Treatment of bronchitis at home: acute,chronic, folk remedies

Update: December 2018

Bronchitis most often begins in the program of influenza or ARVI or
as their complication, when to a runny nose and reddened throat
joins dry harassing or wet cough and if during
assist your body, quickly transfer dry cough into
wet, then bronchitis can be cured in less than 10 days.

However, in case of delayed therapy, violation of the calm
half-bed mode, or even worse – go sick to work,
acute bronchitis easily becomes chronic. More about
symptoms, signs of bronchitis in adults, read our article. ABOUT
how to treat bronchitis at home so that it does not become
prolonged or chronic, we will tell in this article.

Any treatment should be comprehensive:

  • Active fight against virus and infection
  • Improved bronchial patency, sputum thinning and
    as quickly as possible its removal
  • Elimination of provoking factors

Regimen for bronchitis

At the very beginning of the disease just need to maintain bed rest.
within 2-3 days, then you can still conduct semi-bedding 3-4 more
the day when it becomes easier, the temperature will be normal, you can
go out and take small walks in the fresh air,
better in the park, not along the highway.

It is necessary to observe mostly vegetable – cereal,
milk diet, during the period of illness the body especially needs
vitamins, it is better if these are natural vitamins – fruit and

If a person smokes, quitting smoking should occur as if
because smoking increases and provokes dry
coughing, and postponing the day of recovery, that talking about it is not even
worth it. ABOUTчень многие заядлые курильщики, думающие о своем здоровье,
quit smoking after acute bronchitis, pneumonia or
obstructive bronchitis!

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ABOUTдин из вариантов быстрого выздоровления при бронхите — скорейшее
liquefaction of sputum and its excretion from the body, and it is very simple
It is reached by plentiful warm drink. This is banal advice, but the most
correct and true, the more liquid the patient drinks
bronchitis, the faster is the dilution of sputum, and hence
release of the bronchi.

Also, when inflammation occurs during intoxication, a mass
harmful toxic substances that poison the body, and abundant
drinking up to 2-3 liters per day is a way to detoxify and
speedy recovery.

You can drink any drinks, it is best if they are
fortified with natural vitamins – dogrose broth,
raspberries, lindens, mint, chamomile tea, milk mineral honey
cocktails (mineral water without gas Borjomi, Narzan + milk +
honey). And you should refrain from strong tea and coffee, because
caffeine dehydrates the body, which is not desirable with any

With dry air, the cough is much stronger, so try
humidify the air in the room where the patient is. ABOUTптимальнее
just use for this purpose air cleaner and humidifier
of air. Daily wet cleaning is also advisable.
комнаты больного, для очищения of air.

Are antibiotics needed for bronchitis?

There are cases of very severe bronchitis with obstructive syndrome.
and respiratory failure, in such a situation is shown
hospitalization in the pulmonology department. In mild form
bronchitis, uncomplicated other pathologies, after seeking medical attention
You can treat acute bronchitis at home with various medicinal
means or means of traditional medicine.

Лечение бронхита в домашних условиях

ABOUTбычно, применять антибиотики при бронхите не целесообразно,
if it is caused by the flu virus, a cold. Strong immunity is great
copes with inflammation of the bronchi. Antimicrobial agents for
lack of appropriate changes in the blood and in the absence of
purulent sputum, can not be used for bronchitis, because they do not
only do not have anti-inflammatory and antiviral
effect, but also increase the allergization, can provoke
broncho-obstructive syndrome. But in case:

  • lasts a long time, purulent when coughing
  • or after an acute period of illness after 4-5 days suddenly
    condition worsens, a new leap of heat appears,
    при кашле выделяется гнойная sputum (желтого или зеленого цвета),
    the patient’s general condition is deteriorating

should again consult a doctor who will examine, listen
patients, send for tests and x-rays, after which he recommends
course of antibiotics aimed at destroying joined
bacterial infection. You should never start taking
antibiotics without a doctor’s recommendation. 11 rules – how to
take antibiotics.

