Treatment of fatty liver(non-alcoholic)

Update: February 2019

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Pathological changes in the liver from the onset of non-alcoholic fat
diseases (NZhBP) and to its sad finale pass three stages:

  • fatty hepatosis, or fatty degeneration of the liver;
  • nonalcoholic steatohepatitis – inflammation of the liver structures on
  • fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Стандартные систематизированные подходы в лечении по
Currently not clearly developed. Special difficulties in
treatment of the disease causes it to combine with other manifestations
malabsorption syndrome (nutrient absorption
and vitamins in the intestines). Most fully developed and is
высокоэффективным именно лечение жирового гепатоза печени. It
allows you to stop the development of the disease and prevent the transition
him in the next stages. In many cases, it can even completely
restore the functional state of the liver cells, thanks to their
high regenerative capacity.

Statistics: people with overweight (waist circumference in men
over 102 cm, in women – over 88 cm) in 5% develops
цирроз, у 30% — стеатогепатит, а в 65% случаев
fatty liver or fatty hepatosis develops.

What causes fatty hepatosis?

The liver is an amazing regenerative organ.
capacity and enormous internal reserves to maintain
life is 1/7 of its mass. The liver can work for a long time with
increased load, since hepatocytes are restored, but
there is a limit. And when a person (especially from early childhood)
loads the liver with excess fat, carbohydrates, boosters 
flavors, preservatives, nutritional supplements, vegetable fats
(palm, coconut oil) – the liver cannot withstand the colossal
toxic load and there are diseases.

  • The main reason for the development of this disease in men (70%) –
    alcohol, such hepatosis is called alcoholic fat
  • In adolescents, this is an abuse of energy drinks.
    drug use – ecstasy, cocaine, opiates and
  • In addition, excess fat in the liver, oddly enough, can
    form and have thin people, with a deficit in the diet
    proteins (vegetarians), as well as those who are interested in various
    diets, dramatically losing weight (in prisoners “Osventsa” with dystrophy
    �”Skin and bones,” there was a high content in the body’s internal
  • Diseases such as diabetes, elevated levels
    blood cholesterol (see normal blood cholesterol) – markers
    the presence of a violation of fat metabolism in the liver. In addition, chronic
    hepatitis (especially viral hepatitis C), chronic pancreatitis
    также сопровождается жировым hepatosis.
  • Any toxic damage to the body – any poisoning, taking
    some drugs, the presence of toxic substances in
    water, air, food, industrial emissions, pesticides in
    vegetables, household chemicals, regardless of the path of entry into
    body – provoke fatty hepatosis of the liver.
  • Oxygen deficiency in diseases of the heart, bronchi and
    lung leads to hepatosis.

When lipids enter the liver excessively, in its cells
small droplets of fat are deposited; if this happens rarely,
hepatocytes have time to process them and remove fat, with frequent and
intensive flow of lipids, their accumulation occurs, and
Hepatocytes do not cope with their functions.

Such droplets begin to stretch the liver cells and occurs
the destruction of its internal structure, which leads to a delay
timely removal of toxins, processed foods, while
this disrupts the blood supply and decreases the oxygen supply to
liver tissue.

The progression of this state leads to the next stage –
hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), with the death of hepatocytes (they
replaced by connective tissue) develops hepatic
failure and its extreme degree – cirrhosis.

In the presence of fatty hepatosis simultaneously diagnosed and
other diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular system,
metabolic disorders: it is biliary dyskinesia,
chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis, diabetes, stones in
gall bladder, hypertension, coronary heart disease. When severe
stages of fatty liver, the patient is difficult to tolerate any
infections, surgery, anesthesia.

Treatment of fatty liver

It базируется на четырех важных принципах:

  • Elimination or weakening of the influence of negative factors
    affecting hepatocytes (liver cells).
  • Compliance with dietary in combination with physical
  • Treatment with herbal preparations.
  • The use of drugs in combination with

Do not self-medicate, especially when using
various dietary supplements (not controlled by anyone, not checked
pseudopillus), and also some not safe national methods
�”Clean” the liver.

Proper nutrition and physical activity

Regardless of the stage of the disease, diet with fatty hepatosis
is most significant. Principles of diet
developed on the basis of modern ideas about the reasons
developmental mechanisms and factors contributing to the progression

Dietary nutrition should provide daily content.
proteins in foods up to 100 – 120 grams, as well as limiting
use of animal fats, daily calories
which should be no more than 25 – 30% of the total
calorie content.

