Treatment of burns at home

Update: November 2018

A burn is a tissue damage caused by a high
temperature, chemicals, exposure. This is the most
common injury that you can get in everyday life. Special
This concerns thermal burns.

Probably, there is no person who has not been scalded at least once in his life.
boiling water or burned hot oil. Treatment of mild
skin burns can be carried out at home, not always necessary
run to the doctor.

Most of such damage goes away in a few days. But
need to know how to relieve pain, how to speed up healing and in what
cases still need to seek medical care.

How often do people get burns

  • Half of all cases are contact with open fire (fires,
    fire, stove flame, gasoline ignition).
  • In 20% – is scalding with boiling water or steam.
  • In 10% – this is contact with hot objects.
  • 20% – other factors (acids, alkalis, sunburn,

Every third burned is a child. Most often (in 75%
cases) burn hands and arms.Treatment of burns at home

What they are

Because of:

  • Thermal.
  • Chemical.
  • Electric.
  • Beam

I  и II степени относятся к поверхностным ожогам, при этом
only the upper layer of the skin is affected – the epidermis. When uncomplicated
for they heal, leaving no scars.

Grades III and IV are deep burns, with damage to all layers.
skin and underlying tissues. Heal with the formation of rough

What kind of burns can be treated at home

At home you can treat:

  • Burns 1 degree in adults, not exceeding 10% of the area
  • 2nd degree burns not exceeding 1% of the body.

How to determine the degree?

Burn 1 degree – is manifested by edema, redness of the skin,
soreness and sensitivity when touched
small blisters.


2 степень  характеризуется присоединением к
the above symptoms of large blisters filled

How to determine the area?

The easiest way to determine the area of ​​the burn surface
at home is a palm method. Man’s palm
taken as 1% of the total body area.

When do you need medical care?

  • Any burns if eyes, lips, ears, airways are affected,
  • A burn of 2 degrees is larger than the palm.
  • Burn 1 degree more than 10% of the body surface (for example, the entire abdomen
    or the whole hand).
  • Third and fourth degree burn (the affected area is covered
    dry crust, charring, pain may not be due to death
    nerve receptors), even small sizes.
  • The pain is uncontrollable.
  • If the wound is contaminated with earth (the need for prevention
  • Burns in children.
  • Treatment of a chemical burn is also best to trust.
    to specialists.Что делать при ожоге

How to treat burns at home

  1. Stop contact with the scorching factor. Bring down the flame on
    clothes, pull away from the fire. When burned with boiling water immediately remove
    clothing in contact with the body. Throw a hot item.
  2. Cool the burn surface. Best done under
    running water temperature of 10-18 degrees. Can be omitted
    limb in a container with water or apply a damp cloth.
    It is necessary to cool from 5 to 10 minutes, with a chemical burn, washing
    running water for up to 20 minutes (except for burnt lime).
    Cooling has an analgesic effect and also warns
    spreading the heating of healthy tissue at the border with
  3. Anesthesia. With severe pain, paracetamol can be taken
    ibuprofen, ketanov, analgin, other analgesics.
  4. Local treatment. The main goal in the treatment of burns is
    protect the surface from germs, anesthetize and speed up
    restoration of the damaged skin layer. Used simply sterile
    wipes, special wipes for burns, sprays and ointments,
    promote healing.
  5. General treatment. It will not be superfluous to reinforce
    medications as well as follow a proper diet in order to burn
    healed faster and without consequences. Recommended to increase in the diet
    amount of protein (meat, fish, dairy products), as well as vegetables and
    fruits rich in vitamins. Additionally, you can take vitamin
    C and Aevit. Recommended to drink more.

Pharmacy drugs

So, you got burned with boiling water or oil. Chilled it
appreciated that it is small and shallow, the state in general
satisfactory, can be treated at home. Worth a look into
first aid kit. Prudent and thrifty can have at least
упаковка стерильных салфеток и  Panthenol.Атрауман Ag и Бранолинд

What can I ask at the pharmacy?

