Tsetrin tablets, syrup – instructions forapplication, reviews

Update: December 2018

Cetrin is a 3rd generation antihistamine drug that
prescribed for various allergic reactions in children and
adults. Considered the safest and most effective
relieving allergy symptoms. Dosage form:
film coated tablets, syrup in
vials. Дозировка: 10 мг, по 10 таблеток в
blister, 2 or 3 blisters in a carton box. 60 ml syrup and
30 ml. International Generic Name:
Cetirizine. Группа: Средства для
therapy of the respiratory system. Farmgroup: 
Antihistamine for oral administration.

Composition, release form

  • Tsetrin tablets in the instructions for use indicated – that is
    round, biconvex tablets, coated with a white shell with risky
    on one side. Each tab. Contains: 10 mg. cetirizine
    dihydrochloride. Auxiliary substances: sorbic acid,
    lactose, corn starch, dimethicone, magnesium stearate,
    hypromellose, titanium dioxide, talc, povidone (K-30), polysorbate 80,
    macrogol 6000 Price in tablets – on average in pharmacies 140-220
  • Cetrin syrup – colorless, transparent with fruit aroma,
    slightly yellowish tint, no visible particles. In 1 ml of syrup
    содержится: 1мг cetirizine dihydrochloride. Excipients:
    вода очищенная, глицерол, динатрия эдетат, сахароза, бензойная
    acid, sodium citrate, sorbitol solution 70%, fruit
    flavoring. Цена сироп — 120 -130 rub.

Cetrin in drops is not performed.

Аналоги Цетрина:  Зетринал, Зинцет,
Zyrtec, Zodak, Letizen, Parlazin, Alerza, Allertek, Analergin (all
препараты производятся в виде —  капли, раствор, таблетки,

Pharmacological properties

H1-histamine receptor blocker, antiallergic
means. Serotonin and cholinergic receptors do not block.
It has antiallergic effect, does not penetrate through the BBB,
if used as prescribed in therapeutic doses,
the drug has no significant sedative effect.

Active ingredient Cetirizine affects all stages
allergic reaction to both early and late, reduces migration
neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils. Therefore, the drug and facilitates
over the course of existing allergic reactions, and warns them
появление, обладает выраженным противоэкссудативным и
antipruritic action.

In addition, reduces spasm of smooth muscles, reduces
capillary permeability, delaying the occurrence of tissue edema.
When cold allergy effectively eliminates skin
reaction, as well as the introduction of specific allergens or
histamine. When not severe bronchial asthma reduces
бронхоконстрикцию гистаминоиндуцированную.

Does not possess antiserotoninovym and anticholinergic action.
After taking the drug, the effect occurs after 20 minutes in 5%
patients, and after an hour at 95%, the duration of antihistamine
actions over 24 hours. It is important that during the course of treatment
cetirizine tolerance does not develop. Even after graduation
treatment antihistamine effect persists for 3 days.


Simultaneous intake with food does not affect absorption and
drug distribution, it is well absorbed from
gastrointestinal tract. Maximum blood concentration
occurs 1 hour after taking the drug.
The drug binds to plasma proteins, is partially metabolized in
liver, not cumulated.

The half-life is 10 hours, may increase in
elderly people and people with liver disease by 50%, in children 2 years old –
3 hours, 2-6 years – 5 hours, 6-12 years – 6 hours. Over 2/3 of the drug
excreted by the kidneys with urine in unchanged form, with feces –
ten%. It penetrates into breast milk during lactation.

Indications for use

Cetrin is prescribed to relieve allergy symptoms in adults and
children (syrup from 2 years old, tablets from 6 years old):

  • with periodic, seasonal and chronic allergic
    conjunctivitis, rhinitis (conjunctival hyperemia, allergic
    runny nose, sneezing)
  • with hay fever – pollinosis (itching, sneezing,
  • with skin itching of various etiologies
  • with angioedema (angioedema)
  • with urticaria
  • with atopic bronchial asthma
  • in case of itchy dermatosis – neurodermatitis (atopic

Use during pregnancy

Studying the risks of negative effects on offspring in animals
did not reveal adverse effects on the fetus. Insofar as,
adequate research to identify the risk to the fetus during
pregnancy was not done in humans, Tsetrin according to the instructions
contraindicated for women during pregnancy and lactation


  • At any stage of pregnancy
  • During lactation
  • In case of hypersensitivity to the components of the medicinal
    drug (to hydroxyzin including)
  • Children under 2 years in syrup, children up to 6 years in pills.

The drug should be used with caution to persons with medium and
severe renal failure, while correction is necessary
dosing regimen. Also take care in the nursery
age since insufficient experience with children under 1 year,
elderly people, in view of the possible reduction of the glomerular

Dosing, method of use

  • Tablets – in children over 6 years old and adults daily dose
    makes 10 mg. (1 tablet per day), adults apply in 1
    reception, children take half pills 2 times a day or 1 tablet 1 time
    in a day. Tablets should be taken with a small amount of water. If a
    renal function is impaired, then, as a rule, the dose is reduced by 2 times,
    It is possible to use 1/2 pill every other day.
  • Syrup – taken orally with a small amount of water
    regardless of the meal, best in the evening, before bedtime. For children
    after 6 years and adults – 10 ml of Tsetrin syrup one p / day,
    perhaps 2 p / day 5 ml. For children 2-6 лет — по 5 ml. 1 p / day or
    2.5 ml. two p / day, depending on the individual response and on
    severity of an allergic reaction. Persons with reduced kidney function 5
    ml. syrup 1р/день, а при тяжелой почечной недостаточности 5 ml.
    syrup every other day.

    • For children при массе тела до 30 кг рекомендуется 1 мерная ложка — 5
      ml. syrup
    • Свыше 30 кг — 2 мерных ложки — 10 ml. syrup.

Side effects

The drug in most cases is well tolerated by patients, with
minimal side effects.

  • On the part of the central nervous system: in rare cases
    headache, migraine, weakness, drowsiness,
    dizziness, psychomotor agitation.
  • On the part of the digestive tract: discomfort in the digestive system, pain in
    stomach, dyspepsia, flatulence, dry mouth.
  • Other: very rarely – allergic reactions, such as
    urticaria, itching, rash, angioedema.

Передозировка:  При значительной
overdose when doses exceed therapeutic in 30-40 times
arises – skin rash, itching, drowsiness, anxiety, delay
urination, fatigue, weakness, tremor, constipation,
dry mouth, tachycardia. Normalization occurs after
gastric lavage, if necessary, prescribe symptomatic
therapy. Hemodialysis is ineffective. There is no specific antidote.

Interaction with other drugs

Pharmacokinetic interaction with azithromycin,
ketoconazole, pseudoephedrine, erythromycin, cimetidine,
diazepam, glypezide not found. Simultaneous appointment with
theophylline reduces the overall clearance of the drug, theophylline kinetics
does not change. When administered jointly with sedatives
care should be taken. Myelotoxic medicinal
drugs can increase the hematotoxicity of the drug.

special instructions

When using the drug in recommended doses, it does not
potentiates (enhances) the effect of ethanol, but in reception
cetirizine, употребление алкоголя не рекомендуется. AT
therapeutic doses of the drug does not affect the ability
to quick reactions. However, if you exceed the dose of 10mg / day,
affect the speed of psychomotor reactions. Therefore, when
work on the management mechanisms, while driving vehicles and
engaging in activities requiring increased concentration
внимания, care should be taken.

If a ATы принимали Цетрин, отзыв о препарате очень может быть
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