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Update: October 2018

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The problem of osteoporosis is more relevant today than ever. Sad that
this destructive disease affects even young and active
people. The development of the most effective drugs from
osteoporosis does not stop, although modern pharmacological
the market is rich in all sorts of drugs to treat this

Standard prescribe the following groups of drugs:

  • calcium salts
  • vitamin D preparations
  • calcitonin
  • bisphosphonates
  • anabolic steroid
  • non-opioid analgesics
  • estrogen (for women)
  • fluoride drugs

But not all are artificially created.
drugs, giving preference to natural, popular methods,
effectiveness of which is no less – after all, these methods have passed
многолетнюю проверку на миллионах people.

We must not forget that the treatment of osteoporosis folk remedies –
This is a big responsibility for the person who is being treated. Important
strictly observe popular recommendations and yet from time to time
appear to the doctor to follow the positive trend from
conducted treatment.

Traditional treatments for plant-based osteoporosis

Folk treatment of osteoporosis, perhaps, is one of the most
ancient, but not forgotten healing directions. Act
certain plants is aimed at restoring hormone
balance and mineral fortification and improved absorption
trace elements, both for treatment and for prevention
хрупкости bone tissue.

Infusion of parsley and dill
Why helps These delicious green vegetables are rich in fluoride, calcium,
potassium and magnesium, which play an important role in maintaining health
bones. This infusion is available literally for everyone
since finding these plants in stores is not difficult.
Recipe Half a liter of hot water with a temperature of about 70 ° C is taken at
200 grams of crushed greens of both plants. Infusion should
stand for 3 hours, after which it should be drained.
Dosage and frequency 300 ml of infusion for one day, with a uniform distribution
given volume at a single dose.
Duration of treatment 6 months
 Decoction of onions
Why helps Onions are rich in calcium, potassium and copper – essential elements
to regenerate bone tissue and to maintain its physiological
 Recipe For приготовления лукового отвара берутся две большие
unpeeled onions that need to be chopped and fried on
any vegetable fat. Immediately after frying, the onion sinks into
liter of boiling water, and boil for a quarter of an hour over high heat.
Then the broth is infused for half an hour and filtered.
Dosage and frequency: 250 ml of broth daily
Duration of treatment:  1 month
Collection of Chernobyl (wormwood), fragrant wood and
sleep herbs
Why helps These plants are rich in vitamins and minerals essential
для нормального состояния bone tissue.
Recipe Half a liter of hot water with a temperature of about 70 ° C is taken at
1 tbsp. sleep herbs и ясменника и 2 ст.л. Chernobylnik. Mixture
aged for 60 minutes and taken without prior
Dosage and frequency: 50 ml per dose; 500 ml volume is drunk at
during the day
Duration of treatment: 3-6 months
  Dandelion Tea
 Why helps  Dandelion is rich in calcium, as well as antioxidants,
that protect bones from age-related damage
 Recipe For 1 cup boiling water, take a tablespoon of dandelion herb.
Mixture настаивается около получаса
Dosage and frequency: on a third of a glass at one time, three times a day
Duration of treatment: 3-6 months
  Cure shell of chicken eggs
Why helps With the diagnosis of osteoporosis bone treatment of folk remedies
always includes the use of eggshells because it
rich in calcium compounds that are structural parts
bone tissue.
Recipe Fresh, washed eggshell is cleaned from the inner film
and dried. Before use it should be held in boiling water.
a few minutes and dry again, and then chop.
Immediately before taking the flour from the shell is mixed in equal
ratio with fresh lemon juice.
Dosage and frequency: � tsp daily in the morning.
Duration of treatment: 1 month
Shells and Lemons
Recipe Boil 5 eggs, free the shell from the film, chop in
mortar, chop 10 lemons with the peel, finely chop or chop into
blender or mill. Combine the powder with the lemons and wait 10.
Dosage and frequency:  2 tbsp. spoons 3 r / day
Duration of treatment:  1 month
   Treatment mummy
 Why helps  Mumiye enhances mineral metabolism that occurs in
организме, а также способствует регенерации bone tissue.
 Recipe  For 70 ml of water a ball is taken from the mummy of the size of a match.
heads which it is necessary to completely dissolve in the specified volume
 Dosage and frequency:  on 70 ml of solution in the morning and in the evening in 20 minutes prior to reception
 Duration of treatment:  20 days. After a week break, the course is repeated.
  Clay water treatment
Why helps The clay is rich in silicon, which is part of
bone tissue.
Recipe 150 ml of water is taken 1 teaspoon of any clay and carefully
Dosage and frequency: 70 ml of fasting solution three times a day.
Duration of treatment: 3 weeks. After a week break, the course is repeated.
 External treatment with burdock oil
 Why helps  Burdock or burdock contains 5 antioxidants –
flavonoids that protect cells, including bone tissue,
from damage.
 Recipe  On the basis of any vegetable oil is obtained burdock
butter. For its preparation use burdock flowers, which
poured with vegetable oil and infused for several days in
the darkness.
Dosage and frequency:  rubbing oil into joints and bones 1-2 times a
Duration of treatment:  2-3 months
Comfrey root
Why helps Another name for comfrey root is the larkspur not by chance, it is
the plant has amazing properties fast recovery
bone tissue in fractures, bone marrow tuberculosis and other
diseases of bones and joints.
 Recipe Comfrey can be used inside (with care, because
poisonous plant) or make an ointment based on it. For
cooking ointment requires pork fat and finely powdered root.
For настоя достаточно 10 гр. root pour a glass of boiling water for 3
hours and add a few drops of Dimexidum.
Dosage and frequency:  Ointment rubbed on the affected areas, bones, joints 1 time
в day. Infusion to drink 1 tablespoon 3 r / day
Duration of treatment:  1 month
Golden mustache and olive oil
Why helps  Golden mustache has a very complex chemical composition,
contains a mass of trace elements necessary for bone tissue,
therefore, it is also used to treat osteoporosis, atherosclerosis,
Recipe Used and leaves and whiskers of the plant, crushed and poured
olive oil just to cover the raw material, then in a water bath
the mixture is heated to 50 ° C, infused for an hour, filtered.
Dosage and frequency:  So oil rub the joints, spine 2 p / day
Duration of treatment:  1 month
  • In addition to the listed popular recipes to improve absorption
    calcium can take infusions of such plants as alfalfa,
    sabelnik, juniper berries, budry, knotweed, horsetail, geranium.
    In addition to the use of infusions of these medicinal plants inside
    You can use them in the form of compresses on the joints and bones.