  • Sterile wipes. Better atraumatic dressings that are not
    adhere to the wound and have antiseptic properties:

    • Атрауман Ag (5см х 5см 250
      руб, 10 см х 10см 530 руб),
    • Бранолинд Н (30 руб —
      100 руб),
    • Combixin and Diosept (producer Belarus).
  • Napkin with anesthetic and healing effect:
    Лиоксазин — СП или гель Лиоксазин —
    (160 rub). This dressing means – biologically
    active hydrogel with lidocaine and immobilized
  • 0,5% стерильный раствор новокаина. They can
    moisten a bandage or cloth and attach to the wound.
  • Антисептики Фурациллин (120
    руб), Мирамистин (230 rub). By them
    it is better to treat the skin with the resulting blisters before applying
  • Panthenol
    (200270 rub). Popular
    remedy for burns. Available as an aerosol or cream.
    It has anti-inflammatory and healing effects.
  • Олазоль (250 rub). Spray with
    sea ​​buckthorn oil.
  • Мазь Бепантен (440 rub).
  • Гель Солкосерил (300 rub).
    Promotes regeneration of skin cells.
  • Amprovizol. This is an aerosol that contains propolis,
    anestezol, menthol and vitamin D. It has a cooling, anesthetic
    and anti-inflammatory action.Олазоль

No need to buy everything at once, for the treatment of small burns sometimes
one sterile dressing is sufficiently lightly moistened with an antiseptic
и Panthenol. In a healthy person, everything will heal without using
additional funds. If there is no sterile bandage, you can clean
iron the fabric with a hot iron. 

How much will heal

1 degree skin burn injuries heal without
consequences for 3-4 days. There may be a slight pigmentation,
which will also disappear over time.

Лечение ожогов  2 степени с пузырями займет больше времени.
The bubble gradually collapses, the liquid dissolves. Can
it happens that the bubble burst with the formation of erosion, it requires
additional treatment with antibacterial ointments
Левомеколь (130 руб)
или Воскопран повязка с мазью левомеколь (5 х
75, см 350 руб, 10х10 см 1100
rub), Silvatsin, Dioksizol. The dressing needs to be changed every other day.
Заживает такой ожог на 10-12 день также без образования scar.

If, during the treatment process, redness, swelling, pain,
purulent discharge from the wound appears – this is evidence
infection and reason to consult a doctor.

What not to do and why

  • Lubricate the burn site with vegetable or butter,
    kefir, sour cream, creams, ointments. The fat forms a film on the wound, from
    This will make it worse to cool.
  • Treat the wound with alcohol, brilliant green, potassium permanganate. it
    irritants, they can only aggravate the damage
  • Treat the damage with vinegar or soda. The reason is the same.
  • Tear off clothing that has stuck to the wound. She just clipped
    scissors around the affected area.
  • Apply ice. It can cause severe vasospasm that
    worsen circulation and increase necrosis.
  • Treat urine. Besides the risk of infection, there is no benefit to this.
  • Self piercing bubbles. A whole bubble protects the wound.
    from infection. When opening it is formed wound
    a surface that may fester. 

Folk remedies in the treatment

Tips for the treatment of burns folk remedies set. Not
worth them all recklessly trust. But некоторые из них могут
come in handy if you get a burn far from home and a first-aid kit, or
if a person likes to be treated with natural remedies without
chemistry. “

It is known that many plants possess antiseptic
properties. Here the main principle is “do no harm”. Most
safe folk remedies:

  • Juice raw potatoes. Grate one medium potato
    grater, put gruel in cheesecloth and attach to the burned place on
    10 -15 minutes.
  • Carrot lotion. Instead of potatoes, raw carrots are rubbed,
    used in the same way as in the previous recipe.
  • Brew black or green tea with boiling water, cool to room temperature
    temperature, moisten a napkin in the brew and apply to a burn.
  • Calendula ointment. 3 tablespoons of dry calendula brew
    boiling water, let stand 15 minutes, drain. The resulting infusion
    mix with petroleum jelly in a 1: 2 ratio. Apply 2 times a day on
    burnt surface. Keep refrigerated.
  • Dry linden flowers pour boiling water (1 tablespoon per cup
    water). Insist about an hour, strain. Apply 2-3 times a day
    before drying.
  • By the same principle, you can cook a decoction of any herb or
    mixtures of herbs with anti-inflammatory action: chamomile,
    calendula, sage, succession, plantain.

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