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Update: October 2018

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Is there an effective folk treatment for heel spurs? Can
I rely only on homemade treatments? ATсе зависит от стадии
pathological process and in many respects from the zeal of the

Do not even doctors understand that to cure the spur for a day or two
impossible, except in terms of operating. But long and
stubborn application of home treatment will definitely give their

Every person with a heel spur must understand

  • folk methods are especially effective in the initial stages
  • if the method indicates an absorbable effect, it is possible
    the resorption of salt deposits and inflammatory edema, but not
    bone growth

What is the heel spur, its causes and
the symptoms

Before talking about the heel spur, you should know what
plantar fascia, since it is its inflammation and micro-breaks in
eventually lead to spurs. So, plantar fascia –
This is such a bundle on the foot that supports its arch, and with
ходьбе как раз на нее и приходится весь вес person

In case of injuries, or large weight, too intense loads
athletes microscopic tears occur. First they
independently grow together, but with a constant negative impact
noninfectious inflammation of the fascia begins, as well as bone
nearby tissue, it expands, forming spikes. I.e
heel spur is a growth of plantar fascia due to
inflammatory and degenerative processes, injuries, etc., and the disease
is called plantar fasciitis.

Causes of heel spur formation: Пяточная шпора лечения народными by means

  • heel injuries, whole foot
  • circulatory disorders
  • obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders
  • exercise, long and frequent wearing of high heels –
    excessive loads on the foot
  • women over 40 are most affected
  • longitudinal flatfoot
  • diseases of the joints and spine – gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis,
    as their gait changes and others occur
    adverse changes in the body

The main symptom of the heel spur is a severe, sharp pain in
heel that appears after sleep, then it weakens after
some movement, the evening intensifies again. Such
the pattern of pain due to the fact that at night
there is an accretion of fascia micro-tears with shortening (because
the supine position of the foot is not at a right angle to the lower leg) and
when a person gets up, a micro fracture occurs again, as
movements fascia stretches and the pain decreases, but in the evening from
loads are increasing again due to new micro fractures.

Without physiotherapy, medication, special
gymnastics on the stretching of the fascia (only 5 exercises), wearing
insoles, use of night braces, due to pain
sensations and a “nail hammered into the heel,” a person begins
limp, and if both feet are affected, then practically can not

Spur outwardly impossible to see, but can be seen on the x-ray.

Итак, боль в пятке возникает не только от bone growth, но и
due to the microdisruption of the plantar fascia and its shortening, therefore
An important condition for successful treatment is the performance of special
exercises, taping and using orthoses, as well as
противовоспалительных мазей (см. НПATС в виде мазей от боли), мазей
Supplements, physiotherapy, massage, wearing special insoles (see
in detail about these methods of treatment in the article How to treat a spur on

Nature will help in treating

Treatment of heel spur by walking barefoot – resorption of the spur,
reduction of edema and inflammation

A method that is tested by our grandmothers. Very useful, and
not only for patients with heel spurs, walk barefoot through small ones
sand, as well as on the grass, especially with dew, in the early morning
time. Walking should be fun – you need to relax
and walk calmly through the sand or vegetation. Not worth it
run, jump or perform some other violent tricks.
This pleasant procedure should be carried out for 40 minutes every morning,
preferably during all three summer months.

Homemade heel spur treatment with hot sand – reduced
inflammatory reaction and pain manifestations

The sand keeps warm and it warms up literally.
bones. The ideal treatment place is the seashore, where, burying your feet
in the hot sand, you can enjoy the rest. Alternatively, you can
take fine river or sea sand (or salt), warm it in
oven and immerse there sore leg to cool the sand. Procedure
spend at night a long time, especially in moments of exacerbation

Treatment with metals – eliminating pain and inflammation

Aluminum and copper have a positive effect on the heel spur. AT
during the day, a piece of aluminum should be kept under the sore heel
foil. If a дома есть медная посуда (тарелка, тазик) –
It is recommended to heat it and put it on the widest surface.
sore heel holding up complete cooling of dishes. Restrictions
for the duration of such treatment is not. At night you can do
medicinal application with tincture of mummy and sabelnik, badger
fat under the foil – for 1 month.

Heel spur treatment of folk remedy Bishofit –
приостановление process, рассасывание spurs

Bischofite contains many minerals and nutrients and
is a substance of natural origin. It is very important to comply
rules for the use of bischofite: the sore heel should be heated in
warm water or using a heating pad for 5 minutes, then a napkin from
several layers of gauze moistened in brine or bischofite gel and
impose on the entire surface of the heel. Cover with cellophane on top
or wax paper, wear a sock. Compress оставляют на всю ночь,
and upon awakening, the leg is removed and washed with water. Compressы
impose every other day in a course of 15 procedures.

Compress из медицинской желчи

Medical bile is sold in pharmacies. Moisten a gauze napkin
bile, attach to the heel, wrap in parchment paper, put on
cellophane bag, tie it on top and wear socks on top.
Compress делается на ночь, утром снимается, 10 дней. Effect
does not occur immediately, but about a week after the end of such

Salt Treatment – Pain Relief and Inflammation, Growth Prevention
  • Half a pack of coarse salt warm in the oven and warm it
    sore heel, immersing the leg in a container of salt. ATыдерживать до
    complete cooling of salt. Can проводить процедуру ежедневно.
  • ATзять 1 ст.л. fine salt, add 10 ml of alcohol tincture
    iodine and 1 tbsp. honey The mixture is applied to the sore heel in the form
    a compress, and in the morning be like a compress on your leg for about 15 minutes.
    Repeat procedure не менее 2х раз в неделю.
  • AT 5 литрах воды растворить килограмм соли и закипятить раствор.
    Cool the resulting solution to skin tolerance and keep in it.
    sore leg to cool water. Course – 10 treatments with daily
    by application.
Propolis treatment

Он оказывает противовоспалительное, обезболивающее act,
является профилактикой роста spurs, оказывает рассасывающее
act. To do this, soften a piece of propolis in a water bath,
make a cake out of it that needs to be applied to the heel
spur. On top of the propolis is fixed with a dry cloth. Procedure можно
do every day, leaving propolis for the night. One piece
propolis is enough for 3-4 applications.

