Treatment of all types of lichen in humans


  • Types of depriving a person
  • Treatment of pink lichen in humans
  • Ringworm treatment
  • Treatment for scaly, multi-colored lichen in a person
  • Treatment of lichen edema in humans
  • Shingles и его лечение

Deprive is a highly contagious human skin disease. Under this
the name unites the whole complex of various pathological
inflammation of the skin, the causative agents of which act
fungi, viruses. Causes and pathogens
Some species of lichens still remain only theoretical
conjectures. Only the occurrence of ringworm in a person
proved by the introduction of 2 types of fungi in the skin. Also
convincingly and justified that the occurrence of shingles
associated with herpes infection. Because each species has
different origins, respectively, and depriving a person of the treatment
each type is different and aimed at fighting the specific
pathogen – a certain type of fungus or a virus. To
differentiate any skin disease should be addressed to
a dermatologist, who either diagnoses on the basis of an examination,
or you will need to pass scraping from the damaged area to
bacterial analysis. And only after clarifying the diagnosis,
establish the severity, depth of damage, duration of the disease,
taking into account age and associated diseases, the doctor will prescribe
appropriate treatment for lichen.

Types of depriving a person

A person can develop the following types of lichen:

  • Pink lichen

its pathogen is not yet known, it is believed that its
the occurrence is associated with herpinfection, usually occurs when
weakened body, manifested in the form of pink or reddish spots
with peeling. This type of lichen should not be actively treated, after 1.5,
maximum 2 months of lichen self passes.

Pink lichen, как практически все лишаи, аллергические реакции
and other skin diseases at the very beginning appear pink
spots on the skin, which at first are most often solitary, and
then spread and become more numerous
(scaly, ringing, shingles, lichen planus).
You can not engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment, install
I am diagnosed according to the photo and description of the disease. Only a dermatologist can
differentiate the type of skin lesion, and first of all
contact a specialist. Since the treatment of all types of lichen is very
different and should be appointed only by a dermatologist.

  • Ringworm, microsporia, smooth skin trichophytosis or

pathogen are fungi, one type of which is transmitted from
animals, the other occurs only in humans.

  • Chug, colored, multi-colored versicolor

it’s also a fungal disease, a solar fungus, its
Microsporon furfur is pathogenic – pathogenic filamentous
fungus. The peculiarity of this type of fungus is color change
affected skin after sunburn, from dark to discolored, without
treatment in winter is the reverse color change.

  • Shingles, герпес

the most studied type of lichen, the causative agent of which is a virus
herpes Zoster, a characteristic feature of which is
intense pain during the progression of the disease.

  • Red lichen planus

Little studied the origin of this type of depriving a person. Treatment
also considered quite complicated. It is assumed that different
neurogenic, metabolic disorders in the body in response to physical
or chemical factors may trigger activation
some kind of virus in the body.

Before starting treatment with depriving ointments, creams, sprays
or different solutions, you should know exactly what kind of
depriving a person whose treatment with an incorrect diagnosis can
lead to a deterioration of the condition, the development of eczema or depriving
in a chronic, difficult to treat form.

Be especially careful about using
all kinds of hormonal ointments, because with fungal and viral
Deprivation is a great evil, they are excellent at first
help and then worsen the condition and lead to chronic
the course of the disease. A complete list of all hormonal ointments from
psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies, as well as read about the dangers of their
use is possible on our website.

The table shows the types of depriving a person, their short
description and basic principles of therapy.

Description and treatment  How does deprive a person – photo

 Pink lichen у человека фото лечение Pink lichen —
lichen giber

Pathogen – unknown, presumably arises from the influence
virus, as the body’s reaction to hypothermia, occurs when
nervous breakdown, after prolonged stress and having flu,

  • The onset of this disease is very similar to the scaly (color,
    multicolored) versicolor. Therefore, to establish the diagnosis necessarily
    consult a dermatologist.
  • First a large pink spot appears, which
    accompanied by itching, peeling of the skin.
  • After 1-2 weeks the number of spots increases, can
    appear in different parts of the body, but most often on the body.
  • On the face, neck, hands and legs extremely rare it
    distinguishes it from ringworm, ringworm.

