Treatment выпадения волос у женщин — препараты иfolk remedies

Update: October 2018

In the treatment of hair loss at different periods of his life needs
up to a third of all women. Solves this problem
Specialized dermatologist, called trichologist.

Until the appointment of treatment by a doctor diagnostics
damage to hair (study of their structure, fragility, damage
fungus) using special lamps with infrared or
ultraviolet radiation.

Also к диагностике зачастую привлекаются эндокринологи,
hematologists and therapists who exclude or confirm
endocrine pathologies, blood diseases or somatic diseases,
leading to hair loss. Hair loss therapy should
start with a lifestyle setting, nutrition correction,
exceptions to the most severe external factors:

  • it is important to get enough sleep, to spend a sufficient number of hours in the fresh
    air sleep in a ventilated room
  • avoid hypothermia of the scalp
  • stop smoking
  • do not abuse chemical dyes and products
  • it also makes sense not to injure the scalp with coarse
    combs or frequent complicated styling (tight tails, braids,
    bundles) in which hair experiences excessive tension, avoid
    drying with a hot dryer
  • massage the head, it improves blood circulation and strengthens
    hair nutrition
  • frequent stresses or psychological discomfort make
    the body to work at the limit of compensatory capacity that early
    or later is fraught with the breakdown and exhaustion of the body.

A very important balanced diet. Fasting, protein-free or
mono-component diets, vegetarianism can be causes not
not only alopecia baldness, but also to run a number of pathological
processes in the body, ultimately leading to malfunctions
digestion, blood formation, endocrine system.

The drug for the treatment of alopecia in women and men

This product includes Minoxidil, the drug is released without
recipe, however its use must be very careful. Him
categorically can not be applied to children under 18 and it has a number
serious side effects. Nearly 30% of patients have this remedy.
helps to restore the lost volume, however after cancellation
using this product, grown hair may fall out.

Minoxidil Алерана для волос

  • Generolon spray (480-520 rubles)
  • Alerana spray (550-600 rub)
  • Kosilon (1100 rubles)
  • Regein, Revasil, Alopexy

When used locally, the spray is stimulating.
effect on hair growth with baldness or thinning
(androgenetic alopecia), as well as in some individuals with
androgenic alopecia. After 4 months of minoxidil
hair growth occurs, but after discontinuation of therapy after 4 months
некоторых лиц Генеролон для роста волоспроисходит возврат к
original condition.

Indications for use: alopecia in women and men

Contraindications: children under 18 years old, pregnancy, lactation,
violation of the integrity of the scalp, dermatosis of the scalp

Side effects: skin redness, peeling, burning, dryness
skin, itching, dermatitis, allergic manifestations – allergic
rhinitis, swelling of the face, rash. Visual impairment, otitis of the outer ear,
taste disturbance, headache, dizziness, optic neuritis, weakness,
tingling, swelling. In rare cases, there is a phenomenon
unwanted hair growth on the face or body in women after
start using the drug. Косилон для роста волос

Symptoms of overdose: drop in blood pressure, delay
water and sodium, tachycardia.

Way of use: Means is used only for external
application and only in adults. 1 ml of solution (measured
graduated pipette) or 7 presses of the dispenser (for spray)
applied only on dry hair in the morning and evening, rubbing into the skin
heads, starting from the center of the balding area. Followed by
wash hands thoroughly; do not rinse solution off treated area.
Daily dose in 2 ml. must not exceed regardless of area

The best shampoo for hair restoration and growth

 Zoo Vip Shampoo-balm restoring with tar and
propolis (price about 180 rubles)

Do not be embarrassed that this shampoo-balm is sold in
veterinary stores and pharmacies, yes it is intended for horses,
but knowledgeable hairdressers recommend this shampoo to those with hair
need recuperation.

It contains a unique composition of birch tar and propolis, which
It has a pronounced wellness, wound healing effect,
stimulates the growth of new hair and heals existing ones. Shampoo
has a smell reminiscent of Vishnevsky’s ointment, but it is easy

The main condition is to dilute it 1:10 with water or normal.
shampoo and after applying wait 5-7 minutes, then rinse your head
and after using any balsam rinse to facilitate
combing. For hair loss, use this shampoo
preferably regularly. According to many reviews – it is very effective and
not expensive means of care for thinning and weakening

 Drug treatment of alopecia

In the treatment of hair loss in women, those groups are used.
medicines that affect on the cause leading to
alopecia. Consider the main ones.

Fungal lesions of the hair or scalp

These include – microsporia, trichophytosis, candidiasis, erythrasma.
The main drugs for treatment are antifungal agents for
use inside or their skin forms (ointments, creams, sprays and

Griseofulvin, amphotericin B, terbinafine,
flucanazole, ketoconazole, thioconazole, econazole, chloronitrophenol,
sertaconazole, naftifine (see antifungal drugs in
tablets). The main mechanism of action of these drugs – a violation
normal structure and functioning of fungal membranes

Treatment of anemia

Anemia is one of the causes of hair loss, is also
sought-after destination. Alopecia most often accompanies
iron deficiency and B12 deficiency anemia. With clinical
manifestations or laboratory evidence of anemia accounts
resort to substitution therapy. Iron preparations in the form of salts
bivalent and trivalent iron (see detailed article iron preparations
with anemia).