How to quickly cure bronchitis at home

Antiviral drugs

If bronchitis occurs against the background of the flu, then for therapy you can
connect antiviral drugs. You can use drugs
interferon intranasally, that is, instillation into the nose and children, and
взрослым, применение прочих противовирусных препаратов при ABOUTРВИ и
flu today is widely advertised and recommended,
however, compelling research and evidence of their effect and
There is no security, so the decision to use them is a personal matter.

ABOUTтхаркивающие средства

To improve sputum discharge, the doctor prescribes expectorants,
муколитические  препараты, их в аптечной сети множество —
the most popular and effective among them are: Lasolvan, Ambrohexol,
Bromhexine, Herbion, herbal chest charges (which can
use in the absence of allergies to medicinal herbs). With
prolonged cough and elements of bronchial obstruction prescribed Ascoril
(Djoset, Kashnol) containing salbutamol.

At the very beginning of bronchitis, the patient usually has a prolonged
dry unproductive cough. Therefore, to facilitate the state
should take means, such as Glaucin, Libeksin, Tusupreks,
Levopront, suppress dry cough, and expectorants 
are taken later when the cough goes wet. You can also
use and combination drugs such as Sinekod –
instruction, Bronhikum, Bronholitin. For the treatment of bronchitis folk
means, with a dry cough, thermopsy, licorice,

Спустя 4 дня, как правило начинает отходить sputum, поэтому
cough suppressants should be discarded and taken
phlegm diluents:

  • Муколитики — к ним относятся  ацетилцистеин — АЦЦ,
    Mukoneks, Fluimucil, and carbocysteine ​​- Fluifort.
  • Expectorates – means that improve expectoration of sputum, then
    there is a reflex effect, they are all known
    plantain (Gerbion), ivy leaves (Prospan), marsh, thyme,
    anise drops, and also Chest collecting.
  • Mukokinetic – means to facilitate the promotion of sputum,
    for example, Bromhexine. Such popular medicines as
    Lasolvan (Ambroxol tablets), Ambrobene, in addition, possess and
    the ability to thin the sputum, making it not so viscous, easy
    remove it from the body.


ABOUTчень эффективно лечение бронхита проводить с помощью различных
inhalation. If you want to quickly cure bronchitis, then by all means
worth doing inhalation. Just first make sure there is no high
temperature and palpitations.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis folk remediesRecipes
for steam inhalation with bronchitis a lot – this is both saline and soda
solutions, and essential oils of eucalyptus, pine, myty, herbal,
inhalation of phytoncides, which are rich in essential oils of garlic,
rosemary – reduce cough tremors and facilitate the process
coughing up ABOUTднако не редко на эфирные масла и лекарственные
herbs cause allergic reactions and therefore prone to allergies
people (pollinosis) better not to risk and avoid using
various herbs and essential oils.

Also for those who have a home inhaler, you can hold
inhalation with bronchitis nebulizer with Lasolvanom, Ambrobene, etc.
special medicinal solutions designed to
improve the release of bronchus from sputum.

In case of obstructive bronchitis in children or adults
An effective bronchodilator is the drug Berodual,
for inhalation special solutions are available.

Massage, breathing exercises

Always efficiently and quickly helps to cope practically with
all diseases – massage, with bronchitis it can only be done
in the case of normalization of body temperature, you can do it
independently, with the help of various massagers, applicator
Kuznetsova, or vibration massage. Today various
types of massagers are many, so you can buy any of
of them.

After the acute period of inflammation is over and there will be
only residual phenomena in the form of a rare cough, you can start doing
therapeutic breathing exercises, for example, Strelnikova.
Women can try simple exercises from
Bodyflex breathing exercises that strengthen not only
respiratory system, but also normalizes metabolism and contributes
weight loss

On the recommendation of a doctor, you can also undergo a course of physiotherapy.