Treatment: Проходит самостоятельно в течение 6-8 недель.
The use of hormonal ointments and creams is unacceptable

Стригущий лишай, микроспория, трихофития, dermatomycosis волос,
nail smooth skin

Стригущий лишай лечение This is a fungal disease,
the causative agent of which are 2 types of fungi – Trichophytosis and

  • If the hair part of the head is affected, then first appear
    foci of circular shape, which breaks off hair.
  • Kosha peels off, whitish, gray scales are formed, along the edges
    spots can form bubbles that burst forming
    yellow crusts.
  • With ringworm on the skin of a person without hair
    at first, a spot with very clear edges is formed, forming
    the roller, in the center lighter color, inside the stain peels off.
  • As the disease progresses, multiple
    pockets of lichen.

Treatment: Состоит из местного использования противогрибковых
drugs, in severe cases, it is shown and the use of oral
antimycotics. The use of hormonal ointments is not desirable, only
in rare severe cases, their use is possible.

  Pityriasis versicolor, color, multi-colored

Разноцветный лишай фото Also является грибковым
disease, chronic, recurrent. Even after treatment, in
further he may give relapses.

  • First, various spots appear asymmetrical, with uneven
    edges, different shades – brown, yellow, pink. therefore
    Often this patient is confused with Gibert’s pink lichen.
  • It is usually localized on the back, abdomen, neck. Stains not
    rise above the skin, and just the skin changes the pigmentation.
  • Spots flake periodically and a person may experience
    slight itching

Treatment заключается в использовании противогрибковых средств и
exposure to ultraviolet rays – tan, UV. Can not be applied
hormonal ointment.

 Shingles, герпес Зостер

Опоясывающий герпес у человека Viral disease
occurs with a sharp decrease in immunity. It is characterized by 3
stage of development of skin lesions:

  • First, a person experiences the symptoms of a viral lesion.
    intoxication, fever, weakness, pain along the way
    nerves, where there will be rashes, increase
    The lymph nodes.
  • The period of rash – pink spots appear 2-5 mm, on
    the next day in their place are bubbles that burst,
    converted into crusts. In this case, a wave-like flow occurs.
    diseases, while crusts dry up from the first wave of rashes,
    a new wave of bubbles appears, girdling the body.
  • Sometimes with a neurological course of the disease, a rash on
    the skin is missing, and the person is only worried about intense pain,
    which is called herpetic neuralgia.

Treatment основано на использовании противовирусных,
antiherpetic drugs, both local and oral,
strengthening immunity, vitamin therapy.  Absolutely not
использовать hormonal ointment.

  Red lichen planus

Treatment красного лишая

  • The rash in this lichen is characterized by fairly small papules.
    with a flat surface.
  • The color of the rash is red with shades from crimson to lilac.
  • Most often localized on the flexor surfaces of the arms and legs,
    on the inner thighs, neither face, nor palms, nor feet,
    This deprive head does not strike.
  • Often occurs on the mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals – in
    in the form of gray or pink tubercles.
  • Red lichen planus сопровождается интенсивным зудом. On
    areas of violation of the skin from scratching, abrasions, scratches
    new rashes appear.
  • Sometimes it manifests as a warty rash, ring-shaped,
    erosive and ulcerative.

Treatment: Поскольку в основе возникновения красного плоского
deprived are metabolic disorders, neurotic and
immunological disruptions, the treatment is to use
antibiotics, sedatives, antihistamines,
vitamin therapy, immunomodulatory treatment. Hormonal drugs
It is permissible to use only as directed and supervised by a physician.

Treatment of pink lichen in humans

Onиболее подробно о симптомах и лечении розового лишая можно
почитать в нашей article. This kind of depriving a person does not require
special treatment because the body’s immune cells themselves must
cope with it. However, to cure as quickly as possible
without complications should follow the following recommendations:

  • Since some patients have a slight itch,
    if he appears and worries, you can take antihistamines
    drugs – a complete list of allergy pills.
  • If possible, avoid bathing and getting wet
    the skin at the site of the lesion, because the fungus spreads through the body with
    using water. After the shower, do not wipe with a towel, but only
    promakivat body. Do not use soap and washcloth for
    affected areas.
  • Also нельзя в период болезни носить синтетическое белье и
  • UV rays, exposure to sunlight affects the skin,
    therefore, it should be avoided. Do not engage in illness
    active sports and exercise, it provokes
    excessive sweating that irritates the skin and causes itching.
  • It is better to adhere to a hypoallergenic diet, exclude
  • Cannot be used for topical treatment of pink depriving
    hormonal ointments, and also not desirable during the disease
    apply any cosmetics.
  • Skin can be treated to avoid infection.
    antiseptics, because the skin with this lichen is very dry, its
    should be lubricated with oils – peach, sea buckthorn, etc. 
    You can not use iodine, salicylic acid, it can worsen
    condition, lead to burns and eczema.

