Transformers strollers 2 in 1: features of wheelchairsand selection rules

Baby stroller is an extremely important attribute to help
parents provide full care for a small child,
which is unthinkable without regular walks in the fresh air. To
walks brought the maximum benefit to the baby, the stroller should
protect it from the effects of adverse natural factors:
strong wind, direct sunlight, rain and snow, as well as
should be comfortable, functional and safe.

The content of the article

  • 1 What is a 2 in 1 transformer stroller?
    • 1.1 What are the differences of transformers from the strollers of other models?
    • 1.2 Benefits of transformers 2 in 1
    • 1.3 Disadvantages
    • 1.4 Popular models
  • 2 Rules of choice
    • 2.1 Typical reviews


The stroller should be safe and comfortable for the child, namely
therefore, the choice of this vehicle must be approached with
great responsibility and understanding. In a huge assortment
baby strollers produced by modern manufacturers, large
Transformers 2 in 1 models are popular.

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strollers – the main types of strollers 

What is a transformer stroller 2 in 1?

Transformers are universal strollers,
designed for long-term (from the moment of birth of the baby to his
three years) operation. Thanks to the design features, they
easily transformed, turning it into a cradle for newborns,
то в прогулочную коляску для уже подросших малышей

Depending on the type of transformation (minimum and more
complex) transforming carriages can be divided into two

  1. In wheelchairs with minimal transformation, the process of reincarnation
    walking option in the cradle for a newborn is that
    that the back is given a horizontal position, and on top of that
    the base is put an envelope-carrying with a hard bottom (clamps and
    there are no latches on it, since the high bumpers of the stroller
    securely hold it inside).
  2. In wheelchairs with complicated transformation this process requires
    mounting additional parts that make up the bedroom
    a place. Considering that they are attached with lightning and buttons,
    the operation is performed in minutes.

Due to the fact that the package includes transformer stroller
volume hood, mosquito net, rain cover and waterproof case,
protects your baby from wind and cold, it can be used to
прогулок с ребенком в любое время года.

What is the difference between transformers and strollers of other models?

  • High-quality transforming strollers are performed so
    neatly, that when folded into bed, they are practically
    indistinguishable from the classic wheelchairs designed for
    babies of the first months of life.

What is a pushchair? This is a spacious basket with high (not
less than thirty centimeters) sides, deep folding hood
and hard bottom, put on a high wheel design,
equipped with a shock-absorbing system, mitigating shocks, inevitable
during the movement of the stroller.


Универсальная коляска трансформер 2 в 1

Главное отличие трансформера от коляски-люльки состоит в
that he easily transformed into a stroller. it
allows you to operate it for at least three
. From a pushchair that does not have such
opportunities, parents refuse as soon as the child learns
sit well

  • Transformer 2 in 1 is often confused with a stroller 3 in 1 (more
    called modular strollers). And transformers 2 in 1, and strollers 3 in
    1 belong to the universal type. Despite some external
    similarity, it is – completely different designs. In the package
    3 in 1 strollers come in three ready blocks at once: a berth,
    armchair and car seat (portable).

If the 2 in 1 transformer turns into a cradle or
stroller by modifying a single base unit,
then for the transformation of the universal (modular) stroller one
the finished unit, removed from the wheel base, is simply replaced
to others.
Through the use of modern technology, this
the operation is so simple that replacing the block is done in
few seconds.

Another important point concerns the design of the handle. AT
transformers it is a flip. AT зависимости от погодных
conditions mother walking with a baby can easily throw
ручку и посадить ребенка лицом к себе или развернуть в
the opposite side giving him the opportunity to observe
happening around.

Модульная коляска 3 в 1 коляска тоже предусматривает
the possibility of different planting of the child relative to the person carrying
the stroller, however, for this you have to remove the walking block and
set it in the right direction, which is not very convenient during

Универсальная модульная коляка 3 в 1

Универсальная модульная коляка 3 в 1

AT отличие от универсальной модульной коляски 3 в 1,
one-piece frame which maintains the same position,
2 in 1 transformer folds perfectly, it can be placed in
багажник автомобиля или войти с ним в салон автобуса
, если
you need to go with the baby to the remote part cities.

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Advantages of transforming carriages 2 in 1

  • Long service life. Transforming strollers are beautiful
    coping with the transportation of babies from the first days of their lives
    up to the age of three;
  • Thanks to several seating positions, the transformer allows
    child to take any comfortable posture for him (including
    almost horizontal position of the body), making the walk pleasant, and
    sleep – long;
  • The seat is equipped with reliable seat belts with
    soft shoulder pads that securely hold the baby inside
  • Some models of transformers 2 in 1 wheelchairs have two
    set of removable wheels. One set (with small wheels
    size) designed for walking on a smooth asphalt
    coating; the other – with inflatable rubber wheels – is indispensable for
    movement on dirt and snow-covered paths;
  • The design of the hood, as well as the presence of a number
    additional protective equipment (mosquito net, rain coat,
    waterproof cover for legs) allows you to securely cover the baby from
    exposure to adverse natural factors and all types
    precipitation. Having a flip handle makes the pram still
    more convenient and reliable. Designers have provided the opportunity
    adjust the height of the handle. it представляет удобство для семей,
    members of which have a significant difference in growth;
  • AT сложенном виде коляска занимает совсем немного места.


