True and myths: Scientists have figured out which products inthe diet of nursing mothers cause colic in a child

Previously, scientists believed that a child’s colic was directly related to
feeding a nursing mother. But is it really? How do they affect
products that mom consumes, on the processes of gas formation in

Nothing overshadows the life of a newborn baby and his
parents, as often harassing baby colic. Bloating
severely torments the crumb, making it difficult for him to sleep, eat and learn
world. Along with him suffer and parents trying to figure out the cause
increased gas formation. Previously, scientists believed that colic
ребенка напрямую связаны с feeding a nursing mother. But is it
in fact? How do they affect продукты, которые употребляет мама, на
процессы газообразования у newborn?


Recent studies have shown that there is no relationship
between feeding a nursing mother and colic in a child. However, opinions
scientists on this issue are divided. Rather, it is due to
individual intolerance of mommy and baby. After all, this speech
The case is only about food preferences.

Recommendations for feeding a nursing mother

British nutritionists in the process of research found that
the overwhelming majority of people eat insufficient
The amount of fiber useful to the body. For this reason
The country’s national health service strongly recommends
All nursing mothers include as much as possible in their diet.
foods enriched with fiber, not forgetting to drink
enough liquid. Increase the number of products with
fiber moms should be gradually, so as not to cause an increased
gas formation. Every woman should be balanced and rational.
eat, making your diet as full as possible.

All newborns have increased gas formation and
colic. Just some babies have more colic bothers than
others. But today there is no direct evidence.
the fact that between the nutrition of the mother and the colic of the child exists
direct relationship. This problem most often tormented by newborns.
children because their digestive system is not enough
mature The older a baby becomes, the less he is bothered.
colic. When a child grows up, this question ceases to be

Cause colic

Gases are formed when the bacteria in the stomach
begin to actively digest carbohydrates from food. Gas in the body
mother accumulates in the intestines, because no way enters
breast milk. In the process of breastfeeding, crumbs form
own gases, as its intestinal bacteria actively break down
sugar and starch, which he received from mother’s milk.

Lactation specialists and nutritionists are convinced that the problem
colic in a child is associated not only with nutrition, but also with many
other factors: for example, when during feeding the baby
misbehaving breasts or greedy, thereby swallowing a lot
of air. Strong baby crying or problems with stool (frequent
запоры) также могут спровоцировать colic.

Therefore, modern nursing mothers should not be exhausted.
себя строгими диетами и вовсе не обязательно отказываться от
some products – just need to make your diet
balanced. You can enter one new product per day.
(on a small piece in the morning), and then during
days to monitor the reaction of the baby. If everything is in order, then this
the product can be eaten in larger quantities. A variety of food mom
it is also useful for the baby – mother’s milk becomes more nutritious, to
breastmilk also conveys the taste of foods. So, through my mother’s
Breast, baby gradually accustomed to a variety of taste


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