At the end of November 2013 in the official journal of the association
гастроэнтерологов (США, университет в Butттингеме) были опубликованы
data on the conducted studies of two types of diets – moderate
caloric, not leading to an increase in body weight, and
high-calorie, due to which the body weight of patients

At the same time, both types of diets contained the same increased amount
simple sugars (previously considered the main reason for the development of
hepatosis). Studies have shown that a moderate-calorie diet is not
led to any negative changes, while
changes in the liver mass, characteristic of
жировой дистрофии (жирового hepatosis). According to the results of this
research conclusions:

Until recently it was believed that easily digestible carbohydrates
(glucose, fructose) contribute to the development of hepatosis. but
disease progression is not due to consuming large
carbohydrate numbers, and as a result of a high calorie diet
power supply. A huge impact on hepatocytes (in terms of their fat
rebirth with the development of hepatosis), has a high content
carbohydrates in food, and a sharp change in diet low in sugars
on a diet with their high content and vice versa.

  • low-glycemic diet is
    unjustified if the goal of treatment or prevention is pursued
    non-alcoholic fatty hepatosis.
  • excess carbohydrate is contraindicated for persons with insulin
    resistance, that is, those in whose body the cellular
    insulin receptor sensitivity.

Fatty hepatosis in stages requiring medical drug treatment
drugs is a very common disease in countries
Western Europe and the USA. Reducing caloric intake has
special significance for persons with overt obesity or even moderate

Calculation of calorie diet and exercise

Diet should include a 6-8 meal.
Calorie must be selected individually. To this end
It is rational to calculate it using special formulas and tables.
that take into account gender, body weight, age and degree of physical
activity.   An example of such a formula is given for persons with
normal body weight:

1 х М) + К2 х 240 х КФА = суточная
calorie diet, where:

  • К1 — первый коэффициент;
  • К2 — второй коэффициент;
  • M – body weight in kilograms.
  • CFA – physical activity coefficient: 1.5 – high
    activity corresponding to active sports or
    hard physical labor; 1.3 – moderate exercise;
    1.1 – low activity.

Table of age values ​​of coefficients taking into account gender

floor age K1 K2
male 18-30 years



31-60 years old



over 60 years



female 18-30






More than 60 years



Для лиц с избыточной массой тела из результатов, floorученных по
the formula for daily calories, you must subtract 500 – 700
kilocalories, but the minimum daily energy value for
women should be at least 1200 kcal, for men – not less
1500 kcal.

About calorie foods included in the diet menu, you can
easy to learn from the tables of the relevant literature on nutrition or
find on internet sites.

Physical activity is a prerequisite for treatment and
prevention of fatty hepatosis of the liver (dystrophy). Physical
упражнения рекомендуется выfloorнять по 30 – 40 мин не меньше 4 раз в
неделю, также floorезно плавание, пешие прогулки по floorчаса каждый
day in the park area.

Obese people are not recommended to run, but doing bodyflex,
Yoga is very effective and gives good results. They contribute
снижению инсулинорезистентности за счет увеличения поступления
in muscle and oxidation in them of free fatty acids. Should
try to eat food rich in fiber,
natural dietary fiber that gives a feeling of fullness and
reduce cholesterol without drugs.

According to research, as a result of weight loss
liver size decreases by 5–10%, decreases in blood serum
уровень ферментов аланинаминотрансферазы (АЛТ) и
аспартатаминотрансферазы (АСТ). All this testifies in
floorьзу регресса жирового гепатоза.

but снижение веса не должно превышать 0,5 кг в течение 1
of the week. Otherwise, this leads to an increase in income
печень свободных жирных кислот в результате массивного лиfloorиза
(fat splitting) in the body, the occurrence or aggravation
inflammatory processes in it, death of hepatocytes (central
necrosis) and the formation of fibrosis.

Main dishes and products

It is necessary to exclude from the menu:

  • pickled, salted, smoked, canned and fried
  • coffee, spices and spices;
  • carbonated and alcoholic beverages;
  • meat broths, fatty fish, meat and dairy
  • vegetables – radishes, onions and garlic, legumes, other than soy, as well

Meals should consist of boiled, steam or baked

  • fresh, steamed or baked vegetables;
  • dairy, vegetable soups and vegetarian borscht;
  • cereals – buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, millet;
  • low-fat dairy products – cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt,
    low-fat and mild cheeses;
  • omelette steamed or 1 boiled egg per day;
  • dried fruits.