  • Collective basket construction in some models is
    the reason why walking in the winter months is
    additionally to warm;
  • Wheelchair depreciation system of this type is more
    tough than classic cradles. it снижает их проходимость
    and maneuverability;
  • Large weight (15-20 kg) makes some parents choose
    another type of stroller;
  • ATысокая стоимость делает трансформер недоступным для семей с
    low income.

Popular models

  • �”Hauck”. Transformers 2 in 1 German company
    �”Hauck” with excellent maneuverability due to large
    inflatable wheels, designed for almost four years
    operation. Sophisticated cushioning system provides stroller
    smooth ride Brakes are located on both sides of the front wheels.
    The width of the seat does not constrain even a child dressed in bulk
    winter clothes.
Коляска Hauck Arctica 2 в 1

Коляска Hauck Arctica 2 в 1
  • «Cam». Strollers of the Italian company “Cam”,
    meeting all safety requirements, very functional and
    comfortable for the baby. Their design provides four provisions.
    back and two – for the foot stand. If desired, they can carry
    even five year olds.
CAM Dinamico Combi (2 в 1)

CAM Dinamico Combi (2 в 1)
  • «Baby Care». Polish Transformers 2 in 1 marks
    Baby Care, endowed with all the advantages of strollers of this type,
    differ in a special cosiness and a spacious berth. Cradle
    well insulated, and a deep hood with a visor will reliably protect
    crumbs from the bright sunlight, cold and bad weather.
Baby Care

Baby Care

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Happy Baby Ultra 2 в 1

Happy Baby Ultra 2 в 1
tutis zippy 2 в 1

tutis zippy 2 в 1
Tako laret 2 в 1

Tako laret 2 в 1

Правила выбора

ATыбирая коляску-трансформер 2 в 1, прежде всего
It is necessary to pay attention to:

  • ATес. After receiving information about the mass from the seller
    vending model should be right in the store to try it
    lift, ride through the trading room. After this test you can
    will draw the first conclusions about whether you can
    vehicle. AT момент оценки своих физических
    Opportunities should be considered a few more circumstances: floor, on
    which will need to raise the stroller; is there a possibility
    leave her in the stairwell at least until her husband returns home; Availability
    elevator (as well as its size and reliability);
  • Frame material. The most durable are
    steel, reliable – cross. From plastic
    желательно отказаться;
  • ATеличину колес. When choosing a stroller follows
    know that the best cross have large wheels
    size: they are not afraid and poorly cleaned (the most difficult time
    for walks with the baby is the period of late autumn, winter and early
    spring), and a bumpy road. Small wheels (besides, they
    will be tied up in slush or in snow all the time) are afraid of strong
    shaking Fast enough, they will begin to creak and loosen.
    Before you go to the store, you need to make measurements of the width
    doorways in the elevator and in his apartment and compare the resulting
    result with wheelbase width. ATозможно, понравившаяся модель
    will not fit into the dimensions of your home;
  • Wheel material. Rubber wheels are good for
    application in the warm season. Due to their excellent depreciation
    the stroller will roll smoothly without causing the slightest to the baby
    discomfort. AT зимнее же время они начнут увязать в снегу, в то
    while the plastic wheels pass over it without any difficulty. ABOUT
    wheel replacements can be consulted with the seller;
  • Depreciation system. Preference should be
    give the wheelchair the basket of which suspended not on the springs, but on
    belts. Due to soft suspension, maneuverability is improved.
    vehicle: it is easier to turn overcoming curbs
    and all sorts of elevation;
  • The presence of a portable cradle. With her help
    you can get a sleeping asleep out of the stroller and bring it into the apartment, not
    interrupting his sleep. ABOUTтправившись в гости с малышом, можно не
    worry about where he will sleep when tired. Thanks
    the cradle, increasing the thickness of the stroller walls, the crumbs will be
    much warmer during a winter walk;
  • Handle design. It is better to choose models
    having a height adjuster: Transformers strollers usually have more
    low landing, so high parents will not be difficult
    increase the length of the handle.

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Typical reviews

Анна:Я в восторге от нашей коляски Рико
Driver. I use it for almost two years. Despite the solid
dimensions, heavy weight and the difficulty of entering the elevator this stroller
provided my baby maximum comfort. It is warm in winter and
spacious even in volumetric overalls, and in the summer the baby is safely covered
from rain and invulnerable to mosquitoes. On cross (through curbs,
dirt, drifts and sand) I can compare it with the present

ATячеслав:Хочу рассказать о коляске Хэппи Беби
Ultra. AT целом неплохая модель: не слишком тяжелая, довольно
maneuverable, with it it is easy to leave the entrance. For a walk through
smooth asphalt it is very good, can not be said about the way to the mountain on
road dotted with knolls and pits. Front wheels while
unfold across, then continue to move
not so easy.

Светлана:ABOUTчень довольна коляской Беби Мерк:
stylish, comfortable, trouble-free. Each mechanism works without
complaints ABOUTчень нравится дизайн.

Алла: Свою коляску ATерди Макс я считаю
perfect and can not find a single flaw. Beautiful
maneuverable, comfortable, functional. Thanks большим колесам она
perfectly overcomes any obstacles. It’s safe to baby
very cozy. Recomend for everybody.

Галина:ABOUT трансформере марки Маримекс Росс у
I got a good impression. Pros: good cross,
space for the baby, comfortable flip handle with height adjustment
(makes it easy to handle her and me, a short one, and my
husband giant). Cons: creaks; on a rough road sometimes brings
aside, very heavy.


Read reviews, find out prices, choose and buy
the stroller (and accessories) can in online stores:

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