Treatment of food poisoning in children andadults

Update: October 2018

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Acute food poisoning requires an early start.
treatment because it depends on how much toxin
will have time to be absorbed into the blood and begin its destructive action.

At the first symptoms of food poisoning you can help yourself.
independently, but still sensibly assessing their condition – many
food poisoning is life threatening. Therefore it is more correct
It’s best to seek help from health workers, especially those with small

General principles for the treatment of food poisoning and differences from treatment
intestinal infections

Light food poisoning in the total mass, especially those that
often happen in everyday life, do not belong to serious diseases.
Even without treatment, such conditions go away on their own during
1-3 days. The main directions of treatment:

  • elimination of intoxication and early elimination of toxins from
  • dehydration prophylaxis (symptoms);
  • restoration of intestinal biocenosis;
  • recovery of the gastrointestinal tract through a sparing diet
    power supply.

Принципиальное отличие в лечении intestinal infections – это часто
prescribed etiotropic treatment to destroy the pathogen
diseases that actively reproduce in the body (antibiotics or
antiviral drugs). Помимо этого, лечение intestinal infections
(symptoms of dysentery, symptoms of salmonellosis, botulism, rotavirus,
enterovirus – symptoms of intestinal flu, etc.) – this is a long
a process that often occurs only in a hospital setting.

First aid for food poisoning

The earliest treatment for food poisoning,
which actually plays the role of first aid to the victim,
it is extremely important – after all, the earlier the struggle with the incoming
toxic substance, the sooner the body will cope with
intoxication. Лечение пищевого отравления

  • Stomach cleansing

As a rule, the body itself signals the need to clean
stomach, when there got a poor quality product. But vomiting
natural urge is not enough to flush as much as possible

After the first attack of vomiting, you need to drink about half a liter.
warm water, can be salted, with the addition of potassium permanganate or soda
(weak solution!). With the next attack of vomiting, the main
amount of food masses, but rinsing, if possible, should
проводить до выбрасывания чистой воды из stomach.

Of course, it is not worth vigorously provoking vomiting, if the urge to
this is not – probably the spoiled product has already left the stomach and
located in the intestines.

  • ATозмещение утраченной жидкости

Diarrhea and vomiting are protective reactions of the body, but besides
elimination of toxins; fluid is excreted and lost
must be replenished. AT домашних условиях после каждого
feces or vomiting should be taken about 200 grams
liquids, but only in small sips: non-carbonated mineral
water, boiled water, glucose-saline solution (per 1 liter
boiled water 3 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp salt).

  • Natural bowel cleansing

The main error in diarrhea associated with food poisoning –
This is an attempt to stop her taking iodium and others like him.
drugs. Diarrhea is the fastest and most massive toxin elimination.
from the body. Delayed feces in the intestine tantamount to clogging
in the sewer because the processes of decay and absorption of toxic
products will continue intensively. ATопрос о назначении
противодиарейных препаратов решает только doctor.

  • Keeping hunger

Previously, at the peak of symptoms, it was recommended to refrain from
eating food, especially since the appetite for poisoning is always
missing. The digestive tract functions incompletely, therefore it is necessary
to withstand medical hunger during the first days of the disease. But,
now in the treatment of hunger is not used, since the intestine and stomach
must restore its epithelium, and without food it is impossible.
Of course, if you do not want to eat, then they do not force it. But specially
observe hunger is not recommended, especially for children.

When hospitalization is required

AT большинстве случаев с проявлениями пищевого отравления можно
handle at home. Hospitalization is indicated when
the following options for the course of food poisoning:

  • almost any food poisoning in a child under 3 years old.
    Food poisoning in a young child
    only under the supervision of medical personnel because vomiting and
    diarrhea quickly leads the body to a state of dehydration that in
    childhood is very dangerous. Besides, a small child is difficult
    make you drink a large amount of liquid under the same conditions
    the hospital may be intravenous rehydration
  • food poisoning in pregnant and elderly patients;
  • poisoning by mushrooms, poisonous plants, inedible
    fluids and formulations;
  • severe food poisoning followed by:
    • diarrhea more than 10 times a day;
    • diarrhea with blood;
    • high temperature persisting for the second day
    • indomitable vomiting;
    • strong growing weakness;
  • poisoning with increasing symptoms for 2-3 days

Drug treatment of poisoning

With mild food poisoning, no specific
treatment may not be necessary at all, the main thing is to drink more and
follow a sparing diet. Recall that adequately assess the condition
rights and the extent of treatment can only

Rehydration therapy (rehydrants) When food poisoning is diagnosed, drug treatment
from the group of rehydrants is the main because it leads to
recovery of electrolyte deficiency and water in the body. Therapy
this species can be oral and, in severe cases or with
restoring the volume of fluid in young children – parenteral.
Oral rehydration with special solutions can be performed and
at home, because their application is simple and straightforward, moreover –
oral rehydrants should always be in the first-aid kit
Oral rehydration preparations

  • Oralit
  • Regidron
  • Chlorazole
  • Litrozole
Preparations for parenteral rehydration