Diet therapy for osteoporosis

Лечение остеопороза народными средствами

Comfrey root

With such a diagnosis as spinal osteoporosis, treatment
herbal remedies are unlikely to have proper effect if
the person will not adhere to strict guidelines regarding
power mode correction. Diet therapy pursues several important

  • elimination of products that enhance the removal of minerals from
    bone tissue;
  • enriching the diet with mineral-rich foods
    composition, especially calcium, and vitamins and
    trace elements;
  • competent combination of products to maximize
    the assimilation of beneficial substances from outside.

It is very useful to add canned sea fish to the ration and
use it with bones (tuna, sardines, sprats, mackerel),
as well as seaweed, seaweed (kelp).

Products to exclude:
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee, tea and cocoa
  • Sugary Sweets
  • Fatty foods (oils, mayonnaise, margarine)
  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Foods rich in coarse fiber (bran, rye bread,

The amount of meat consumed should also be limited
since the salt and protein present in the meat interferes
proper calcium absorption.

Mandatory in the diet should be present
foods rich in:
  • Calcium – cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, eggs, almonds, yogurt, figs,
    sesame, soy, broccoli and other green vegetables
  • Vitamin D – sour cream, eggs, sesame, fish, vegetable
  • Vitamin A – leafy vegetables, pumpkin, carrots, liver,
  • Folic Acid – All Green Vegetables
  • Zinc – Seafood, Liver, Nuts, Cereals
  • Manganese – beets, nuts, garlic, green salad
  • Magnesium – cereals, walnuts, leafy vegetables,
  • Phosphorus – sea fish, seafood, baby veal;
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids – sea fish,

The daily set of products should be distributed in 5 receptions.

Osteoporosis in numbers

  • According to the World Health Organization in humans
    every year to 50 years, bone loss is about 1%,
    women when menopause comes in the first year these losses
    make up 10%, and every year adds 2-5%.
  • Mortality and disability with osteoporosis 4th place
    belongs to the fractures of the femur.
  • Osteoporosis reduces life expectancy by
  • If a a person has previously had a hip fracture, osteoporosis increases
    risk of recurrent fracture by 2 times, with existing fractures
    spine – 4 times.
  • After 45 years, women stay in hospitals for treatment.
    effects of osteoporosis are longer than with such diseases
    like breast cancer, heart attack or diabetes.

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