Treatment of cyst of the corpus luteum of the right and leftovary: symptoms, causes

Update: December 2018

It is accepted to attribute to functional ovarian cysts in medicine 2
types of formations – cyst of the corpus luteum and follicular cyst. it
the most common tumor formations that make up 30%
from the number of all benign tumors in the ovaries of a woman.
Moreover, the cyst of the corpus luteum of the ovary, both right and left
less common than follicular – only 5% of all non
malignant ovarian tumors.

A cyst is a cavity that is filled with fluid; it forms
from the ovarian tissue, in the place where there was a yellow body,
non-regressive by the end of the menstrual cycle. Usually such cysts
appear in girls at puberty and in women with
steady-state cycle, that is, in childbearing age. Their appearance
associated with inflammatory diseases of the appendages or hormonal
failure of a woman. Most often in the event of such a luteal cyst
a woman does not feel any symptoms, only sometimes it is possible
slight pain in the lower abdomen, failure of the menstrual cycle. To
to establish such a diagnosis is enough examination by a gynecologist and
Ultrasound, additional diagnostic methods are doppler sonography and
laparoscopy. This type of cyst can self-absorb into
two to three menstrual cycles. Only if there are
complications or a cyst does not regress, removal or
resection of the ovary.

Causes of yellow body cyst – why does it occur?

Until now, the exact causes of the yellow body cyst are not
are known. But what is directly related to
the functioning and individual characteristics of the ovaries,
indisputable. Possible causes of the cyst of the yellow body of the right
or left ovary following:

Many experts believe that the appearance of such a cyst is caused
imbalance of the pituitary hormones that control the work
ovarian and circulatory disorders in the tissues of the ovary. About all
types of ovarian cysts can be found in our article ovarian cyst
symptoms and treatment.

Risk factors for luteal cyst formation include:

  • The use of drugs for emergency contraception (Postinor,
  • Receiving means to stimulate ovulation, when before the procedure
    IVF (negative effects of IVF) or with infertility prescribed
    Clomiphene (Klostilbegit).

Not unimportant role in the formation of functional cysts play
following adverse factors:

  • Passion for a woman for various weight loss diets,
    mono diets, underweight or overweight
  • Excessive Exercise
  • Long, constant stress, mental stress
  • Harmful conditions at work
  • Sexually transmitted infections, and as a result, frequent
    salpingitis, salpingoophoritis, oophoritis
  • Artificial abortion – abortion (consequences),
    are a powerful factor in hormonal failure and cause
    emergence of cysts of the corpus luteum or follicular cyst.
  • Early onset of menstruation
  • Thyroid disease

Another theory is that the propensity to form
some cysts is laid in the body of a woman before her
of birth, that is, in utero, and then she appears at the girl in
puberty, or when favorable for
This factor – hormonal failure, inflammation of the female genital

There is also such an explanation for the increased incidence of cystic
neoplasms – many scientists believe that in recent
decades of neglect of the childbearing function is the reason
increased cyst formation in women. For centuries
women gave birth 5-8 times in their lives, that is, menstruation was
5-8 times smaller, hence the ruptures of the ovarian membranes were
less, only 35-40 menstruation. Modern woman gives birth 1-2
детей и менструаций становится в 10 раз more, а именно  300
– 400. Scientists believe that for the female body and for the ovaries in
Specifically – this stress, which they can not stand.

Also, heredity is considered not the last factor in
the development of ovarian neoplasms in women, especially

Symptoms, signs of cyst of the yellow body of the left or right

Symptoms in the formation of such a cyst, as a rule, no, her
they call it temporary because during the next menstrual cycle it
must shrink in diameter, lose shape and over the next
2 cycles disappear completely. The cyst of the yellow body has dimensions not
more than 6 – 8 centimeters, does not particularly bother a woman, however, in
During this time, the woman should be supervised by
gynecologist. In rare cases, usually with concomitant
inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs, in a woman with a cyst
желтого тела левого или правого ovary могут наблюдаться следующие

  • Soreness in the uterine appendages right or left
  • Feeling of fullness, heaviness, discomfort in the lower abdomen with
    side of neoplasm development.
  • A cyst of the corpus luteum can cause a delayed period,
    disrupt the menstrual cycle and also lead to prolonged
    menstruation that explains  uneven rejection
  • This type of cyst is often not malignized, that is, it is not
    speaks out, but there are exceptions.

Gynecological examination: palpation on the right or left of the uterus
determined elastic, movable painless or slightly
sensitive education round shape.