  • Based on ferrous sulphate: ferroplex,
    tardiferron, ferrogradumet, gemofer prolongatum, sorbifer durules and
    ferrofolgamma (with the addition of ascorbic acid), phenules,
    Ginotardiferron (with the addition of folic acid). Totem (gluconate
    iron with manganese and copper), ferretab (iron fumorate with folic
    acid). This also includes the classic – hematogen, combining
    ferrous sulfate and food albumin.
  • Trivalent iron preparations: maltofer, phenyls, biofer,
    ferlatum. From parenteral forms – this is venofer, ferrum-lek,
    cosmofer, maltofer, spherfer.
  • Vitamin preparations are effective for various anemias in
    as a stimulator of erythrocyte maturation (cyanocobalamin with
    B-12-deficient, folic acid – with folic acid deficiency,
    ascorbic acid, alfatocoferrol, vitamins B6, B2). Exactly
    additions of ascorbic and folic acids potentiate the absorption
    iron from the combined drugs.

Besides the fact that some of the vitamins work as
antianemic factors, their other part affects
calcium phosphorus metabolism (vitamins D), skin condition (vitamin A),
prevents hair loss directly (vitamin B5 or pantothenic
acid), B3 or nicotinic acid prevents atrophic
skin processes known as pellagra, B11 or left carnitine,
stimulating the metabolism of skin cells.

It is important to remember that the most efficiently digested and work
one or low-component vitamin preparations. Means in which
contains more than three components, absorbed worse, more often
cause allergies.

Endocrine pathologies

Also a common cause of hair loss in women. Treatment
required if there is diabetes, thyroid pathology
glands or dysfunctions of the gonads.

  • Type 1 diabetes

complicated by vascular lesions and trophic
disorders of the soft tissues (including the head).
Therefore, an adequate selection of short insulin (actrapid,
Humodar, Novorapid), prolonged (Protophan, Humulin, Lantus)
or combined action with regard to glycated indicators
hemoglobin or blood glucose.

  • For type 2 diabetes

proposed sulfonylurea drugs (glibenclamide, gliclazide,
glimeprimidone), biguanides (metformin), glycoidase blockers
(acarbol, acarbose), thiazolidinediones (rosiglitazone).

  • Thyroid pathology

accompanied by a decrease in its function are also characterized
hair loss. Specific loss of the outer edge of the eyebrows. For
relief of hypothyroidism use replacement therapy
analogues of the hormone T4, levothyroxine sodium (eutirox,
L-thyroxitic), T3 (triiodothyronine, lysothyronine) or their
combinations (thyroid, thyrocomb, iodotyrox, iodocomb).

  • Decreased estrogen production

due to cystic changes of the ovaries, menopause (including
with operative or radiation castration) also inhibits hair
bulbs and violates the trophism of the skin. In this case, resort to
natural estrogen replacement drugs (estradiol valerate,
Proginova, Divigel, Climara, Menorest, Estrogel, Ovestin,
premarin) or progestogens (duphaston, norkolut, vyshstanstan). Also
resort to combined drugs (cliogest, premella,
femoston, klimonorm, cycloproginova, divina, trisequens). Still
use combinations of estrogens and androgens (ginodian depot).
Adipose tissue is the source of supply of estrogen while reducing
ovarian function.

However, hormone replacement therapy may provoke
breast cancer. Therefore, for longer preservation of hair during menopause
not unreasonable tips to gain some weight and check
condition of mammary glands.

Skin diseases

Такие как экзема (см. лечение экземы), атопический
dermatitis in adults, psoriasis (see psoriasis ointment, how to treat
псориаз, диета при псориазе), вызывают структурную
restructuring of the skin, its itching and overdrying that is accompanied
cracking, lichenification, capillary destruction and frequent
scratching injuries. Therefore, alopecia can
accompany and this group of diseases.

  • In the treatment of these conditions the leading role is given to antihistamines.
    (diphenhydramine, benadryl, soventol, tavegil, fenistil, diprazin, omeril,
    fenkarol, suprastin, zadydit, ketotifen, astemizol, astelong,
    histalong, semprex, acrivastine, loratadine, clarisense, allergodil,
    terfenadine, teridine, cetirizine, telfast, histim). It is worth noting,
    that in pregnant women preference is given to fexofenadine and loratadine,
    and nursing – phenyramine and clemastine.
  • In second place – local glucocorticoids in the form of ointments or
    cream Fluorinated drugs: (dexamethasone (esperson),
    betamethasone (beloderm), flumethasone (lorinden), fluticasone
    (kuvateit), triamcinolone (fluorocort, triacort), clobetasol).
    Non-fluorinated: mometasone fuorate (elokom), methylprednisolone
    Atseponat (Advantan), hydrocortisone butyrate (Locoid,

Immune deficiency

It leads to many disruptions in metabolic processes, provokes
autoimmune inflammation, systemic diseases, including
vasculitis of the scalp, impairing its blood supply.

