Tripophobia: causes and treatment of small phobiaholes

General characteristics of phobiasThere is not a single person
who would not experience fear in his life. Some people have fears
do not affect work and daily activities. Lucky others
less: they develop phobias that interfere with normal and happy
of life. There are also fears that lead others to
bewilderment For example, petricophobia and the fear of fatty foods –
lipophobia. This also includes tripophobia.

General characteristics of phobias

Scientific research disordersAbout tripophobia heard
few since this term appeared only in 2004, but
The phenomenon itself is quite common among people. Mental
расстройство проявляется в боязни скоплений круглых holes.
Страх кластерных holes имеет ряд бытовых названий, самым
the most common of which is “hole-phobia”. Title
�”Trypophobia” is formed from two Greek words: tripo –
«проделывание holes» и фобос — «страх».

The opposite of this fear violation is tripology, in which
the individual has an increased interest in clusters of numerous
small holes. Some confuse tripophobia with trichinophobia,
meaning fear of trichinosis. В некоторых случаях фобия holes
may be accompanied by other types of fears, for example, aripophobia
and ripophobia – the fear of infection.

Tripofobob experiencing panic, unpleasant feelings and strong
discomfort when seeing any objects and objects in which
there are many small holes. In ordinary people is
the phenomenon causes goosebumps and disgust.

When tripophobia occurs, dramatic changes occur.
habitual way of life of a person. He cannot use many
household things that have small holes, for example, sponges
or washcloths. The patient wants to find the causes of their fears and
eradicate them.

Until the experts came to a unanimous opinion, why
people there is a phobia of holes. Some scientists even doubt
the existence of tripophobia and believe that the person is not experiencing
страх, а отвращение при виде holes в органических объектах, как
for bilfo-phobia – fear of pimples or vesicles.

After research, experts have found that
the human brain has a special department that is responsible for
проявление эмоций при виде объекта of fear. When a person sees
small holes, he has thoughts that someone lives
inside of them. Other personalities fear that they may fall into these holes,
although they understand that this is impossible.

Scientific research disorders

Причины появления боязни holesAmerican
psychiatric association and statistical guide to
Mental disorders are not yet recognized as full-fledged tripophobia.
a disease. But today there are a lot of people claiming
that they have a panic fear of objects with small
holes arranged in clusters.

Psychologists Arnold Wilkins and Jeff Cole conducted scientific
studies during which they were able to detect that the reaction
repetitive holes based on biological aversion, and
not on fear. In their work, they describe the manifestation of the response of the brain
on associations associating forms with danger.

Researchers analyzed images taken from the site, and studied their various components: contrast, length
light waves, luminescence. Psychologists have concluded that these
Pictures and photos have unique characteristics. Then
they interviewed tripophobes and watched their negative
reaction when viewing images with objects that have holes.
Fear of people with mental illness, Wilkins
and Cole described it as an unconscious reflex reaction,
arising in the primitive part of the brain, connecting the image with something

Main symptoms of tripophobiaDuring the diagnosis of the disease
psychologists noted that people were most afraid of looking at
pictures with lips in sores, honeycombs, skins of poisonous snakes
and blue-ringed octopuses. From statistical data it is known
что фобии кластерных holes подвержены 80−85% населения планеты,
при этом 10−15% имеют начальную форму развития этого of fear.

On the Internet, some people introduce visitors to their site in
delusion, saying that tripophobia is a skin disease that causes
the formation of holes in the body, which literally decomposes because of them.
The information is accompanied by frightening photographs of people in
which on the face, arms and legs are repetitive holes.
Of course, such a disease does not exist, and these photos do
in photoshop. Mental расстройство — трипофобия -не имеет
nothing to do with diseases of the human body.

Причины появления боязни holes

Учёные установили, что боязнь holes — это рудиментарный
fear. This means that the phobia is a manifestation of the relic
evolution. Fear is present in all species of primates. He announces about
serious diseases and the need for their treatment. For example, if
on the body of a monkey appear in a large number of skin abscesses, it is
tells her that she has become infected by larvae under
epithelial covers. This ability is inherited.
from ancestors and some people, which is why tripophobia is not considered
serious deviation.

Other causes of phobias are cultural traditions and
features of education. Bright emotional and
the physiological response to holes occurs in tripophobes with

  • Stages of development of the diseasemultiple holes in humans
    or animals – enlarged pores, acne, acne, necrosis
    surface of the skin, open glands;
  • plants – seeds, seaweed with spongy
  • small repetitive holes in food products – honeycombs,
    bubbles in bread and pasta, foam on coffee;
  • natural geological formations and porous rocks;
  • tunnels, holes and tunnels dug by small animals,
    insects and worms.

Some people become tripophobia as a result of negative
past events. For example, a bee swarm that attacked
of a person, causes psychological trauma, which over time
goes into a phobia of multiple holes. Holes seen on any
objects, he will be associated with honeycombs of bees, of which
can fly insects at any time and attack.

Uncontrolled panic can also occur at the sight
images of perforated holes. Although this fact is in some
still in doubt, scientists have already identified this pattern with
using research.

It happens that tripophobia develops against the background of discontent with its
looks. For people is very important aesthetic beauty, which
helps them find their place in society. When a person doubts
his own attractiveness, he begins to negatively relate to
to myself. Tripofoby begin to “try on” various diseases
for example trophic ulcers or couperosis, which leads to
panic attacks.

Main symptoms of tripophobia

Tripophobia is considered to be the recently discovered type of mental
frustration. Sometimes a person cannot understand the reason that
led to the development of his fear of holes. But determine the presence
this phobia is possible by the manifestation of external signs.

