Traditional treatments for heartburn are harmless topregnant women

In this article we will talk about the most effective
folk remedies for heartburn. You will learn what healing herbs and
infusions can be taken by pregnant women, and how to
cook broths.

народная медицина от изжоги

Treatment of heartburn for pregnant women is best done with
using folk remedies. Present to your attention
список способов, которые помогут справиться с

  • Пейте минеральную воду, предварительно выпустив из нее
    gases. It is worth starting with small volumes of 50-100 ml. Take on
    as the symptom occurs;
  • If heartburn does not hurt much, then you can try to “seize” it
    carrots or “drink” carrot juice. You can also use
  • Potato juice. It not only relieves heartburn, but also serves
    treatment and prophylactic drug for
    gastritis. Картофель помыть, измельчить и отжать сок. Drink
    on a quarter cup 4 times a day. The course of treatment is up to 3 weeks;
  • Often, heartburn is caused by a lack of calcium, and
    pregnant women face this problem constantly. In that
    case, try drinking milk in small portions each time
    the appearance of a symptom;
  • Crushed dry peas help to cope with the problem
    just a couple of minutes. Enough to eat half a teaspoon
    crushed peas in a coffee grinder;
  • Salt will help neutralize the acid, if you dissolve
    a few grains and swallow salty saliva;
  • If there is buckwheat porridge in the morning without additives, then there is a chance
    that heartburn does not appear throughout the day;
  • Powder of eggshell boiled eggs. Take on
    necessary if the discomfort recurs frequently and
    regularly, if the symptom is constantly present;
  • Unsalted rice water or a tablespoon of rice;
  • Try to eat half a teaspoon before each meal.
    honey This measure will help prevent the occurrence of burning after
  • If you chew mountain ash bark, you can get rid of heartburn on
    for a long time, although the effect will not come immediately;
  • Eat a few walnuts daily. In perspective
    in a week, the symptom will completely cease to appear;
  • A fresh apple can help if discomfort arises.
  • Seeds of oats, barley, pumpkin or sunflower when they occur
    heartburn can bring some relief if a handful of seeds
    one of the plants slowly and carefully chew a few
  • Mint tea will not only relieve the burning sensation in the stomach, but also soothe
    nerves. In addition, it is still a very tasty natural remedy rich
  • Apple cider vinegar in an amount of 100 ml per glass of water will result in
    fast and fairly long-lasting results;
  • Half teaspoon of birch ash washed down with water. Means
    quite specific and not very pleasant to the taste, but rather
  • At the first sign of burning in the esophagus, you need to eat a few
    tablets of activated carbon, it will remove the excess acid from
  • Black poplar coal is ground into powder and taken before
    a meal of half a teaspoon;
  • Chew and swallow a few sprigs of fresh parsley.

These methods of disposal are very simple and do not require special
costs. In addition to the above methods, there are several
herbal, which reliably and permanently relieve heartburn. Here is
Some simple recipes:

  • One teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers, mint leaves,
    hypericum and yarrow pour a glass of boiling water in a thermos
    leave overnight. Drink треть стакана перед каждым приемом
  • Insist in a glass of boiling water for 20 minutes 2 teaspoons
    watch trefoil. Take on полстакана за полчаса до food;
  • Tablespoon dry inflorescences meadow clover brew
    a glass of boiled water. Drink до food;
  • Medium onion, grate and fill with half a cup
    sugar, mix thoroughly. Eat a tablespoon of the mixture on an empty stomach,
    затем употреблять в течение всего дня через 2 часа после food;
  • Dried forest dagil pound and brew like tea;
  • Mix the leaves of acacia and mulberry in equal proportions.
    A tablespoon of the mixture brew 300 ml of boiling water and give
    to brew. Drink по полстакана три раза в день;
  • 3 tablespoons immortelle field insist in 1.5 cups
    boiling water and drink 2-3 times a day;
  • Infusion of fennel seeds will help get rid of heartburn and increased
    gas formation.

Do not take the described recipes healing infusions as
unbreakable rules. Herbs can be taken in different combinations,
change proportions depending on your taste.


Herbal infusions are harmless, so you can find the most
satisfying to your taste combination and drink it instead of tea. This
habit is worth developing not only for pregnant women and not only
as a remedy for heartburn, herbal teas strengthen the immune system and saturate
the body needs vitamins. However, they are practically not
cause side effects.

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useful not only pregnant women recipes for heartburn
of all

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