Treatment of stomatitis in children – symptoms, types,reasons medication

Update: November 2018

If a small child begins to be naughty, refuses
eating, body temperature rises to high numbers, older children
complain of pain in the mouth, and when viewed, Mommy discovers
redness or sores on the cheeks, palate, tongue or inside
The side of the lip is stomatitis.

In children, the treatment of this disease depends on the causes of
because there are several types of pathogens,
provoking the development of inflammation in the mouth – banal
bacteria, herpes virus, fungi of the genus Candida albicans, and
стоматит can быть токсико- аллергическим. So, than to treat
child’s stomatitis? How to get rid of stomatitis in children as much as possible
quickly? We will tell about it in this article.

Children’s stomatitis – its classification and causes

An interesting fact is that a certain type of stomatitis is characteristic
for a particular age of the child, however, of course there are

  • Для малышей от рождения до 3 лет наибольшее Стоматит у детей лечение распространение имеет
    кандидозный стоматит.
  • For kids от года до 3 лет — герпетический
    stomatitis as well as aphthous stomatitis poor when the child is not given
    pacifier, and he sucks a dirty finger, injures the sky and on him
    gets its own microflora.
  • School children are more likely to suffer from
    аллергического или афтозного
  • For children of any age is typical
    бактериальный стоматит, возникающий вследствие
    thermal, mechanical injury to the oral cavity
    rules of personal hygiene, eating unwashed fruits, eating
    dirty hands, babies occur during teething,
    when “the whole world is in their mouth”, etc.

Withчины появления любого вида стоматита заключаются в том, что у
babies the oral mucosa is so tender and
thin, the injury of which is very easy, and the immune
the system is not yet able to cope with a mass of infectious
agents that get into the mouth of “omnipresent” babies. Saliva
human is an excellent oral protection against mass
invasions of microbes, bacteria and viruses, but in small children there
not enough enzymes are produced with
antiseptic properties. Therefore, there is stomatitis –
inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth, manifested either slightly –
single ulcers, or creating extensive foci of inflammation.

Candida, fungal stomatitis in children

Любой стоматит can протекать в острой форме, легкой степени
severity or be chronic, recurrent, fungal stomatitis
is no exception. Distinctive features of the fungal,
candidal stomatitis or oral thrush:

  • It usually proceeds without temperature.

    Грибковый стоматит

    Fungal stomatitis in a child

  • With осмотре налет на пораженных участках can быть и белого, и
    gray, similar to cottage cheese.
  • The child becomes moody, eats poorly, sleeps restlessly,
    since the foci of inflammation are painful enough, the baby also
    experiencing a burning sensation, itching, dry mouth.
  • Peripheral lymph nodes do not increase, and plaque at
    this form is easily removed, under which there is redness,
    or bleeding.
  • Localized thrush of the oral cavity in children more often on the inside
    the surface of the lips, gums, cheeks or tongue. First formed foci
    white bloom, turning into a continuous film.

Treatment of fungal stomatitis

Local procedures are to create a more alkaline environment in
oral cavity because the acidic environment has a very beneficial effect on
progression of the process and promotes the multiplication of disease-causing
bacteria, and fungus as well. Topical fungal treatment
Stomatitis in children is as follows:

