Treatment of scabies at home with variousby means

What an unpleasant scabies disease! It would seem – civilization
all around, but scabies does not go anywhere – as it hurt before, and
are sick now. The disease is very contagious (contagious) – it can
transferred from person to person with a simple handshake, with
sharing of common objects, even sexual transmission of scabies
no stranger Scabies treatment at home is a painstaking exercise,
we will tell about it below.

The latent period (incubation) of this disease is enough
big. From contact with scabies mites to the manifestation of bright
symptoms go 7 – 14 days, you probably do not remember where
and as in contact with scabies mites. More precisely female tick, because
it is the feminine that delivers the sick man

In the course of the disease on the skin of the human parasite
about 20 scabies mites. But in medicine known
cases of Norwegian scabies when parasitized on the skin
million scabies mites.

The only circumstance that can calm is female.
scabies mite is slow, and in order to penetrate under the skin,
she needs to spend a whole hour of time. Therefore, even if you
contacted with the carrier of the disease, but after washing their hands well,
the percentage of infection will decrease significantly.

Signs of scabies

The main symptoms of scabies:

  • Skin rash
  • Scratching in places of rash

Favorite places of scabies rash: the area between the fingers on
hands, elbows, buttocks, stomach, underarms. Wormwood
rash is difficult to confuse with any other. Its peculiarity is that
elements of the rash are arranged in pairs. If you look closely, you can
consider grayish stripes on the skin – these are the moves along which
moves itch female. Rash accompanied by intolerable
itching of the skin, which is especially painful at night. And, of course, if
scabies happened to you or your relatives, you
you feel an ardent desire to get rid of it. In one of ours
articles have a more detailed description of the symptoms and treatment of scabies,
types of disease, diagnosis.

How to get rid of scabies?

Start by visiting a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. Dermatologist
will conduct a laboratory study and prescribe medicamentous
treatment. This should be done, because so many
skin diseases may be accompanied by itching and rashes and
it is impossible to determine whether you have scabies yourself or not. Rash and
pruritus may occur in urticaria (see urticaria — symptoms and treatment),
with atopic dermatitis in adults and atopic dermatitis in
children, with microbial eczema, with syphilis, with nodular pruritus and
pr. dermatological diseases.

Scabies is easily treatable, especially if you are
perform all medical appointments. From medication for therapy
used antiparasitic agents in the form of ointments, gels,
aerosols. Here is a small list of them: Средство для лечения чесотки

  • Ivermectin oral
  • Benzyl benzoate 10%, 20% ointment, emulsion, gel
  • Spregal – aerosol (A-Par analog)
  • Lindane – cream, shampoo, dry powder
  • Sulfuric ointment – 33%
  • Demianovich solution
  • Medifox concentrate

Treatment with these drugs is not difficult. In the instructions for
use is described in a clear language (see all scabies ointments, and
also why it is sometimes difficult to cure scabies). If you are
opponent of drug treatment, use the recipes
traditional medicine. There are a lot of home cures for scabies,
choose any. But remember – after the disappearance of the rash and itching all
visit the doctor for a follow-up.


Traditional treatments for scabies

  • Herbs and berries juices

Spurge. You probably know this is poisonous.
plant. Traditional medicine advises grease places scabby
rash fresh milkweed juice, until the rash disappears
completely. If you decide to use this recipe, be very
careful Spurge strongly irritates the skin, can cause
inflammatory process. Lingonberry According to
folk healers fresh bilberry juice also kills scabies
tick. Figs Juice prepared from the leaves of figs.
True to get it problematic in our latitudes. But if you scab
found on vacation in a hot country, perhaps this recipe
will come in handy.

  • Tar

The use of tar has worked well in the treatment of
many skin diseases. Does not tolerate tar and scabies mites.
For treatment with tar, nothing more is needed. Lubricate
affected areas, wait until it is absorbed, and wash off any residual tar
warm water after an hour 3.

  • Walnut

For treatment, it is necessary to prepare an aqueous infusion of unripe fruits.
walnut. Chop the fruits, put in boiling water, insist
hour. Use the infusion to lubricate the skin.

  • Essential oils

Of course, we do not use essential oils as often as
population of exotic countries, but still. Mix in one bowl
three oils – citrus, lavender and tea tree oil. Lubricate
the resulting cocktail place rash. Tick ​​does not tolerate these flavors and
simply die.

Home Antiparasitic Ointment

  • Ointment with celandine and bay sheet

Cooking is easy. For ointment bases, you can use
unsalted pork fat or butter. Mix in equal
quantities crushed celandine, ointment base, bay leaf.
Heat the mixture a little on the fire, after it lubricate the skin in itchy
places. Use in the morning and in the evening.

  • Ointment “Hunting”

For this ointment you will need a thick sour cream, 300 grams, and 100
grams of gunpowder, which must be properly pounded and
mix with sour cream. Let the ointment stand for 2 hours warm. After
lubricate the whole body and bear until the ointment is completely absorbed.
Repeat the treatment until complete recovery.

How to treat scabies correctly – the rules for successful treatment

There are mandatory treatment rules:

  • Before the treatment, take a shower, change the bed and
  • During the treatment, do not take any shower or bath.
  • Apply ointments or aerosols in the evening, make sure that the whole
    the skin was evenly coated with the drug. Skin under
    hair should not be greased.
  • After окончания лечебного курса снова смените нательное и
    bedding, take a shower.
  • Be sure to visit a dermatologist to be sure
  • Be sure to boil laundry and iron it.
    hot iron on both sides.

And remember: even scabies can be handled easily, if not
start the disease. In the case of indifference to scabby
tick you run a lot of risk – secondary ones are almost guaranteed
pustular infections that can be managed without medical care

And for safety, keep hygiene and watch your skin
children. In children’s groups scabies spreads quickly,
therefore, the probability of infection is high even from its own

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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