Very bright symptoms begin to appear only 
когда развиваются осложнения кисты желтого тела ovary:

Перекрут ножки ovary

Киста находится на поверхности ovary, и прикрепляется к нему с
using the legs. If a cyst turns around its axis,
the leg twists, disrupting the blood flow and then the woman has
very acute symptoms – severe abdominal pain, giving in
leg, lower back, nausea and vomiting possible. If torsion occurred
from the cyst of the corpus luteum in the right ovary, then the pain gives in the right
leg, if in the left, then in the left. Sometimes symptoms increase
gradually, not sharply (with a slight twist, 60 degrees
90). Поэтому женщине с кистой ovary, следует при возникновении
any discomfort, contact a gynecologist.

Разрыв кисты ovary

Разрыв кисты ovary сопровождается сильным болевым синдромом и
bleeding into the abdominal cavity. In this case, a woman has
clinical case of acute abdomen:

  • vomiting
  • acute cramping
  • tension of a stomach, delay of a chair
  • intoxication
  • irritation of the peritoneum – on palpation, sharp pain
  • positive phrenicus symptom – pain on palpation
    supraclavicular region on the affected side).

A drop in blood pressure is a sign
hemorrhagic shock, that is massive intra-abdominal

И при перекруте, и при разрыве ovary следует незамедлительно
call an ambulance, these situations require urgent
surgery because they threaten the life of a woman.

Cyst of the yellow body during pregnancy

If a yellow body cyst is found in a woman during pregnancy,
it is not a threat to the fetus, nor to the woman,
most cases it does not affect pregnancy, should
monitor her with an ultrasound. In case its size becomes
more than 5 cm and does not decrease with time, doctors will consider
surgical intervention to avoid complications. But how
правило, киста желтого тела ovary к 18-20 неделе беременности,
must be self-liquidated, at this time the function is yellow
hormone production bodies are moving completely to
formed placenta. Even in cases where a woman had
a cyst of the corpus luteum and pregnancy has come on her background she must
completely dissolve by the 20th week.

Treatment of cyst of the corpus luteum

Women with small sizes of yellow body cyst or cyst
asymptomatic, shown a three-month observation of
gynecologist, ultrasound control. The resorption process takes place over
quickly if you use the following types of conservative

Based on the analysis, history and complaints of the patient, it turns out
causes of inflammation or hormonal failure

And appropriate anti-inflammatory therapy is prescribed,
hormonal contraceptives are selected and prescribed
absorbable balneotherapy – irrigation, herbal baths,
as well as laser therapy, electrophoresis, magnetic laser therapy
(excluded any thermal physiotherapy).

Hormone therapy is prescribed only in the absence of any
whatever complications (cyst suppuration), in these cases the treatment
кисты желтого тела только одно – лапароскопия кисты ovary.

In addition, vitamin therapy is prescribed for women with excess
Weights recommend physical therapy and diet. During
conservative treatment woman should avoid any physical
loads, limit sexual activity, and not allowed
thermal effects in the lower abdomen, it can cause an increase
or rupture of a cyst of the corpus luteum:

  • No gerudotherapy
  • Physiotherapy with warming
  • Excluded mud treatments, algal and other
    wraps, they have a dangerous and warming and squeezing
  • Saunas, steam rooms, as well as sunbathing and
    better to avoid direct sunlight at all.

Surgical treatment of yellow body cyst begins after three
months after its appearance. Because by this time she should
undergo a regression or at least decrease significantly in
sizes. If this does not happen, then they resort to its operational
treatment, it is necessary because:

  • Cysts of the yellow body, due to uneven rejection
    endometrium may be risk factors for the occurrence of uterine
  • Из-за возможного перекрута или разрыва ovary — очень грозных
    complications of cysts.
  • In our time, cancer tensions should not be ruled out.
    possible risk of its transformation into a malignant tumor. And although
    the risk of transformation of a cyst into a cancerous tumor is minimal, but it is,
    as any kind of cyst can be malignant.

If surgery is indicated, the woman is not worth it.
delay with this. With timely surgery,
фолликулярный аппарат ovary травмируется минимально, more
chances that the surgery will be sparing with respect to healthy tissues
ovary. Do not wait for a cyst to inflame or occur.
break or bake. Routine Cyst Surgery
corpus luteum is usually limited to laparoscopic
вылущиванием кисты, а также ее ушиванием или резекцией ovary. AT
last resort, when complications in the form of necrotic
изменений ovary или кровотечения, в экстренном порядке
производится лапаротомия с удалением ovary.

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