Treatment and effects of left and right strokeparties

Update: November 2018

Among neurological diseases, stroke is considered the most
the main social and medical problem, according to statistics every year
stroke affects nearly 6 million people worldwide. This ailment
dangerous because most stroke patients remain
disabled people of varying severity. Что такое инсульт левой parties
полушария, правой parties, каковы симптомы поражения мозга, чем
different left and right stroke, how to have
first aid to the victim – this can be found in this

A stroke is a sudden brain damage that
occurs either when a cerebral vessel is occluded, or when
cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, there is a corresponding
ischemic stroke classification – when occurs
pinching, blockage of blood vessels and hemorrhagic – hemorrhage at
rupture of the vessel. As a rule, both types of stroke do not develop without
appropriate pathologies that provoke a similar clinical
picture, namely the stroke occurs in individuals with hypertensive
disease, with various heart conditions, with cerebral
atherosclerosis (see symptoms and treatment of vascular atherosclerosis

General symptoms of stroke and left-sided, and
right sided

Learn more about the atypical first signs of stroke in women.
can learn from our article.

Cerebral disorders:

  • The precursor of a stroke is intense headache
    which arises without cause, suddenly, or at a jump
    blood pressure, or after a serious physical
    overwork, severe stress.
  • Headache may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
  • Dizziness, tinnitus
  • Sharp loss of consciousness or partial impairment of consciousness, loss
    orientation in space, in time, while occurring
    various behavioral changes.
  • Visual impairment from a slight decrease to a complete loss

Vegetative disorders:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Feeling hot, dry mouth
  • Heartbeat

Focal disorders:

these symptoms of stroke depend on the site where
brain stroke occurred – in the left side or the right. Wherein
a person experiences weakness, numbness of one part of the body, or
limbs, this is manifested, as a rule, by the hanging of one arm or
legs. Most often, the defeat of one part of the body is manifested in the defeat
right or left side of the face and the corresponding arm.

With the defeat of the right hemisphere of the brain, the left side is paralyzed.
тела, и, наоборот, при инсульте левой parties, парализуется правая
part of the body.

Why is this happening? The most complex and important organ in the body
human is definitely the brain, which has two hemispheres,
whose functions are different. Wherein человеческий мозг создан таким
the way that impulses from the left hemisphere control
right side of the body and vice versa. Therefore, sensitivity disorders
one side of the body with a stroke depends on what part
the brain has been subjected to ischemic attack or in which hemisphere
hemorrhage occurred.


The left hemisphere is responsible for the logic and speech of a person, and the right
hemisphere – for emotions, feelings, creativity, perception of the environment.
Therefore, the analysis of new information occurs in the left, and the synthesis is already
familiar information in the right hemisphere.

Left brain Right brain
  • Language skills, speech control, writing skills,
    to read.
  • Memory for numbers, names, mathematical symbols, ability to
    math, logic.
  • The processing of the information received by the left hemisphere occurs
    logical, step by step.
  • Information processing is not in words, but in images.
  • Dreams and fantasies.
  • Ability to music, visual arts.
  • Processing the information received or the problem is dealt with in
    whole without analysis.

Последствия инсульта левой parties полушария мозга

Left-brain stroke occurs more often than the right-sided stroke, on its
the proportion accounts for 57% of all clinical cases of the disease. AND
since the left hemisphere performs a speech and logical function,
то при инсульте левой parties кроме парализации правой части тела,
The very first violation is language and speech problems:
ANDнсульт левая сторона

  • Speech disorders, slurred and unclear pronunciation, misunderstanding
    heard speech, a person can only express words
    or a set of sounds – this applies only to right-handers (for left-handers, all
    vice versa).
  • With left-sided stroke, the right can be paralyzed.
    сторона лица, или произойти правосторонний паралич руки, legs.
  • A person can not normally read, write, violated
  • Voice memory loss occurs
  • Gradually, a person closes himself, as if into himself, because
    limited communication with others.

Последствия инсульта правой parties полушария

Speech abnormalities are the brightest, easily recognizable symptoms.
stroke that is absent in the right hemisphere
most patients, the exception is left-handed. According to
some studies to determine the effect of the affected area
brain on the speed of diagnosis, experts came to conclude
что при инсульте правой parties мозга диагноз устанавливается
значительно позже, чем при инсульте левой parties, когда у пациента
bright clinical picture of speech disorders.