  • Trisol
  • Quartasol
  • Acesol
  • Chlosol
  • Laktosol
Sorption Therapy (Enterosorbents)  Act Basic drugs:
Drugs from this group help the early removal
toxins by adsorption. Their use is justified in the period
lack of vomiting, as well as in the two-hour interval between doses
other drugs. Sorption therapy is not carried out with a large
temperature, and with caution assigned to young children and
elderly patients.
  • black and white coal, attapulgit, smecta, enterosgel,
  • полифепан, сорбогель,  фильтрум СТИ (инструкция)
 Pain therapy (antispasmodics)  These drugs are shown with significant
pain symptom accompanied by diarrhea, with painful urge to
  • naspa, drotaverine,
  • spazmalgon,
  • saved
 Antibacterial and antimicrobial therapy (antibiotics
and antimicrobials)
 These drugs are very rarely prescribed for food.
poisoning and shown in mixed poisonings. Unreasonable
antibiotics and combination antimicrobials
drugs aggravates the picture of dysbiosis that develops
вследствие diseases.
  • Furazolidone,
  • nifuroxazide,
  • intrix,
  • ersefuril,
  • phthalazole.
Antiemetic and antidiarrheal therapy Since both vomiting and diarrhea are protective reactions
organism, then these, in this case, the normal body reactions are not
should be forced. In extreme cases, when vomiting and diarrhea
become indomitable, and the bulk of the toxin is already
came out with emetic and fecal masses, can be assigned:
  • antiemetic – cerrucal, motiluim;
  • antidiarrheal – loperamide, trimebutin (see medicines for
Antipyretic therapy (NSAIDs) As a rule, when food poisoning hyperthermia does not reach
high numbers, but for people who do not tolerate fever, and
children can also be assigned to:
  • ibuprofen;
  • paracetamol;
  • ibuklin (paracetamol + ibuprofen).
Regenerating microflora therapy (pro- and eubiotics)  After food poisoning almost always broken
normal intestinal biocenosis. Therefore, in the recovery period
prescribed drugs containing beneficial bacteria or their
  • Bifidumbacterin, Linex; enterohermine; bionorm; bioflor;
    baktisubtil (see analogs Linex)

Other methods of treating food poisoning

In severe poisoning, as well as in the absence of vomiting or for
her inpatient impulses are washed

Using a probe that is inserted into the oral cavity and gently
moves into the cavity of the stomach, is the introduction and removal
water until the time when the liquid is clear. AT
the average adult has to use about 10 liters of water
для эффективного промывания stomach.

In the absence of diarrhea, with dangerous and severe poisoning in
the hospital is held siphon enema.

With the help of a special hose and funnel, the composition of
which is determined by the doctor (maybe water with potassium permanganate,
sodium chlorine, etc.), gently injected into the intestine through
the anal orifice, then the funnel quickly goes down and
water comes out of the intestines. Washing is carried out to clean water
the volume of liquid spent is also about 10 liters.

Traditional methods of treating food poisoning

Treatment of food poisoning folk remedies is possible with
easy for it and after prior consultation with the doctor.

  • Cinnamon Infusion

Cinnamon is considered a natural antispasmodic, as well as a natural
sorbent. Half a teaspoon ground cinnamon pour a glass
boiling water and stirred. Infusion stand for 15 minutes and filter.
Take warm, during the day. Drink small
Sips, daily volume – 1.5 liters.

  • Roots, flowers and leaves of Althea

A good tool that reduces the time of recovery from food
poisoning. Roots should be chopped and pour 1 teaspoon 0.5
a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 3 minutes, strain the infusion,
add honey to taste, you can drink 1 tbsp. spoon 4 p / day. Flowers and
Althea leaves – 2 tbsp. spoon pour 2 tbsp. boiling water, insist 4 hours,
drink like tea 3 times a day.

  • Dill decoction with honey

Dill helps to eliminate toxins as soon as possible and facilitates
vomiting without cupping it. Honey keeps potassium, which is also lost
with vomiting and diarrhea. One teaspoon of dill seed is poured
one and a half cups of boiling water and insist a couple of minutes. Then infusion
boil for 2 minutes, strain and dissolve in
The resulting volume of a teaspoon of honey. Accept within a day,
daily volume -1 liter.

  • Broth wormwood and yarrow

Wormwood and Yarrow help cleanse the body of
poisonous substances. One teaspoonful of dry plants is mixed.
with 500 ml of boiling water, insist 15 minutes. The resulting infusion,
pretreatment, take within a day, divided by 5
equal parts.

  • Lemon juice

ATыжмите сок 3 лимонов, разбавьте водой и добавьте сахар по
to taste. ATыпейте залпом полученный сок, считается, что лимонный сок
stops the multiplication of bacteria. This method is contraindicated
Persons with gastric gastritis with high acidity and with other
gastrointestinal tract diseases when acidic foods are contraindicated.

Nutrition during the recovery period

AT течение нескольких дней после отравления нельзя есть тяжелую и
fatty foods should limit milk and any dairy products.
Spicy and alcohol is also prohibited.

Eat should be fractional, in small portions. Meat products must
prepare exclusively in the dietary way and in the ground
the form. Of the side dishes are good boiled potatoes, rice.

Adequate drinking regime during recovery is also important.
because the body needs to replenish its lost volume.
You can drink a weak green tea, broth hips, chamomile tea,
немного подслащенные и в теплом the form.

Prevention of food poisoning

  • Sufficient heat treatment of food
  • Compliance with the temperature regimes of food storage, compliance
    expiration dates
  • Use only proven and edible mushrooms and
    of plants
  • Pre-boiling homemade milk, water from
    decentralized sources
  • Observe the rules of hygiene when cooking (careful
    washing dishes, as well as fruits, vegetables), respect for personal
  • When purchasing dairy products must be checked
    package integrity
  • Do not eat unfamiliar food.
  • Meat and fish must be subjected to high-quality thermal
  • Should fight with flies, cockroaches, mice –
    carriers of infection
  • ATести раздельное хранение в холодильнике сырых и готовых мясных
  • Do not eat ready-made meals that have been stored for more than 3.
    days (even in the fridge)

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