Immunity stimulants should not be administered chaotically,
A preliminary immunogram is required. Without it, you can assign
only adaptogens – dibazol, eleutheroccus, echinacea, pink radiol,
ginseng, lemongrass.

  • Thymus stimulants (inosine, diucifon, levamisole) and
    thymic hormone analogues (taktivin, thymalin, timogen, timaktid,
    vilozen, bestim, timomodulin).
  • Activators of humoral immunity (immunoglobins intraglobin,
    endobulin, whigam, hepatect, cytotect, chigain, mielopid, nucleinate
    sodium, Derinat, likopild, polyoxidonium).
  • Activators of cellular immunity (granocyte, imudon, ribomunil,
    diucifon, levamisole, methyluracil, pentoxyl, prodigiosan,
    pyrogenal, biotin).
  • Vaccines for respiratory infections (ribomunal, bronchoxemia,
  • Interferons (human leukocyte, agigiron, cycloferon,
    viferon, intron, betaferon, gamma-feron).

Neurological diseases

Neurosis, depression, psychopathology also affect
hair loss. Drug treatment of these causes of alopecia
It is carried out with the following medications.

  • Herbal sedatives (Valerian, Persen,
    tincture of peony, motherwort).
  • Tranquilizers (grandaxine, atarax).
  • Plant-based antidepressants (Lerivon,
    novopassit, gelarium hypericum).

Treatment выпадения волос народными средствами

Folk remedies are the experience of many generations. Today science
allows you to set a theoretical basis and justify or refute
the effectiveness of most popular recipes. Since ancient times, people
healed hair thinning. Treatment народными средствами включает
the use of various homemade ointments, ointments and decoctions for
scalp (see mask for hair loss).

Our ancestors empirically found that hair gets
nutrition due to the skin. Therefore, primarily affected
her The main components of folk remedies for alopecia are eggs,
onion peel, leaves and rhizomes of burdock, as well as vegetable and
castor oil (see the healing properties of burdock root).

  • Фитолизин – abnjkbpby jn dsgfltybz djkjcэто препарат для лечения
    urological diseases, pasta, which includes condensed
    extract mixture (onion peels, goldenrod grass, horsetail
    полевого, корневищ пырея, травы горца птичьего, листьев
    birch, parsley root, fenugreek seeds, lovigth root), and
    orange oil, sage, peppermint, Scots pine oil.
    Но учитывая его натуральный состав это средство может
    used in the form of masks for the treatment of hair loss. Pasta
    put on the scalp, then wrap the head of polyethylene
    film and towel, leave for 3-4 hours, first from the oils
    there is a feeling of cold, which passes after a while.
    After 4 hours, rinse the hair well, after which it remains
    pleasant aroma of herbs. This mask can be done 1 time per
    week – hair becomes silky and thicker. Price in
    pharmacies 260-300 rubles.
  • Оливковое масло для лечения выпадения волосCastor and
    unrefined sunflower or olive oil is applied to the skin
    heads, as a basis of a compress (see natural olive oil –
    useful properties, how to choose). Then the head is covered with waxed
    paper or plastic and tied with a handkerchief or towel.
    Compress lasts from thirty minutes to two hours. Already after
    weeks of treatment it is possible to improve the condition of the scalp, remove dry
    seborrhea and stimulate hair growth.
  • Корень лопуха для лечения волосEgg masks consist of three
    yolks, brandy glasses, a quarter cup of decoction of burdock root and
    the same amount of onion juice. They successfully prevent
    hair loss. Treatment в домашних условиях этим средством ведется
    at least two weeks.
  • Treatment выпадения волос у женщинOrdinary birch tar
    allows you to cope with skin diseases of the head and prevent
    alopecia on the background of psoriasis or eczema.
  • Bitter pepper tincture on alcohol is carefully used in the form of
    rubbing in, trying to avoid burns.
  • Kefir mashing is also inexpensive and popular. Lactic acid
    the bacteria contained in it not only fight against skin germs, but
    and nourish the epidermis.
  • Репейное масло с травами от выпадения волосTo
    stimulate the growth of already lost hair using burdock oil or
    a decoction of eight herbs (perforated Hypericum, burdock roots,
    nettle, onion peel, celandine, succession, camomile and
    tansy). A mixture of equal parts of herbs is boiled in a water bath and
    insist half an hour after straining. Broth is used in the form
    rinsing or rubbing on a clean head.
  • Иранская хна для лечения выпадения волосFrom oriental funds
    Iranian henna is popular, applied in the form of cosmetic masks.
    Reviews of its application give hope for the effectiveness of this
  • Бальзам с экстрактами трав и масламиThe same number
    (10g) sea buckthorn, eucalyptus, burdock oil mixed with
    extracts of celandine, nettle, hop, hazelnut. Before
    applying such a balm should wash your hair, wipe
    towel, then rub in a circular motion this balm in the skin

If you agree that using someone else’s experience will allow
save you time, nerves and health, of course, you need to
hair loss contact a specialist. After all, he has already spent
considerable effort to gain experience in achieving results
in this area and is familiar with the basic errors that are allowed
with amateur treatment.

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