Therefore, persons with left brain hemorrhage are much faster.
seek medical help and receive timely treatment,
than those patients who have no speech abnormalities. Wherein, чаще
all time to provide first emergency assistance (first 3 hours
after the first signs of a stroke) is missed, a greater number
brain cells die off, which sometimes can not be restored.
Последствия инсульта правой parties мозга следующие:

  • При правополушарном инсульте возможна парализация левой parties
    лица, левосторонний паралич  руки, legs.
  • Violations of sensations, perceptions, for example, a person can
    seem to have a lot of paralyzed legs and arms, or vice versa
    there is a feeling of alienation of the body, that the arms or legs are not his.
  • A person may not remember what he did.
  • The perceptions and sensations of everything that a person sees and
    hears, sometimes patients find it difficult to estimate size, distance,
    to orient in space, patients may dress incorrectly
    clothes and shoes.
  • Often these patients develop depression, mental

First aid for stroke before the arrival of an ambulance

  • Call for an ambulance, and you should clearly explain everything
    what happened to man The patient needs the help of a doctor.
    neurologist, so from how the dispatcher understands what happened to
    man depends the team that needs to come for
  • Raise the head of the victim at 30 degrees from the level
    body, you can put clothes or a blanket under your head.
  • It is necessary to ensure the flow of fresh air into the room and
    loosen breath-tight clothing — belts, belts, collars. AT
    If vomiting occurs, put the patient on his side, after that
    should help him clean his mouth or rinse if he is in
    able to do it.
  • ANDзмерить артериальное давление и записать результат.

From the speed of first aid in stroke
depends not just the duration and complexity of further
rehabilitation of the victim, but even a person’s life. Very important
recognize symptoms of a stroke as early as possible and provide adequate
pre-medical and then inpatient medical care –
drug or surgical.

Лечение инсульта правой и левой parties

With hemorrhagic stroke, with hemorrhage often
immediate surgery is required and for life
the patient is responsible neurosurgeons. ANDногда и при
Ischemic stroke also requires prompt care,
in which doctors manage to restore blood flow by
removal of sclerotic plaques, blood clots.

If blood circulation was insignificant and did not occur
too extensive brain cell death in ischemic stroke,
the patient can hope for an almost complete recovery. For this
should be carried out adequate conservative and rehabilitation
treatment of stroke (see rehabilitation after stroke).

ANDшемический инсульт

  • Thrombolytics – apply no later than 3 hours from the start.
  • Anticoagulants – direct (heparin, nadroparin (fraksiparin),
    dalteparin (fragmin), enoxiparin (clexane), and indirect, which
    appointed only after 14-21 days from the onset of ischemic stroke
    (ATарфарин, синкумар, неодикумарин) см. список антикоагулянтов.
  • Disaggregant – acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin-cardio,
    ThromboASS, aspilate), if there is intolerance, then –
    clopidogrel, ticlopidine, dipyridomol.
  • ATазоактивные препараты — трентал, курантил, пентоксифиллин,
  • Low molecular weight dextrans – reomacrodex, reopolyglukine.
  • Antihypertensives – are used with increased blood pressure, more than 180/105
    mm Hg, ACE inhibitors (enalapril, captopril), or blockers
    calcium channel (nicardipine) (see drugs to reduce
  • Neuroprotectors – have a low level of evidence
    effects, but still apply (glutamate antagonists
    (препараты магния), ноотропы (церебролизин, пирацетам), ANDнгибиторы
    glutamate (glycine, Semax), Antioxidants (vitamin E,

Hemorrhagic stroke

  • Гипотензивные — ANDнгибиторы АПФ, блокаторы кальциевых каналов —
    with hypertension.
  • Dextrans – used for hypotension and need
    replenishment BCC,
  • Effectively surgical treatment used previously
    Vicasol, calcium chloride, epsilon-aminocaproic acid,
    fibrinogen, ditsinon, now do not apply due to lack of
    evidence base.

Для реабилитации после инсульта левой или правой parties показан
massage and manual therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy,
physiotherapy, acupuncture, breathing exercises, dietary
food, hirudotherapy. Among the means of traditional medicine can
highlight the use of infusion or decoction of pine cones when

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