Twelfth week of pregnancy


  1. What’s happening
  2. How does the fetus develop?
  3. Painful sensations
  4. Mood
  5. Food
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The birth of a child since ancient times has become a huge miracle. In almost all women, happiness is associated precisely with motherhood.

Long nine months fly by for prospective parents enough quickly. During this time, in the womb, the child goes through the path of development from a tiny embryo to a little man who is capable Feel, respond to what is happening and much more.

12th week of pregnancyDoctors consider the first anniversary of the baby twelve weeks of pregnancy. After all, at that moment it ends the first and most alarming trimester, and a third of gestation stays behind.

A pregnant woman may be less worried about possible miscarriage. Usually only at this time future parents talk about the baby to relatives and friends.

What are the changes in the twelfth week of pregnancy in the body mother and baby? What are the features of this period?

What’s happening

The expectant mother is registered in the hospital until the twelfth week your pregnancy. Further she every 3-4 weeks comes to see a doctor. A marked improvement in overall well-being of a pregnant woman, as well as growth and active development baby.

Twelfth week, like everyone else, is accompanied by a whole a number of specific symptoms. For seven days occur corresponding changes both in the woman’s body and in the body fetus. There are completely different sensations than before.

Most women during this period of pregnancy notice that the feeling of nausea in the morning begins to fade, and some they don’t even remember the toxicosis that had tormented them before. So that way, they can add foods that cause up to this time, nausea, and enjoy them.

Frequent frequent pregnant women stop torturing urination, and due to a marked decrease in activity intestinal motility increases the likelihood of constant constipation.

Women bearing a child at this period are very often feel an increased heartbeat because it happens increased blood circulation.

Doctors can observe an increase in the uterus by a width of ten centimeters. For her closely in the pelvis and she gradually moves to the abdominal cavity.

The burden on almost all important internal Woman’s organs: heart, kidneys and lungs. Due to these changes in the body, it is necessary to exclude overeating from the regime, overwork and other circumstances adversely affecting on the right mode.

How does the fetus develop?

At the twelfth week, the baby gains more and more human features. So, he has already noticeable formed, although also tiny, upper and lower limbs.

However, the size of the head is still larger than the body. Fetal weight reaches 15-20 grams, and growth is from 7 to 10 centimeters.

He has almost completely developed internal organs. Thanks to this, various infectious diseases, and mom is allowed to take if necessary some medicines. The child has eyelids covering eyes, on tiny fingers of the marigold, and in the ears are formed lobes.

The fetus is gradually strengthening muscle tissue. The child begins to make subtle movements. It happens spontaneously and almost independent of the state and behavior of the mother. She may feel very uncomfortable, associated with frequent, and sometimes quite sharp movements. On This period, the umbilical cord is disconnected from the intestine.

Despite this change, the baby’s body doesn’t the flow of all necessary substances stops. Thanks formed bodies, it may be noted the full functioning the liver of the child, the active work of the gallbladder. His body able to absorb incoming fats.

Dynamics is also observed in the development of the genital organs of the fetus. They already fully formed, which allows you to find out the gender of the child.

Significant changes occur in the placenta. She starts perform a new function – produces hormones that are necessary for the normal course of pregnancy.

At this stage, the baby can open and close his mouth, wrinkle sponges, making different grimaces. On ultrasound, the doctor notices how he compresses their fingers into fists. The child learned to swallow the liquid, which surrounds him and urinate.

The main feature of the twelfth week of pregnancy is in that the brain of a little man is divided into two the hemisphere and more and more resembles the brain of an adult.

Painful sensations

Active changes occur in the body of a pregnant woman, which are usually not accompanied by pain. However doctors warn of possible pain in the lower abdomen, arising through pulling ligaments that support constantly enlarging uterus.

Due to the growing tummy, women often complain of pain in lower back. It is better to consult a doctor, as well as go through examination.


