Treatment of varicose veins with leeches – pitfalls notsafe hirudotherapy

Update: December 2018

This article is an expression of one opinion, one point of view.
regarding the effectiveness of treatment of varicose veins with leeches –
hirudotherapy for varicose veins. It is possible that
wrong and wrong if you have the opposite belief
long-term personal experience with varicose leeches, results
no research or other evidence to the contrary
view, please leave your comments in the comments.

It is very important for us and our readers. �”How many doctors, so many
and opinions “- for this topic is the exact wording. Most frequent
questions that interest people suffering from varicose veins
varicose veins: is leech treatment effective?
to get rid of varicose veins using hirudotherapy? Leech treatment
various diseases have been used for a long time, namely from those
when there was practically no means for therapy, there was no
so much scientific research, knowledge about the human body, about
causes of diseases and deep processes occurring on
cellular level. Today, hirudotherapy is first and foremost
a business that is advertised as a very effective method
explaining their action as a panacea for almost all diseases.

Before trusting your precious health to hirudotherapists,
one should understand what is varicose veins and what can
make a leech by injecting hirudin into your body. Most
people with varicose veins have quite superficial
idea of ​​the disease itself and the trigger mechanism of development
varicose disease, considering that the cause of varicose veins is in thick blood, and
that it should be diluted.

Varicose veins are a violation of natural work.
venous valves, characterized by the occurrence of blood reflux,
that is, reverse blood flow. This is a deep violation.
physiological balance at the cellular level between collagen,
muscle cells, and the elastic fibers of the venous wall. How can
leech therapy affect this balance?

With varicose veins, the main pathological factor is
dilatation of the venous vessel. In consequence of what happens
valvular insufficiency of veins, when this happens wrong
venous blood flow both into the deep and superficial venous
system. And the very blood thinning that leeches have on
15 minutes, no relation to lumen reduction and change
does not have any valve status (see varicose vein treatment

What do leeches do and how does it affect varicose veins?

To date, gerudotherapy provides a list
hirudotherapy effects ‚confidently stating that treatment
leeches has the following positive actions:

  • Restoration of endoecological balance
  • Reflexogenic – a common reflex effect and
    hemostatic effects
  • Decongestion of the internal organs, that is, muscle relaxation,
    increased neuromuscular transmission of impulses
  • Hemorrhage, blood thinning – anticoagulant
  • Protective thrombolytic and antithrombotic action
  • Immunostimulating, anti-ischemic, hypotensive,
    антигипоксический Effect
  • Elimination of microcirculatory disorders
  • Anti-inflammatory, bacteriolytic, bacteriostatic
  • Local analgesic, decongestant,
    anti-atherosclerotic (see symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis),
    регенераторное и энерготерапевтическое act
  • Normalization or reduction of blood pressure

Гирудотерапия при варикозном расширении вен

Perhaps this is so, only the existing opinion and belief that
leeches thin the blood, even blood loss in patients prone to
bleeding is not confirmed by some studies on
clinical level. In 1910, doctor G. A. Zakharyin stopped
profuse nasal bleeding by setting leeches on the tailbone and in
the area of ​​the anus. And in 1948, doctor V. A. Lukashov
claimed that in the Samara province used powder made
from dried leeches, for stopping various bleeding –
throat, nasal, uterine bleeding, gastrointestinal

In 1936, doctor I.R. Petrov and other co-authors conducted
эксперимент на кроликах, который показал, что под actм секрета
leech lysis of intravascular thrombus occurred without change
hemostasis in the general circulation, that is, a serious blood thinning is not
was happening. It is believed that the mechanism of hemostatic action
in the treatment of leeches is to restore blood flow due to
weakening of vasospasm, which during treatment are blocked by edema
infiltration of surrounding tissues.

The opinion of many doctors about when can be treated veins on
with leeches, this is an inflammation of the superficial veins and
thrombophlebitis, and then in those cases, if a person refuses
традиционных Effectивных методов терапии. Treat varicose veins with leeches,
считают многие флебологи — бесполезно, поскольку act
consists in a short 15 minute blood thinning and
spasm of the venous wall for 1-2 days – then everything
returns, well, if there are no complications,
allergic reactions and other adverse effects.

