Treatment of depression with feverbodies

Update: February 2019

University of Wisconsin researchers last week
laid out the results of their work in the treatment of depression. They
found such a pattern that a one-time increase in temperature
bodies способно подавить проявления депрессии и сместить их на период
about six weeks.

Our mood depends on the activity of the frontal lobe area.
Also thanks to him, we perceive pleasant smells, tastes and


This site begins to work as a result of increasing
skin temperature. Scientists believe that if a person is artificially
повышать температуру bodies, то он станет более восприимчивым к
various kinds of stress and depression, it is very similar to the action
antidepressants. During depression, a person plunges into
own world, he is plagued by various problems and he is on them
зацикливается, а благодаря повышению температуры bodies он
returns to reality.

There were quite a few wishing to participate in the experiment – 338
volunteers, but in the end only 34 people were allowed,
which showed a pronounced picture of depression – 16 points
on a special scale, it corresponds to something between
average level and maximum. 5 people could not pass
test, left the project. The rest successfully reached the finish:

  • In the first group there were 15 people (they were placed in a special
    a room where using infrared radiation artificially
    поднимали им температуру bodies вплоть до 38,5 °С).
  • In the second there were 14 people, they created similar conditions
    но температура bodies практически не менялась.

After one week, the indicators of the first group increased
5.67 points compared to the second for the better, and
the expiration of the total time (6 weeks) – by 4.83. It’s pretty
impressive results, and many of the experimental were observed
dramatic changes. And what else is interesting, the researchers are so
qualitatively imitated the process that those who were not raised
temperature, they were sure that they did it.

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