Liver likes: cucumbers, pumpkin, dill, carrots, beets, cabbage
(colored, white) beets (preferably in the form of fresh juice,
drink 3 hours after squeezing it), corn, zucchini,
parsley. Apples, bananas, have almost healing properties.
prunes Of proteins – lean fish and natural cottage cheese. Water
перед употреблением следует фильтровать, floorезны минеральные воды
directly from the sources – narzan, slavyanovskaya, essentuki,

Для ориентира можно floorьзоваться диетой №5 из таблицы столов по
Pevzner (see also what you can eat with pancreatitis, diet with

Medicinal plants and drugs

One of the main criteria according to which
is the choice of medication for hepatosis, are their
гепатопротективное и антиоксидантное свойства.

  • Hepatoprotective effect of the drug

– its ability to increase the resistance of hepatocytes to the influence
pathological factors and enhance the neutralizing function of the body.
Такой эффект реализуется за счет встраивания гепатопротекторов
into the membrane of liver cells and stabilize its structure, activate
in them the synthesis of phospholipids, functional and structural protein
components of the shell of damaged liver cells. They slow down
разрастание соединительнотканных структур в ней, ускоряют
cellular regenerative processes, reduce the content of biliary
acids, stimulate the separation of bile. Drugs with
гепатопротективным действием эффективны в профилактике и
complex treatment of fatty hepatosis of the liver.

  • Antioxidant property

– the ability of the drug to slow down biochemical reactions
oxidation, in which such highly active elements as
free radicals. When there are failures in the regulation systems
free radicals damage cellular membranes. Antioxidants
enter into biochemical reactions with pooled radicals and
neutralize them, thus inhibiting oxidative processes and
preventing cell damage. In addition, they reduce
inflammatory reactions by blocking the synthesis of leukotrienes and

The fruits of milk thistle

For fatty hepatosis, treatment with milk thistle
(чертоfloorох) уже давно признано высокоэффективным, благодаря
гепатопротективному и антиоксидантному действию на печень
silymarin contained in the plant. In addition, milk Thistle
оказывает желчегонное действие, снижает инсулинорезистентность
cells and systemic inflammatory reactions, slows the formation
fibrous tissue in the liver, which means – the development of fibrosis and

One of the effective drug fees for treating fat
hepatosis herbs is a mixture of 1 teaspoon (with
horseback) dried: Treatment of fatty liver

  • thistle seed;
  • the leaves of the plantain perforatum, which neutralizes
    intestinal toxins;
  • crushed rhizomes of calamus swamp, contributing
    regulation of intestinal biocenosis (microflora);
  • хвоща floorевого, оказывающего противовоспалительный эффект
    and enhancing immunity;
  • sequence – has a choleretic effect and activates the function
    liver and kidney.

Collection of plants is poured over with 1 cup of hot dill infusion (1
tablespoon of dill seeds to 1 cup boiling water) and infused in
35 to 40 minutes. Infusion must be drained, add dill
infusion up to 200 ml and use 50 – 70 ml 15 minutes before meals 4
– 5 times a day for 3 – 4 months.

Silymarin, an active ingredient isolated from milk thistle, is also
Included in some official medications (Karsil,
Hepabene, Legalon, Silymar see in detail the herbal medicine for
liver). For example, in the preparation Gepabene, produced in capsules,
silymarin is in combination with a smoky medicinal, also
обладающей гепатопротекторным, желчегонным,
противовоспалительным и мочегонным свойствами. In legal
the content of silymarin is 2 times higher than in Karsil. More about
floorезных свойствах расторопши.

Other remedies

Лечение овсом, содержащим почти floorный комплекс витаминов B,
рекомендовано при заболеваниях сердечнососудистой,
digestive, immune systems, with increased clotting
blood. Применение with fatty hepatosis отваров из цельного овсяного
grain infusions of oat stalks, oat jelly, decoctions of oat
муки с медом и так далее объясняется лиfloorитическим (split
жиров), желчегонным, противовоспалительным и нормализующим
intestinal microflora action.

High efficacy in the treatment of fatty hepatosis have
also drugs such as A-lipoic acid, Eubicor (wine
yeast and dietary fiber), Berlithion, affecting the decline
инсулинорезистентности, расщепление липидов, нормализацию
intestinal microflora, hepatoprotectors with cholelithic and
желчегонным действием на основе урсодезоксихолевой кислоты —
Ursosan, Ursofalk, Ursoliv, Livodeks, Urdoksa, Ursodez.

Fatty hepatosis is a liver damage that can
progress and move into severe liver disease. But
lifestyle changes, proper nutrition and treatment under constant
medical supervision and control of the functional state
body – this is a great chance for its full recovery.

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