Truth and myths about winter overalls forchildren

Winter is coming, and that means it’s about time
take care of warm, cozy and practical outerwear for
baby Experts Роскачества проверили на прочность
самые известные бренды детской одежды и развеяли некоторые
myths about overalls and down jackets.

зимнии комбинезоны для children

MYTH. Monochrome things are more practical and environmentally friendly.

Winter clothes should be practical, but it’s good if
beautiful. Only mothers often worry that bright colors when
in contact with the skin of the baby will paint it, so
buy things in neutral shades. Multicolored dyes away
Do not always make clothes toxic. The results of checking Roskachestvo
confirm that children’s clothes of popular brands are safe, and
free formaldehyde in them is not more than normal. Experts
advised to wash clothes before wearing to formaldehyde
completely evaporated.

MYTH. Colored clothes will surely shed

Roskoschestvo also checked how coloring autumn-winter
clothes for babies resistant to sunlight, sweat,
distilled water and laundry, as well as dry friction. Investigated
both material of a top, and a lining.

The experts were interested in the following parameters:

  1. Does the jumpsuit during washing?
  2. Does the jumpsuit burn out in the sun.
  3. Does the lining dye other clothes.

During the experimental wash none of the tested costumes
not shed Only by exposure to sunlight is one of
samples still burned out.

MYTH. Overalls baby need to take 1-2 sizes larger

In the offseason, the hardest thing to choose clothes. Let’s get a look,
what misses allow caring parents, collecting the child on
a walk. Often moms and dads take things to grow so that they
served not one, but several seasons. Only not all clothes can
endure such a long sock – many things can wipe
or fade by the end of the first winter. Yes, and during the study
Roskachestva only 19 out of 30 overalls showed good
results so there is no

MYTH. Штрипки защищают children от попадания снега

Dimples are a protective element that represents the membrane.
made of rubber, textile or plastic that attaches to pants and
fixed on the shoe. This word has become known to modern mothers,
when children’s winter clothes appeared in Russian stores
Scandinavian countries. It would seem that when children are actively running and jumping
on the street, ride downhill, it is simple but practical at the same time
and a useful invention comes in handy. Only in
Actually, the stripes do not always save, because they are not so tight
adjoin, as snow-protecting details. From 30 tested overalls
only 7 had stripes, while only a couple of samples were stitched
additional loops or buttons for them.

MYTH. Winter things must “breathe”

The main thing is that children’s autumn and winter clothes should be warm,
allowing the child to feel comfortable and not freeze in
cold weather. Therefore, the top of jumpsuits sewn from
non-air conductive material
and protecting from the wind. But the lining of a winter suit
must be made of breathable fabric to support
air circulation in the space under the clothes and prevent
overheating baby.

TRUE. One suit will be enough for 33 downhill

To study the strength when exposed to friction experts
used a disc with abrasive material. Initially set
the condition that quality winter clothing must withstand
at least 4,000 disk cycles (revolutions). This can be compared with
one hundred slopes from an ice slide 20 m long without damage to
overalls. 21 proven samples successfully coped with such
problem, but the suit with the worst result wore pants through
1318 cycles. In other words, in such clothes a child could
ride with a slide no more than 33 times.

TRUE. Winter clothes should be water repellent

Kids love outdoor activities – ride downhill, mold
snowmen throw snowballs at each other. Therefore, baby clothes
should be such that it does not get wet on walks. By
According to the research Roskoschestva, almost all overalls
A 100 percent ability to repel moisture was detected. Such
clothes do not just not get wet, but do not lose water-repellent
properties even after several washes.

TRUE. In overalls with reflective elements children
more noticeable on the road in the dark

For the safety of the child it is very important that
clothes were reflective elements that can prevent
road accident.
They will make the baby more
noticeable in poorly lit areas. Among the proven children
Things turned out to be only 7 samples without such reflectors.

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walk – choose winter overalls

Byдробные результаты исследований доступны на сайте
Roskokachestvo. Children’s costumes autumn-winter range

In the framework of the fan research of Roskachestvo, 30
samples of the most popular in Russia children’s costume market
autumn-winter assortment intended for preschoolers.
Children’s costumes are tested on 20 indicators of quality and
security. More than half of the samples are Russian-made
the rest are imported. Among the costumes made abroad, 11
samples from China and one sample from Estonia, Italy and
Of Finland. By результатам лабораторных испытаний костюмы пяти
trademarks are recognized as premium goods. They
meet the requirements of current standards for quality and
safety as well as advanced standard requirements
Roskaevae. The leaders were three samples from Russia (Arctland,
Nikastyle and SHL), as well as two samples from China (Premont and Gusti) –
in peak of a general bias towards Chinese products. Russian
goods may qualify for a Quality Mark.


The program of the study of the quality of children’s suits autumn-winter
the range included indicators GOST 25295-2003 “Clothing
top cope and costume assortment. General technical
conditions “, as well as a number of additional indicators that affect
comfort and quality of the product.

Russian quality has introduced additional requirements for
air permeability and water repellency, breaking load of seams
fabric top, abrasion resistance on the plane. Besides, in
safety parts in the research program were tightened
indicators of the content of free formaldehyde.

Byдробные результаты исследований 30 комбинезонов различных
brands available on the site Roskachestvo

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