Cream “Dawn” or “Force Forest”

�”Dawn” is a veterinary drug that possesses
amazing anti-inflammatory, wound healing,
regenerating properties. Not worth it опасаться, что он
veterinary, it includes floralizin – natural,
natural complex of biologically active compounds, it improves
metabolism and tissue trophism, microcirculation of blood, used
for the treatment of all skin diseases, burns, joint pain,
with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, as well as with the heel spur. Should
spread the feet and wear socks for the night. Cream Forest Strength
similar in composition, but much more expensive (Dawn 60 rubles,
The strength of the forest 500 rubles).

Лечение подручными by means и предметами

  • Treatment of heel spur folk by means при помощи магнитов
    – reduction of pain and inflammation

The magnet should be large in size, about the heel. To
Do not buy a magnet on purpose, you can take it out of the old one
radio or other failed equipment. Procedure
It is best to spend the night just putting a sore heel on
magnet for 1-1.5 hours. The duration of treatment is not less than a month.

  • Лечение пяточной spurs хозяйственным мылом — снятие боли и
    inflammation, softening of corn

A small piece of soap needs to be grated and
melt on fire. Apply a slightly cooled mass to the heel.
the form of a compress, tied with cellophane on top, and withstand all night.
It is necessary to do such procedures every day, 2-3 months in a row.

  • Medical alcohol

Для лечения пяточной spurs народными by means можно
use medical alcohol – disinfection, reduction
inflammation. For this procedure, medical alcohol should be carefully
heat to 40-45 C. Then lower the sore heel into warm alcohol and
allow to cool down (about 15 minutes). After the procedure
the foot does not need to wipe, and let it dry. Course – 10-15 procedures
in one day.

  • Массаж обычной скалкой – профилактика роста spurs, улучшение
    blood circulation

It is recommended every evening to roll on the floor the usual kitchen
rolling pin sore heel. The procedure should not cause discomfort and
the pains. 10-15 minutes of massage is enough. After the massage is good to put
compress on the heel and leave overnight.

  • Children’s cream, egg, vinegar

Normal baby cream squeezed into the container, added 1
Egg, then thoroughly mixed, add 1 tbsp. spoon
Acetic essence (not a full spoon), once again well mixed.
Перекладывается полученная мазь в a jar. ATечером после соленой
foot bath is not hot, but a comfortable temperature, thick
the heel is completely rubbed with a layer of this ointment, the package is worn
cellophane and on top of the sock, the package is removed in the morning and should be washed
legs. After 3 treatments pain subsides, should use all
a jar.

Medicinal Plant Treatment

  • Onion and garlic

With the heel spur, popular methods of treatment with onions and
garlic – pain and inflammation, prevention

– Grate the head of garlic (or 3-4 large teeth) on fine
grater, obtained gruel tie for 3-4 hours sore heel. If a
the procedure is well tolerated, there is no burning sensation – repeated after two or three
of the day – Cut the onion head (bitter) in half and
drop on the surface of the cut 1 drop of tar. Tie half
bulbs to a sore heel for several hours. Repeat procedure
2-3 times a week.

  • Treatment with horseradish decoction – pain and inflammation, softening
    Callus, Suspension Growth Spurs

Leaves or roots of horseradish need to boil for 5 minutes (per liter
water 100 grams of raw materials). Then cool slightly and drop in
him the sick part of the leg until the water is cool. Procedure
repeat twice a week.

  • Treatment with fresh leaves of burdock, coltsfoot, plantain or
    cabbage – prevention of infection, anti-inflammatory

A fresh leaf of any of the listed plants is tied to
sore heel for the night. Apply several times a week.

  • Treatment infusion cranberry leaves inside – removal of salts

This drink can be used instead of tea. 1 liter of boiling water
enough 2 tbsp. dry leaves. Infusion consumed daily,
dividing the specified volume into 2-3 doses.

  • Treatment with compresses of elderberry tincture – analgesia,
    reduction of inflammation

Liter jar 3/4 volume fill with fresh berries of the plant,
Add medical alcohol to the top and infuse the mixture for 1 week. AT
wet the gauze cloth and apply to the
sore heel in the form of a compress for the night. Use once or
twice a week.

  • Kombucha treatment – pain relief and
    inflammation, prevention of infection

Place a sizeable piece on the previously steamed heel.
Kombucha and fasten on top of wax paper. Compress
leave overnight. Repeat procedure 1-2 раза в неделю.

  • Treatment with potato compresses – softening of corn,
    elimination of inflammatory swelling and pain

Potatoes before using need for a day or two to put on
sunny place that he would turn green. Then rub it together with
peel on a fine grater and attach to the sore heel in the form of
compress The procedure is carried out at night, in the morning the compress is removed.
Course – 10 treatments with daily use.

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