Turn for bathing newborns

Bathing! Bathing!

House full of people!

Whole company

In the kitchen heats water …

Everyone remembers the first lines of Agnes Barto’s children’s poem. AT
these lines, as in the procedure of bathing the newborn
delight, awe, a sense of the importance of what is happening. Really,
Bathing a baby is always a special ritual in the family. Despite,
that now there are a lot of tools and accessories for swimming,
Do not forget the young parents and proven folk methods.
Bathing in herbs is recommended by pediatricians and is still practiced.
since then The turn for bathing a newborn is used more often than others.
herbs, both independently and as part of herbal. About her
effects and properties are worth talking in more detail.

череда для купания

Why is the series so popular

By and large, the series is able to cope with virtually
all newborn problems that are solved by

  • ATысыпания и прыщики на коже (Смотри о прыщиках);
  • Опрелости, потница (статьи: 0 потнице и об
  • Беспокойное поведение и плохой сон (См если ребенок плохо

ATещества, содержащиеся в отваре череды, обладают
disinfecting properties, dry all inflammations. condition
baby’s skin is significantly improved, because this plant contains
many trace elements and vitamins: potassium, calcium, magnesium,
manganese, essential oils, vitamins A and C. Bathing in a series
has a calming effect on the nervous system: babies
become calmer, fall asleep better.

Cooking a bath

Prepare a bath with a train in two ways: in the first
If the grass is insisted, in the second – they make a decoction. Regardless
cooking method, the amount of herbs is calculated as follows
way: on a small bath is enough 15 grams, for a large bath
need 30 grams of plants.

  1. The infusion of the series. Dried grass pour boiling water
    in proportion 3 cups per 15 gr. Cooked grass need
    wrap up well with a towel and leave to infuse for 12 hours.
  2. Отвар череды. AT эмалированной или фарфоровой
    pour 15 gr of the train with two glasses of boiling water and place
    dishes in a water bath, do not forget to cover it with a lid. Boiling
    lasts no more than 15 minutes, after which the broth cools for 40 minutes.

The preparation of the infusion over a longer time, so about him
It is worth worrying in advance, however, by its properties the infusion is more
is useful. The concentration of nutrients in it is higher than in the broth,
because cooking broth involves a long thermal
treatment in which many substances are destroyed. Infusion or
the decoction of the train is poured into the bath just before bathing and well
stir the water.


Bathing rules

A newborn baby is very sensitive to any external
impacts, therefore bathing in a series should occur taking into account
some rules and recommendations.

  • You can start swimming in a string only when separated
    umbilical residue and dry umbilical wound. It happens in
    during the first two weeks of life;
  • Like any other plant, a series can cause allergies.
    You can check the reaction to this plant by applying concentrated
    the solution of the series on the baby’s ulnar fold. If after 30-40 minutes the skin
    remain unchanged – you can go to the baths;
  • When preparing a bath is very important to comply with the dosage.
    An excessively high concentration of the solution of the train can lead to
    dry skin and flaking, which is very unpleasant for
  • ATанны с чередой не стоит проводить слишком часто. Enough
    one such bath per week;
  • The optimal bathing time is 15-20 minutes, however
    if you are just starting to bathe the baby in a line, the first swim
    should be “test” – 5 minutes. Gradually bathing time is possible
    increase, bringing to the recommended;
  • ATанна с чередой не предполагает использования каких-либо
    cosmetics, so you can add foam or wash
    baby detergent in such a bath is not worth it. Nothing
    terrible in violation of this recommendation will not happen, but
    proper effect bathing will not bring;
  • For maximum effect, the baby after the bath with a string does not
    it is recommended to rinse with clean water: from the bath baby immediately
    sent to a warm towel. By the way, for a swim in the series is better
    использовать отдельное полотенце, потому что растение содержит
    resistant pigment that stains fabric and does not wash off.

Как правильно купать новорожденных детей

Materials on the topic of bathing and care

Basic recommendations on how to bathe a newborn

Whether to add potassium permanganate to water and what temperature should be
water –

More about the rules and other herbs for bathing the youngest children.
read in this publication;

What to do if the child is very afraid to swim. Like in this
help baby;

How to choose a bath for your baby.

Dried string can be purchased at the pharmacy in bulk or in the form of
filter packets. ATторой вариант избавит вас от процеживания отвара.
Even if the baby does not have allergies, and therefore there are contraindications to
tub with a string, apply them without the need is not worth it. Usually in
the series is bathed in the first few months, and then bathing changes its

ATидео по теме купания

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