12th week of pregnancySometimes in the lower abdomen periodically there are pains of a aching and pulling character that do not disappear in for several hours. They are especially dangerous if when accompanied even by small bloody secretions.

This indicates the existence of a threat of miscarriage. therefore you need to seek help in a timely manner, not hoping that soon the pain will pass.

Moderate discharge characterized by milky either a light shade, a slightly sour smell and uniform consistency.

The appearance of an infection may be indicated by mucus with pus, yellowish and green cheesy discharge with sharp and a very unpleasant smell. Change in shade and consistency – a sign of diseases such as chlamydia, thrush or trichomoniasis.


It should be noted that in pregnant women is still observed sharp mood swings. No need to fear causeless anxiety attacks or a sudden improvement in mood – such features are normal due to lack of emotional stability.

This area is still under the influence of hormones, which affect the mood in such a way that its differences can observed several times in a couple of hours: tears unexpectedly turn into loud laughter, and vice versa.

Many women, if the attending physician agrees, start to do special exercises for pregnant women. Complex correctly selected exercises favorably affects the general the condition of not only the body, but also the psyche.

In addition, it is recommended to regularly devote time to classes simple auto-training: every morning, being in front of a mirror, need to stroke the tummy, pronouncing words of love that Intend both the baby and the expectant mother.


The basic rule of nutrition at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy is to eliminate carbonated drinks from the diet and food from fast foods. You must adhere throughout proper nutrition, consume a variety of foods containing many vitamins and minerals.

The emphasis should be on vegetables and fruits, because the body needs a huge amount of fiber. Same a sufficient amount of fluid should be taken care of: a woman should drink about two liters of clean water daily, freshly squeezed juices. Sweet drinks with gas, like packaged juices must be excluded from the menu.

Pregnant women are not recommended to skip frequently. food. It is better to eat more often, but in small portions. Important not to overeat at night, otherwise during sleep, the severity in abdominal area.

Ultrasound scan

12th week of pregnancyTwelfth week is time for screening. Mom must donate blood from veins to do biochemistry.

From the end of the first trimester to the very birth of the baby, no tests and examinations pose a threat to the health of either mom or a child.

Many parents look forward to the first scheduled ultrasound. This procedure allows the doctor to carefully examine the condition and tone of the uterus, as well as establish the localization of the placenta and name estimated date of birth of the baby.

At the first ultrasound, the size of the fetus is necessarily determined the state and how correctly development occurs. Ultrasound gives the ability to notice and evaluate the risk of chromosomal anomalies of one or another developmental pathology.

No doctor is allowed to miss the first ultrasound, because his informativeness is very important in monitoring normal course of pregnancy.


At the twelfth week of pregnancy, few of those around able to notice that the belly of the future mother has become more rounded. However, the woman herself, being in front of the mirror, may note small changes in your body.

From that moment on, she prefers outfits and stretches, elastic top, increasingly abandoning pants with buttons and lightning bolts. Most pregnant women have complaints about “tightness” and discomfort in the abdominal area.

Unlike the tummy, changes in the chest area are more visible: it pours stronger, its size increases. Sometimes itching appears on the skin.

Usually, after the first trimester, they change their bra. Here it is necessary to responsibly approach the choice of material so important subject of women’s wardrobe.

So, it must be sewn with special, high quality material. It’s better to use a bra made of natural fabrics, which contain cotton fibers. They provide maximum comfort in contact with the body.

One of the most obvious changes is the appearance of small age spots on the face and body. Don’t worry about it about, because they will disappear after the birth of the baby. Do not do it worry about the formation of a dark strip on the tummy.

Almost every mom enjoys a radical change everyday wardrobe. More and more convenient ones appear in the closet. things free and not squeezing the body. Also follows take care of the presence of cream for stretch marks.

New sensations characteristic of the twelfth week of gestation baby, pleasantly surprise many women. They start to get the pleasure of his amazing condition.

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