Treatment of varicose veins at home -exercises for varicose veins, options for cheating patients

Update: December 2018

If you know what is varicose veins with deep
anatomical point of view, the causes and mechanism of occurrence
varicose veins then it becomes clear that it is practically incurable
a disease that can only be stopped by surgery.
How not sad, but it is. At first, varicose veins may be disturbed.
young woman only as an aesthetic, cosmetic
deficiency, but further, with age, the process progresses, and
there are swelling, pain, heaviness in the legs, in addition, it can
thrombophlebitis occurs and thromboembolism is the most dangerous.

This article will focus on the treatment of varicose veins in home
terms, however, the reader must understand that:

Conservative treatments for varicose veins make sense only in
as maintenance therapy before and after surgery
interventions, neither cream, nor ointment, nor lotions, cannot help
change the pressure in the deep veins of the lower limbs.

Wearing compression underwear for varicose veins, of course, has
its positive, fairly effective action, but also only
as a preventative to stop the progression
varicose veins and the subsequent appearance of varicose veins (see treatment
varicose veins).

Variants of fraud and swindle of patients with varicose veins

  • �“Personal phlebologist” and “No varicose veins”

I would like to warn our readers not to fall for
scam sites with advertised advertising on the Internet, which
offers unique discs with a magic method of getting rid of
варикоза под названиями �“Personal phlebologist” and “No varicose veins”-
This is the real cheating of gullible citizens. On these
Discs except exercises for varicose veins there is no information about
treatment of varicose veins. Really simple
упражнения помогают уменьшить тяжесть в ногах,  снять отеки,
but it is completely free to find on any site about
varicose veins.

  • Treatment of varicose veins leeches

Treatment of varicose veins leeches — также большинство врачей считает
quackery and cheating. Many patients without knowing the essence
disease, confuses varicose veins with thrombophlebitis and believe that with
varicose veins should be diluted, and leeches help in this. If a
in humans, thrombophlebitis, it is best to use safe
drugs that contribute to blood thinning. And at
varicosity leech therapy may contribute to the development
allergic dermatitis, trophic ulcers, often bitten after bites
pigment spots remain.

  • Medical product “Tread” or “Varifort”

The company “Zdorov” advertises the medical product “Varifort” –
it is also a sell-off of pure water in advertising
liable means prevented cause-and-effect mechanisms
varicose veins. The phrase “to eliminate the cause of varicose veins – 
blood clots, you should remove a positive charge from blood clots and this
to dissolve them by spherical glass beads
inside the boot ”- you can’t call it nonsense. Blood clots not
cause varicose veins, and vice versa with long-term varicose veins,
thrombophlebitis can be a complication, but thrombi sometimes form and
без varicose veins. And glass balls and biological electricity in
The body has completely different physical properties.

Cream, ointment, lotion – it can help relieve pain, swelling, but
do not shrink dilated veins

The most effective herbal remedy to help remove
усталость ног, снизить отеки — является конский
. Therefore, if you want to choose a cream, ointment from
varicose veins, choose products that include horse extract
chestnut. Here are some recipes of using this tool for
treatment of varicose veins at home:

  • Grind chestnut fruit as finely as possible, then melt it on
    water bath pork internal fat and add a mixture of chestnut,
    ratio 1/1. Such a composition can be lubricated dilated veins and
    varicose veins.
  • Dry horse chestnut flowers 50 g. Pour 500 ml. vodka
    insist 3 weeks, strain. use this infusion should be 2
    R / day 30-40 drops before meals.
  • Crush chestnut fruit, add alcohol, based on 2
    glasses of alcohol 2 tablespoons of chestnut, insist 10 days,
    shaking occasionally, strain. Take 20-30 cap.
    tinctures 2-3 p / day before meals, a course of 20 days, then a break
    10 days and repeat the course.

These are recipes used by our ancestors when there was no
opportunities to use plant extracts that today can
found in many creams. For example, horse chestnut in different
dosages are in the following creams that can be purchased
or in the store, or in the pharmacy.