  • Treatment of oral cavity 3-6 times a day with soda solution – by 1
    a glass of water 2 tsp of soda, as well as special aniline
    dyes – “Blue”, 2% solution of boric acid. For kids
    older these solutions can be used for rinsing the mouth.
  • Treatment of affected areas with Clotrimazole, Nystatinovaya,
    cream Pimafutsin. The bulk of fungal agents accumulate in
    teeth area, so during processing, special attention should be paid
    gum and cheek areas.
  • There is a special solution, gel, cream “Candid”, in the composition
    which includes Clotrimazole, which has a powerful antifungal
    action. Treatment with this agent should be prescribed by a doctor.
    which can not be interrupted, or stop ahead of time,
    поскольку у грибков can сформироваться лекарственная устойчивость
    to this drug.
  • For older children and adolescents, doctor appointment is possible
    antifungal agents in pills or suspensions, such as
    Diflucan, Fluconazole.
  • To strengthen the immune system during and after suffering
    stomatitis is prescribed vitamin therapy can be prescribed
    Imudon resorbable tablets, which are shown only for older children
    3 years.
  • During any stomatitis, a diet is required, with
    candidal stomatitis excludes sour fruits and drinks, tough,
    roughage, too hot or cold, reduced in the diet
    the amount of carbohydrate food spices, confectionery,
  • At high temperatures above 38 ° C, of ​​course, you should take
    antipyretic drugs for children.

Herpetic stomatitis in children

Герпетический стоматит

Herpetic stomatitis in children


This is one of the most common forms of stomatitis in both children and children.
adults. This is explained by the fact that 95% of the population sooner or later
there is a herpes virus infection, but will there be
develop a herpetic infection in a particular child or
An adult depends on the human immune system.

The danger of the virus is that it does not disappear from
organism, and is either latent or with weak
immune response in a child, acquires a chronic course with
periods of remission and relapses.

Most often, herpetic stomatitis occurs in children from 1 year to
3 years since the obtained antibodies from the mother are already weak and are withdrawn
from the body, and their own have not yet developed.

Therefore, the first time faced with a herpes virus in a child
often a violent reaction develops, the body is actively struggling
with a virus that is manifested by high fever, symptoms

Again, again, it all depends on the state of the protective forces
child, in some children, infection and the development of herpetic
stomatitis is acute, while others do not cause high
temperature and passes quite easily. How to treat stomatitis
baby if it is caused by herpes virus?

Distinctive features of herpetic stomatitis:

  • On examination, redness first forms in the oral cavity, then
    vesicles appear after the bubbles burst in the baby
    erosion, ulcers, cracks in the mucous membrane of the mouth are formed. When
    rashes heal, mucous has a marble pattern.
  • The child also becomes moody because of pain, burning,
    itching in the mouth, his appetite decreases.
  • In an acute process of moderate severity, the child manifests all.
    symptoms of ARVI, body temperature reaches 38C, increase
    The lymph nodes. When начинаются высыпания, температура
    jumps to 39C and does not always get confused with antipyretic
    drugs, may be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, headaches.
    pains, chills. Under this condition, the number of bubbles is usually
    significant 15-20 pieces, they can also be on the lips outside, and
    on the wings of the nose or around the mouth, and the gums and
    dry mouth appears.
  • In the mild form of such stomatitis bubbles is no more than 4-6.
    pieces, the temperature rarely reaches 38C, it easily gets off
    antipyretic and inflammatory process enough
    quickly calms down.

Treatment of herpetic stomatitis in children

In the acute process with severe symptoms of children
they are hospitalized where they receive symptomatic therapy. With
mild to moderate inflammatory process a child may
be treated on an outpatient basis. As with fungal stomatitis.
acidic foods are excluded from the diet, especially citrus fruits,
canned food, salty and spicy food. With герпесном стоматите у детей,
treatment includes both local procedures and the use of general
therapeutic agents:

  • Children have the best anti-inflammatory effect.
    treat the affected areas with broths of medicinal herbs 3-4 times a
    day – sage, chamomile, Kalanchoe juice, for this should
    use cotton swabs or cotton pads dipped in broth.
    Pharmacies have ready-made herbs, such as Ingafitol,
    Evkar, which can also be used to treat ulcers or
    mouthwash in older children.
  • Для обезболивания детям старше 4 лет можно
    use the drug Stomatoidin – antiseptic for local
    antimicrobial and mild pain reliever
    action on the mucous membrane in the mouth, as well as Hexoral tabs –
    lozenges with benzocaine and chlorhexidine, they
    have a local anesthetic and antimicrobial action.
  • Treatment of sores with propolis is very effective, for example
    Propolis spray, has a regenerating effect on any
    skin lesions, ulcers, herpes.
  • Withменение противогерпетических мазей также показано при
    local treatment, used ointment Zovirax, Acyclovir, Oxolinic
    ointment, Viru-merz-serol (highly effective drug for herpetic
    rash, used during initial clinical
    manifestations, in the formation of bubbles, vesicles, use
    should be discontinued), tebrofen ointment.
  • Bonafton ointment – antiviral may be recommended.
    drug used to treat herpetic stomatitis.
  • Contribute to the healing of wounds Karotolin – oil solution with
    vitamin A, sea buckthorn oil (only natural, which
    It has an antiviral effect, and a cosmetic pharmacy
    oil is sea buckthorn infusion in vegetable oil), and oil
    rose hips.
  • Viniline with stomatitis, he is a balm from Shostakovsky, is capable of
    clean the wounds, also has anti-inflammatory effects,
    accelerates the process of healing, epithelization and regeneration
  • As an antiseptic used -Lugol, Miramistin,
  • With частых рецидивах герпетического стоматита врач can
    prescribe antiviral drugs orally, that is, in
    tablets, such as Valtrex, Acyclovir, etc.
  • Also shown is vitamin therapy, Imudon absorbable tablets,
    which should be taken 6-8 pieces per day during the week.

Aphthous stomatitis in children

Until now, the causes of this type of stomatitis medicine is not
can утвердительно назвать, одни авторы считает его возникновение
due to impaired normal functioning
gastrointestinal tract (for example, gluten intolerance
-celiac disease), others see an allergic beginning in its occurrence
(chocolate, strawberries, tomatoes, eggs) indicate a possible cause
mucosal injury or penetration of the infection into the oral cavity, and
according to the clinical picture, it resembles herpetic stomatitis.

In children, the treatment of aphthous stomatitis is difficult
uncertainty of the causative agent of the disease. Most often they suffer
children of school age when they have the following symptoms

Aphthous stomatitis in children

Aphthous stomatitis in children

  • At first, the sores resemble those of herpetic
    stomatitis, with the same characteristic redness, burning, itching,
    possible temperature rise. However, then no
    blisters, and aphthae are painful white ulcers with bright redness
    around, they are round in shape with crisp smooth edges.
  • Then the aphthae are covered with a cloudy film, and in the case of
    secondary infection after its breakthrough, inflammatory process
    усугубляется, у ребенка can подняться температура, он становится
    drowsy, refuses to eat.

Treatment of aphthous stomatitis in children

Treatment of this stomatitis due to the uncertainty of the cause
occurrence проводят несколько врачей, это can быть стоматолог,
allergist or gastroenterologist.

  • If the allergic nature of occurrence is established
    aphthous stomatitis, contact with the allergen is excluded,
    antihistamines are prescribed – Suprastin, Cetrin in syrup
    (children over 2 years old), see all allergy medications.
  • For the processing of aft, solutions of soda, boric
    acids, decoctions of herbs, bluing.
  • Selection of antiseptic, antimicrobial agents often
    carried out by trial and error, because the flow of any
    inflammatory process individually, someone help spray
    Lugol, spray Hexoral, or rinsing with Yodinol, Miramistin,
    Viniline or methylene blue dye helps a lot of people –
    Blue. Rotokan – antiseptic with
    healing action (for rinsing the mouth).
  • If violations of the gastrointestinal tract are detected, then
    appropriate treatment for concomitant disease.
  • Vitamins C, B1, B2, B12 are prescribed.
  • Из противовирусных препаратов can быть назначен
  • With хроническом течении стоматита для коррекции иммунитета
    иммунолог can назначить Декарис, Пирогенал.

However, in any case, you can not self-medicate, treatment
stomatitis in children should be under the control of a qualified
the doctor.

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