A person suffering from tripophobia is usually experienced.
following states:

  • Existing Therapiesuncontrollable panic
    seizures at the sight of a stimulus;
  • strong anxiety and anxiety;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • high blood pressure;
  • excessive sweating;
  • obsessive desire to destroy what he saw;
  • nervousness;
  • dizziness;
  • The use of psychotherapeutic methodsnausea or
  • tremor of the limbs;
  • muscle spasms;
  • fainting;
  • loss of coordination;
  • labored breathing;
  • itching, redness, rash;
  • feeling that someone is crawling under the skin.

An individual suffering from fear of holes may fade skin, and
also become cold hands and feet. Some symptoms
appear only in later stages. If you run
disease, a person can fall into severe depression, withdraw into
yourself and stop going out. To avoid serious
consequences and stop the development of a phobia at the first signs
disease should consult a specialist. Need to understand
that in case of untimely assistance, a lethal
outcome due to asphyxiation.

Stages of development of the disease

Since tripophobia is studied by medical experts
recently, the classification of its varieties is not yet fully
is defined. But according to the symptoms it is quite possible to distinguish stages
disorders, which makes it possible to halt its development and
prescribe appropriate treatment methods.

Fear of multiple holes can occur in three

  • Lightweight Man shows nervousness, anxiety and
  • Average. Of the characteristic symptoms, shivering should be noted.
    pruritus, nausea.
  • Heavy. The patient is tormented by panic attacks, frequent
    dizziness, vomiting.

Self-work on yourselfIf a person at the sight
small holes running goose bumps, it does not mean that he
tripofob. Fear of cluster holes in objects is serious
a barrier to normal life. Often people do not understand this.
fear of tripophobes, dislike them or laugh at them
them. But society must understand that even such incomprehensible
disorder can bring a lot of problems to the patient, so to him
should be treated with understanding and respect, and, if possible,
provide psychological support.

Existing Therapies

Most psychiatrists are skeptical of tripophobes, but
the disorder in question must be treated in a mandatory
okay If you do not pay attention to the psycho-emotional balance
patient, then you can expect unpleasant consequences.

With annual research, improved treatments
tripophobia, in which use certain medication
means and psychotherapeutic methods. Mostly people
suffering fear of repetitive holes, write out the following

  • Седативные средства. Drug selection
    зависит от формы проявления panic attacks. It can be
    herbal medicine or barbiturates and tranquilizers
    strong action.
  • Противовоспалительные препараты. These funds
    reduce skin irritation, the intensity of inflammatory
    processes and swelling.
  • Антигистаминные лекарства. Pills from
    allergies eliminate redness, itching and burning. Some of these
    medications have a mild sedative effect.

All of these drugs reduce the severity of symptoms that
peculiar to panic attacks. When there is no stimulus,
the patient can live a full life again. However for full
getting rid of the disorder is a potent drug
remedies will help only in combination with psychological
by methods.

The use of psychotherapeutic methods

Боязнь holesIt is possible to cure a phobia only with the help
psychotherapist. First, the specialist must identify the cause of
of fear. Sometimes a specialist works for several years with the same
patient, because it is not always immediately possible to determine the factors
affected the occurrence and development of the disease.

His job is to eliminate painful fixation.
consciousness on pathological associations. It is necessary to focus on
that the patient is frightened not by the objects themselves with holes, but by the cavities of these
holes that cause unpleasant feelings. The doctor needs
apply several techniques at once that should influence
subconscious and cognitive perception.

When psychotherapy uses the following areas:

  • Cognitive behavioral technique. This method is aimed at
    elimination of cognitive distortions so that the patient can understand
    the cause of your own phobia and learn to determine the degree of danger
    своего of fear. During treatment, the degree of horror before objects
    greatly reduced.
  • Hypnotherapy combined with imaging. In this case
    for tripofoba prepare a special video series with pictures calling
    pleasant feelings At certain points, stimuli are inserted,
    the number of which is gradually increased with each session. By the end
    treating the person will be cool about the videos
    which already consist entirely of annoying elements.

The psychotherapist should also strengthen the protective functions of the psyche.
his patient, forming his stress resistance. Special
attention should be paid to relationships and family conflicts.
A specialist helps to learn self-help methods that will reduce
anxiety and help tripophobia with regular panic

Sessions can be individual or group. If pick up
the right methods of psychotherapy and medication then
positive results can be expected in a few

Self-work on yourself

ТрипофобияUnpleasant symptoms of tripophobia can cause
serious harm to health if you do not seek help for a long time
a specialist. Therefore, they should be fought in a timely manner.

Medicines and psychotherapy will help a person
tune in to treatment, but he needs to work on himself to
speed up the healing process.

People suffering from phobias of cluster holes, often
turn out to be paralyzed by fear. In a stressful situation to them
It is necessary to transfer the view from the object of fear to various
objects that do not cause negative emotions. Should
concentrate on them and think about something nice, then
the patient will be able to get out of the state of stupor.

Very few people can cope with phobias, because fear
occurs on a subconscious level, and in this case, quite
difficult to control your fears. There are methods that
can help overcome tripophobia at home.
Meditation, relaxation and situational training will help reduce
degree of anxiety and anxiety.

Attacks with tripophobia can occur at any time. it happens
it is unpleasant when they arise during important life situations.
A person needs to tune himself and be distracted from objects
his fear that he could quickly return thoughts to the old

Since due to attacks on the body often appear redness
or itching, the patient should carry antiallergic
means with which it will turn to reduce discomfort. To avoid
unpleasant situations can be, if you carry clean water,
ammonia or other means that will help to recover
when fainting.

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