Cream Ашан Успокаивающий Лечение варикоза в домашних условиях— можно использовать
крем  для ног Ашан Успокаивающий, в составе которого есть
lavender and horse chestnut, at a ridiculous price you can buy it online
Auchan stores, according to many reviews, it has a clear soothing
action, relieves fatigue, heaviness in the legs, but again, note
– can not cure varicose veins, only
symptomatically relieve the condition at the end of the day. Main effect
of this cream in anesthesia and weight loss that occurs behind
счет экстракта конского chestnut.
Cream-бальзам Чага Чага крем от варикоза— крем для ног с конским каштаном,
sold in pharmacies, inexpensive means, which included
several extracts of various medicinal plants: extracts
sabelnik, green tea, Sophora Japanese, hellebore and horse
Cream от бабушки Агафьи противоварикозный Cream
профилактический, расслабляющий — в состав
which also includes horse chestnut, meadowsweet and lemon balm. Cream-гель
produced according to the original recipe of Agafi Ermakova, known
Siberian travnitsa. It has a relaxing, small
analgesic effect, due to the collection of healing herbs. This cream
removes swelling of the legs in the evening, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, is used in
as a prophylactic against varicose veins
Венитан Венитан – средство, которое
It contains escin – a glycoside derived from seeds.
того же конского chestnut. It has a very beneficial effect on venous
vessels It is used for pain, heaviness in the legs, with varicose veins, and
also for preventive purposes.

 Leg exercises for varicose veins

If a у человека есть наследственная расположенность к
varicose veins, then any heavy physical exertion,
especially weight lifting or serious sporting activities – strength
sports, cycling, speed skating, running sports
sports are considered undesirable because of the likelihood
development of varicose veins and its complications in adulthood.

Fitness for varicose veins is best in
special compression garments that are made on
today in the form of very beautiful stockings and tights.
Phlebologists strongly recommend individuals with a disposition to
varicose veins or existing disease to treat
varicose veins with the help of regular therapeutic and prophylactic
gymnastics, which is easy to carry out at home.

The proposed set of exercises for varicose veins was developed
leading foreign and Russian specialists, especially for
patients with varicose veins, with daily simple exercises
– decreases symptoms of venous insufficiency in the legs, decreases
the risk of complications and slows the progression of the disease.

1 exercise – Unloading the veins of the legs. 1 упражнение при варикозе It should breathe evenly and
deeply with eyes closed, relaxing, it should be under
legs put pillows or a special roller to keep your legs taller
body at 20 degrees.
 2 2 Упражнение — оно выполняется плавно, медленно. Should
lying down to draw in the legs, take a deep breath, and on the exhale bend one
leg, pull the knee to the chest. With the next inhale, straighten your leg
up vertically and gently lower it. The same exercise follows
do with the other leg.
3  3 Exercise for varicose -bicycle. This movement
familiar to all, it should also be done lying down, imagining that you
riding a bike, kicking pedals.
4  4 Упражнение — Поочередно разгибайте и сгибайте
foot back and forth, only in the ankle joint.
5 5 Exercise Alternately bend and flex fingers.
6 6 Exercise – Raise your legs up, lying on your back,
Arms are placed along the body. Twist both at the same time
feet inside, then out.
7 7 Exercise – Without lifting the socks off the floor, walking on
8  8 Exercise – Feet together, arms along the body, on
take a deep breath, slowly stand on your toes, exhale –
return to the starting position.
9 9 Exercise – Lying, bend, bend your legs, without lifting
feet from the floor. Put your hands on your hips. Inhaling
lift the head and body, while hands slide to the knees. With
exhale, return to starting position.
10 10 Exercise – Exercise Scissors In Vertical
position, this is done lying down, arms along the body, should
cross alternately legs, breathing evenly.
11 11 Exercise for varicose veins – Bend your knees,
лежа на спине, при этом не отрывайте feet from the floor. With медленном
exhale, suck in the stomach and vice versa, with a slow breath – inflate
12 12 Exercise – Position your legs at an angle of 20
degrees and lying on your back, clamp a small pillow between your feet.
Reach in the lower back slowly inhaling, while tearing off the buttocks from
the beds. On the exhale, return to the starting position.
13 Exercise 13 – Stand with your feet together, arms along
body, inhale, move your shoulders back, on the exhale – relax your shoulders,
lower your head forward.
14 14 Exercise – Lying, legs at a 20 degree angle.
Bend one leg, pull your knee to your chest, clasp your arms
foot Then slowly straighten the leg up, while the hands slide
on the calf to the knee and tightly wrap the leg. Lower your leg when
This hands slide on the thigh. The same exercise for another
15 15 Exercise – After a set of exercises follows
принять контрастный душ на legs. A jet of cool water alternates with
warm for 5-10 minutes.

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