Ringworm treatment

Since the causative agent of this type of depriving a person is fungi,
then for the treatment of ringworm it is necessary to use local
antifungal drugs as well as oral intake
antiimikotik inside.

An active antifungal agent for microsporia and trichophytia
is Griziofulvin, it should be taken at least 20 days,
weekly scraping for bacteriological examination.
Dosage, treatment prescribed by the doctor, depending on the degree
severity of defeat deprivation. Local treatment is also prescribed.
doctor, it can be any antifungal agents in the form of ointment,
creams, sprays, shampoos containing terbinafine, clotrimazole,
Mikoseptin, Ketoconazole. When treating ringworm in humans
iodine should be used to treat affected skin as well
sulfur-tart ointment. In more detail about the treatment of ringworm in
human read in our article.

Treatment for scaly, multi-colored lichen in a person

Licolor versicolor treats well with ultraviolet
rays, so in the summer you should sunbathe, while
discoloration of the affected areas occurs, which persists
for several months.

As well as for ringworm for the treatment of chubbre
in humans, oral antimycotic agents are used –
Ламизил (Брмизил, Тербинокс, Тербизил  и пр. средства с
active ingredient terbinafine), Nizoral – (Fungavis, Mykozoral and
pr. with the active substance Ketoconazole), Orungal – (Rumikoz,
Irunin, Itrazol, etc., with the active ingredient Itraconazole).

Among the local antifungal agents allocate Mikospor,
Bifosin, as well as various shampoos, ointments, solutions, creams with
Clotrimazole and Nizoral.

Effectively also salicylic lotion with chamomile. Better to apply
сложные рецептурные препараты, такие как  молочко
, который делают по рецепту в аптеках. Part
Vidal milk includes – salicylic acid, camphor, alcohol, boric
acid, glycerin, and lotion with sulfur, the recipe for its manufacture
doctor prescribes.

Еще существует рецептурная паста Лассара,
which has a drying and anti-inflammatory effect, in
its composition includes – starch, salicylic acid, petrolatum, oxide

Read more about the symptoms and treatment of lichen deprivation, read our

Treatment of lichen edema in humans

During the progression of the disease, the doctor may prescribe
antibiotics – macrolides, tetracyclines, aminoglycosides

If a patient has neurotic reactions, then
take sedatives – bromine, valerian, in heavy
cases of possible use of tranquilizers.

Vitamin therapy – nicotinic acid, vitamin C, B6, B12, A,

In rare cases, low-dose therapy is indicated.
glucocorticoids, as well as non-hormonal anabolic drugs,
immunostimulants – methyluracil, phytin, potassium orotate.

As an external treatment for lichen edema in humans, if itching
becomes very intense should use alcohol wiping
with menthol, anesthesin, timol, and then apply ointment with
antibiotics and hormones (dermozolon, lorinden C, oxycort,
hyoxysone). In addition, pastes with tar, resorcinol,
gray, ichthyol.

With the localization of lichen edema on the mucous membranes, the doctor
may prescribe rinsing soda solution 2%, treatment solution
меди сульфата и масляными аппликациями витаминов А, E.

Also, treatment of depriving a person of this species is effective with the help
Radon and hydrosulphuric baths in Pyatigorsk health centers,
Sernovodsk, Sochi.


This type of herpes infection is called lichen, although
Herpes Zoster is the causative agent of this skin disease.
which causes children to have chickenpox, and in adults with a weakening
immunity is manifested by herpes zoster. Very detailed about
This type of skin lesion can be found in our articles: Treatment
герпеса на теле, Shingles: симптомы, лечение,
Shingles: причины возникновения.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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