Twentieth week of pregnancy


  1. Doctors Recommendations
  2. How to behave
  3. Analyzes
  4. Reception at the antenatal clinic
  5. Ultrasound scan
  6. Discharge
  7. Stomach ache
  8. Stomach
  9. Chest
  10. Food
  11. Can I have sex
  12. Weight gain

The twentieth week of pregnancy is considered abroad in fetal development. In two weeks the child will become viable.

That is, he can survive outside the mother’s body. During this period the expectant mother wears a baby under her heart, in which she has already appeared fluff in places where there will be eyebrows and eyelashes, hairs and nails.

20th week of pregnancyThe kid already sees, hears, knows how to suck and swallow. During this period, the nervous system is actively working, accumulating the necessary number of neurons and improving between them communication.

In the cerebral cortex, convolutions and furrows form, as well as there is a differentiation of its departments. Fetal heart during this period begins to beat louder, and you can already listen to it with a stethoscope. In the same period, the baby begins to work completely respiratory system.

By the 20th week of pregnancy, the endocrine a system that monitors the constancy of the internal environment of the body fetus and takes part in the work of all organs. To this period the movements of the baby are clearly felt.

By the twentieth week, the mother will begin to feel the fetal movements. At first they are difficult to distinguish from peristaltic bowel movements, but with tremors become stronger and impossible mix up with something else. The baby will not start kicking right away, but if you notice unusual sensations in the lower abdomen, then It’s time.

At week 20, the child already hears, and mom can already start talking to him, telling tales and singing songs. Sounds that are too loud should be avoided. Eyes the child is still closed, but he is already responding to the light.

The skin of the child thickens by the twentieth week, and the sebaceous glands begin to produce a natural lubricant that protects the fetus from liquid environment and helps to pass the birth canal when born.

The length of the fetus at the end of this period is about 26 cm, weight – up to 350 grams. Head diameter is 46.6 mm, chest diameter the cells are 46.4 mm and the diameter of the tummy is 47 mm. In the same period the placenta begins to actively develop, for good nutrition growing organism. Almost every woman by week 20 pregnancy, the thickness of the placenta is 21, 96 mm.

The location of the placenta is different. In some women, she attached to the bottom of the uterus. In some cases, it is located too low and blocks the entrance to the cervical canal.

As the fetus and uterus grow, the placenta may rise up to release the fetus. But sometimes the position of the placenta is maintained until the end of labor, which is indication for cesarean section.

Doctors Recommendations

Since the 20th week is considered a kind of boundary for a pregnant Women, doctors recommend following these rules:

  • Carefully observe genital hygiene. At this stage it is forbidden to do douching – it is better to use boiled water, chilled to 35 degrees;
  • Beware of falls – for walking you should choose shoes on flat non-slip soles (especially for shoes for winter season);
  • Drink plenty of fluids, limit intake salts;
  • Monitor fetal movement if tremors are noticeable amplified, then the expectant mother should lie down to rest;
  • Seek medical attention if swelling occurs, since symptoms may indicate impaired renal function;
  • Lead a measured lifestyle, abandon some home affairs and hiking in the company of her husband, relatives or friends.

How to behave

20th week of pregnancyFrom the second trimester or from week 20, the load on the mother’s body increases. During this period increases risk of fetal hypoxia. Therefore, the expectant mother must support her body in good shape.

If there is no opportunity to play sports, then daily, like minimum hour walks are required. Timely need to take tests prescribed by a doctor.

This week, the future mother should accustom herself to sleep on the side. If you sleep on your back, the uterus will put pressure on veins.

The disadvantages of this period include the appearance of age spots. To worry about this is not worth it. They do not appear at all, and safely disappear after childbirth.

Spots appear on the face, mainly on the nose or above the upper lip. In the same period, a strip from the navel to pubis, which also disappears with time.


It is necessary to donate blood, urine in order to determine blood sugar, prevent the development of anemia and identify latent inflammatory processes in the kidneys. At this stage, pregnant a woman must donate blood and urine to determine the level Sahara.

Analyzes will detect anemia and diagnose latent inflammatory process in the kidneys. 20 week of pregnancy considered the period when doctors may still advise laboratory “triple” test.

The performance of this screening test at a later date pregnancies will be less informative, and if identified deviations, further examination will be more difficult.