Today very often phlebologists face the fact that after
gyrotherapy, patients come to them with complications,
advanced forms of varicose veins and frustration in
medicine and the competence of hirudotherapeutists.

  • Opinion of patients that with varicose veins should thin the blood with
    using leeches, based on ignorance of the essence of the venous
    failure and its causes.
  • And also the fact that varicose veins are confused with thrombophlebitis – a disease
    which develops on the background of varicose veins.
    Thrombophlebitis is an inflammation of the inner walls of the vein, leading to
    the occurrence of blood clots that block the lumen of the veins, forming

To understand finally, that such varicose veins,
You should also know the mechanism of the development of this disease.

The mechanism of varicose veins

The veins of the legs consist of a huge network of deep and saphenous veins,
которые соединены  перфорантными венами между собой. Outflow
blood from the skin and subcutaneous tissue occurs through the superficial
veins, and from the rest of the tissues – through the deep. Perforating
the vessels equalize the pressure between these veins, normal blood is
it must flow from superficial to deep veins, only in one
the side.

At the venous wall, the muscular layer is rather weakly developed, therefore
he can’t do it himself so that the blood moves
up. This is done using the pressure of the nearby tendons.
and residual blood pressure. In this process, one of them
The key role is played by the muscle pump, when the muscles during physical
load is reduced, the blood is pushed up, as the venous
valves prevent movement down.

That such blood circulation was not broken and existed
constant venous pressure, requires normal venous tone.
Located in the brain vasomotor center, regulates
pressure in the veins. Therefore, various diseases of the central nervous
systems can influence the development of varicose veins.

When vascular wall weakness and insufficiency occurs
valves, blood due to the muscular pump flows up and down. With
too high pressure on the vessels, veins expand, form
nodes and there is a vicious circle, which even more provokes
progress valve failure.

This is how blood flow through the perforating veins is disturbed. Back
blood flow from deep to superficial vessels leads to
the progression of pressure in the superficial veins. Being
nerves in the walls of the veins give signals to the vasomotor center, and he
in turn, gives the command to increase venous tone.

Veins do not cope with such a load, they lengthen over time.
expand, become winding. Constant high pressure in
veins creates muscle tissue atrophy of the walls of the veins and leads to
nerve deaths that regulate venous tone. Must now
be clear why the treatment of varicose veins on the legs with leeches, such
глубокого нарушения кровообращения, является малоEffectивным, мало
Moreover, it often becomes just dangerous.

Why can such treatment be dangerous?

With обращении к гирудотерапевтам, пациента убеждают, что
varicose veins after leeches dissolve, edema disappears, leaves
heaviness and pain. Положительный Effect, который иногда бывает при
treatment is weak and short, creates a deceptive temporary
relief. Then a relapse occurs rather quickly, in more
severe degree.

Everyone knows that a leech is a bloodsucking dwelling in a swamp
parasite, in the saliva of which, in addition to the mass of allergenic substances,
there is also a complex of bacteria – spiral sticks, streptococci,
diplococci, staphylococci. Of course, for the treatment used
specially grown pure leeches, but allergic manifestations
may occur when using them. Allergenic substances
begin to stimulate in the place of setting leeches, with chronic
venous stasis – allergic, inflammatory reactions.

What other negative effects and complications can be
after hirudotherapy in patients with varicose veins, about which specialists
are silent, either out of ignorance, or deliberately:

  • The most innocuous are persistent pigment spots in the area.
    leech applications
  • Prolonged bleeding from bite wounds
  • The development of dermatitis, which worsen the condition and destroys
  • The most dangerous is the formation of trophic disorders and ulcers,
    with existing ulcers hirudotherapy is strictly prohibited
  • Lymphadenitis
  • Allergic manifestations
  • Abscesses and phlegmon of the leg

Today in the arsenal of pharmacology abound
различных препаратов, которые оказывают антикоагуляционное
act, при этом происходит стойкий Effect и их применение

If you have been treating varicose veins, please
оставьте свой отзыв о последствиях и Effectе, это будет интересно
to our readers.

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