakage.


A baby born prematurely at this time is considered viable, the probability of survival is high. Odds on survival is maintained at birth at an earlier date, at 28 week they increase even more.

An important role in this case is played by special equipment, equipment, thorough care for the newborn. For expectant mother preterm birth is dangerous due to possible complications, which include cervical tears, early discharge of water, unpreparedness of the birth canal, weak birth activity, bleeding.


The uterus at this time is located 8 cm above the navel or 28 cm above the bosom, the abdomen significantly increases in size, prevents the lead ordinary way of life. The figure takes on more and more smooth forms, can bring the inconvenience of stretching on the stomach.

For the prevention of stretch marks and other unpleasant side effects pregnancy, it is recommended to use special means for skin care. This will help keep your skin toned and speed up. recovery process.


28th week of pregnancyDuring this period, a woman can feel training contractions, usually the sensation of uterine contractions is absolutely painless.

It is recommended to consult a doctor if there are constant aching pain.

Pain can be associated with an increase in and sprain of the uterus, pressure on adjacent organs.

It may also be a sign of interruption. pregnancy.

Self-administration of painkillers and antispasmodics in such situation is not recommended, only a doctor can identify the cause of this condition and take appropriate action.


In the last trimester of pregnancy continue to appear secretions that are no different from those on others gestational age.

The norm is light shade, sour smell and uniform consistency. With any changes in color and consistency, the formation of mucus, you must consult a doctor, it may be sign of deviations.


Normally, the nature of the discharge at this time does not change, cause spotting can become a concern, regardless on quantity and intensity.

The presence of any amount of blood indicates presentation or placental abruption, blood is also one of the symptoms preterm birth. If blood appears immediately call a doctor.

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