Reception at the antenatal clinic

The doctor at the time of measurement measures the size of the pelvis and the height of the bottom of the uterus. He also calculates the circumference of the abdomen and measures the pressure. Often a gynecological examination is performed to evaluate condition of the cervix.

This is standard research. Other studies are being assigned only if abnormalities are detected.

Ultrasound scan

Ultrasound examination at 20 weeks only transabdominally. The vaginal probe at this stage does not carried out, as this can cause premature birth.

A pregnant woman should lie on her back or left side. Doctor applies a special gel to the stomach, allowing ultrasound the signal does not bounce off the air, but pass on.

Ultrasound will show the condition of the uterus, baby, amniotic fluid and the placenta. This procedure is carried out at week 20 with Doppler study to get the full picture condition of the placenta. Preparing for this procedure for a pregnant women are no different from preparing for a standard ultrasound scan.


Vaginal discharge increases at this stage. Given the phenomenon is called leukorrhea. The discharge becomes thicker color – white or yellowish.

These secretions are not an infection. They are caused by increased blood flow. If a pregnant woman has such discharge, then she can not be washed with a shower.

With strong discharge, gaskets can be used. It is forbidden to wear nylon underwear during this period.

At this stage, as at week 19, it is easy to catch an infection. Therefore, you need to monitor the color and smell of secretions. If they turned green and got a foul smell, and in addition, itching appeared vagina, you should immediately consult a doctor. With infection is very it’s easy to cope, but you can’t start its flow.

Stomach ache

20th week of pregnancyIf pulling for 20 weeks pain, then you need to see a gynecologist. This is necessary to exclude tone of the uterus. Pain during this period may indicate excessive stress experienced by a pregnant woman.

At this time, perhaps the appearance of red blood. It may indicate low placentation. She may manifest periodic bleeding. If bleeding occurs, you need consult a gynecologist who will closely monitor during pregnancy and prescribe a special treatment.

At week 20, the expectant mother should not be bothered. Maybe, the appearance of some discomfort in the spine, due to the increased load. In the same period, some women cramps and pains in the legs appear.

At the same stage, a woman may have training contractions. These painless uterine contractions may occur. after a change of position or long walks. If a woman is bothered severe pain and brownish discharge appears, urgently needed go to the clinic, as these symptoms indicate threatened abortion.


From this moment, the stomach begins to grow literally every day, and causes a load on the spine. Therefore, a woman should herself to prepare for this.

You need to monitor your posture, do not walk in shoes on high heels. It is advisable to go swimming, but do it need in the pool, every day they update and disinfect water.

Hide the growing belly at this time is not worth it. Woman in this period should pick up comfortable clothes. Gradually the belly will begin to go up.

The uterus reaches the navel, and the waist disappears. At this stage you can already start using creams or natural oils to prevent skin stretch marks.


Starting from the 20th week of pregnancy, a woman begins breast enlargement. She gets heavier and a woman should take care of buying a new bra.

It is desirable that it be made of natural fabric, seamless and have wide straps. The condition of the skin of the breast depends on the correct choice of linen.

An irregularly shaped bra will only increase the risk the appearance of stretch marks that cannot be cured.


In the second trimester, you need to properly organize your food. It is advisable to refuse junk food and replace it with more natural products. When cooking, you should observe hygiene food, especially true in the hot season to prevent poisoning.

To eat at this stage you need a light and varied food. It is advisable to eat a lot of greens, dairy products and cereals.

You can eat lean meat and lean fish. From the diet follows exclude spicy and pickled foods. Drinking alcohol drinks during the formation of the fetal nervous system may become fatal to its development.

Can I have sex

Sex at week 20 is good for the body and strengthening family relationship. Future fathers begin to worry that future mothers, Now they love the child more, and will give all their time him.

Sex will show a man that he is dear, and a woman loves it’s still, and the appearance of the baby will only strengthen the marriage and add more love.

When you have sex, you need to be careful despite the fact that the risk of harming the fetus is practically absent.

Weight gain

Within 20 weeks, a woman can correct up to 550 g. For the whole period of pregnancy, the total weight gain is up to 6 kg.

In the second trimester, you should prepare for the fact that weight will increase. A woman should be regularly weighed and at too rapid increase in body weight, immediately turn to to the doctor.

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