Oddly enough, but old proven tools are forgotten.
modern man, and methods such as banks, mustard plaster,
warming compresses are rarely used by humans. But this
safe and very effective procedures.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis folk remedies

Every family has grandmothers and great-grandmothers who used to treat.
all diseases, exclusively folk remedies. Among all the methods
treatment of chronic bronchitis folk remedies we will tell about
most simple and accessible to everyone:

Radish honey

ABOUTчень старинный и действенный рецепт — это редька, в ней
a small depression is made in which a teaspoon is put
honey After a while, the radish gives juice and you can
use 3 times a day. This is a good way to relieve cough,
if there is no allergy to honey.

Chamomile, St. John’s wort, sage, calendula, calamus

Medicinal herbs like chamomile, St. John’s wort, sage, calamus,
calendula have anti-inflammatory properties and
no allergies, you can make infusions – enough 1 tbsp. spoons on
a glass of boiling water, insist for an hour and drink 3 p / day.

Garlic, dill, butter

Sandwiches with garlic, dill and butter – for
cooking such a sandwich should take 5 cloves of garlic,
squeeze through the garlic press, mix with butter 100 gr.,
You can add finely chopped dill or parsley. Eat such
sandwich 3 times a day.

Medicinal plants

  • Plantain has always been valued by folk healers for its excellent
    expectorant properties. Therefore, for the treatment of bronchitis can be bought
    plantain leaves, 4 tbsp. chop the spoons of leaves
    half a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 4 hours, strain and drink
    this amount during the day.
  • Medicinal plants such as thyme, eucalyptus, pine buds,
    cumin, St. John’s wort, fennel have an expectorant effect, therefore
    they can also be made infusions and inhalations.
  • Improve immunity in chronic bronchitis help such
    medicinal plants like decoctions of plantain, yarrow,
    violets, Althea roots, Mother and Machichi.
  • Withем натурального мумие, настойки эхинацеи, сиропа корня
    licorice also contributes to increased immunity.
  • ABOUTтвары из петрушки, можжевельника, хвоща, березы, листьев
    cowberries. These remedies are not direct methods of treating acute
    bronchitis at home, but it helps a lot to strengthen the body and
    get well soon.


To relieve symptoms of intoxication during viral and infectious
diseases to quickly remove toxins from the body
use of pharmaceuticals and sorbents – Polysorb, Enterosgel,
Filtrum STI, Polyphepanum and others, but they should be taken in
gaps between taking medicines and food, better
only once a day at night, 2 hours after the last dose
food and medicine and a short course.

Psychological attitude

It is possible that many will seem strange and unacceptable, but
psychological, emotional, positive attitude towards recovery
always very important, especially in chronic
diseases. Belief in healing – gives the brain a very strong
push to enhance the struggle of the organism with the disease. Daily
reading positive moods that you can do for yourself
invent, pronouncing affirmations, self-hypnosis lessons,
meditation – can help more than some medicinal
facilities. The main thing to believe that it works, to believe in the power
your body and the disease will go away.

Juice therapy

Juice therapy давно считается мощнейшим способом оздоровления
the whole body. ABOUTсобенно полезны овощные соки:

  • Beet juice is considered the most effective juice
    cleansing the blood of toxins, it helps to normalize the composition
    blood count increases platelet count, the only condition
    its reception is that you can not drink fresh juice, first
    Raw beets are grated, squeezed juice, and then put in
    refrigerator, after 3-4 hours you can drink it.
  • Carrot juice – a lot of beet juice is not recommended to drink,
    no more than 100 ml., it is better to dilute it also useful carrot
    fresh juice. It is both delicious and extremely healthy.
  • Lingonberry juice – helps very well for the discharge
  • Cabbage juice is freshly squeezed, drinking is not very pleasant, but if
    add a little sugar, then as an expectorant it is very
    effective. In addition, cabbage juice helps with diseases

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