Toy-warmer – to help mom, and to the joybaby How to sew a toy warmer? Master Class. Video

The appearance of a child in his family or the family of relatives and
friends – a great reason to get such a useful thing for your baby
device as a toy warmer. It will come in handy as
adjuvant remedy for colic and cramps in a child, and
will also attract the attention of the crumbs thanks to the original

The content of the article

  • 1 Принцип действия игрушки грелки?
    • 1.1 Pleasant advantages
      • 1.1.1 Photos of toys-warmers (10 pieces)
  • 2 Terms of use
  • 3 Types of fillers
    • 3.1 Models with cherry stones (why are they so popular)
  • 4 Instructions for use
    • 4.1 How else can you use a heating toy?
  • 5 Review of popular models
  • 6 Toy Warmer – how to do it yourself
    • 6.1 Master-class on making a dry heater
    • 6.2 Watch the video: a soft toy hot water bottle with his own hands
    • 6.3 Reviews
  • 7 A toy that gives warmth!
  • 8 We sew a toy-warmer cat

игрушка грелка

Принцип действия игрушки грелки?

Принцип действия основан на том, что наполнитель в игрушке
warmed in the microwave and for a certain time
stores and transfers heat.

Особенно востребованы игрушки грелки для малышей в первые
three months after birth. At this time, kids often experience
problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract: colic and cramps.
Dry heat applied to the tummy relieves pain and helps the baby
calm down. Of course, you can attach the usual tummy
proglazhennuyu diaper, but it cools too quickly. Besides,
The toy warmer attracts the baby’s attention, so it can
Use as an ordinary toy.

Another significant advantage – comfortable tactile
sensations from contact with the toy. It can be stroked and mashed, that
will help relieve nervous tension and calm the crumbs.
Feeling toy filler perfectly develop fine motor skills
and massages pens.

Nice pluses

  • Игрушка не предусматривает ограничений по возрасту, не
    It has no contraindications, it has no small or sharp elements and,
    therefore, is absolutely safe. For production
    hot-water toys use only environmentally friendly
  • A thing is not associated with a child with a hospital and medical
    procedures. In this case, the toy is more convenient than the standard heating pad.
    It retains heat for up to two hours, and the baby does not protest against
    the presence of a nice and pleasant to the touch teddy friend;
  • The toy hot-water bottle draws attention of the baby to the original
    by design. You can choose a toy for every taste – a bear cub,
    tiger cub, kitten, puppy, sheep, owls, cartoon characters and
    many other characters;
  • Игрушка не только симпатична внешне и приятна на
    touch, but inside the toy there are fillers that possess
    приятными ароматами, которые начинают ощущаться при
    heat up;
  • The toy is easy to wash. Но часто стирать игрушку не
    will have, since the materials from which the heating pad is made,
    possess dirt-repellent properties.

Photo of toy hot-water bottles (10 pieces)

Terms of use

The heating toy is heated in the oven or microwave, and
then applied to the baby’s tummy. To not accidentally burn
child, you must first check whether the hot water bottle
too hot.

Before using a toy for the first time, it’s important
carefully study the instructions for use. Huge plus
will be if you consult with a pediatrician in advance
the issue of contraindications to thermal procedures.

разогрейте игрушку грелку в микроволновке

Types of fillers

ATнешняя оболочка грелок это обычно хлопок, лен и
hypoallergenic plush. Filler for toys can be

  • Cherry Bone

Heater with cherry stones heats up quickly and period
сохранения тепла у этих изделий дольше, чем у грелок с другими
�”Fillings”. Toys with such filler have a pleasant aroma.
In addition, kids like to touch them.

грелка с вишневыми косточками

  • Legumes and grains

Usually used buckwheat, wheat, peas, rice or millet.
The pips are pretreated to increase resistance to
moisture and heat. The main goal here is long
сохранение сухого тепла.

  • Lavender

Lavender Filling Bottle – Not Only Source
delicious aroma, but also an excellent sedative.
The smell of lavender relieves irritation and fatigue, contributes
muscle relaxation and the whole body. Lavender belongs to
means to improve immunity. Toy Warmer
с лавандой способствует быстрому засыпанию и спокойному
sleep baby.

грелка с лавандой

  • Other herbs

Fillers containing herbs such as mint or lemongrass
usually used as aromatherapy.

Models with cherry stones (why are they so popular)

The greatest demand and popularity of toys with
a filler from cherry stones. This is because such
игрушки можно применять не только в качестве сухого тепла, но
and for a cold compress. Heat helps with: muscle pain,
tension, spasms, fatigue, cough and runny nose, back pain and
neck, cystitis, to relieve physical and emotional stress. BUT
Babies are very useful when colic in the tummy!

Byдушки с вишневыми косточками рекомендованы для самых
little ones. This is due to the fact that the toy pillow with such
filler is able to take the form of the child’s body, and this is very
important at the age when the spine is formed in the infant.

Instructions for use

  • Игрушку нагревают в микроволновой печи. Heating time –
    1.5 – 2 minutes at 800 watts. Brass can also be used.
  • Check that the product has not become too hot. Make sure that
    the surface of the toy is dry and clean;
  • Put it on baby’s tummy or give it as
  • Byвторно нагревать грелку рекомендуется только после ее
    full cooling;
  • For hygiene purposes, a heating pad is recommended regularly.
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth. To wash you need to carefully
    распороть шов игрушки, вынуть наполнитель, а оболочку
    Wash in a washing machine in a gentle mode or manually.
    It is advisable to use hypoallergenic detergents,
    designed specifically for babies. Thoroughly dried
    �”Stuffing” is placed inside the shell, the product is sewn up.

How else can you use a toy heating pad?

  • As a cooling compress – for bruises, nasal
    bleeding, sprains. The toy is cooled in the freezer.
    or a refrigerator, prewrapped with a plastic bag or
    a rag. Avoid moisture on the product;
  • Like a toy – kids love to play or fall asleep with
    pleasant to the touch doll, animal or machine;
  • As aromatherapy – usually at bedtime or during

Overview of popular models


игрушка грелка intelex

Этот английский бренд радует экологически безопасными и
incredibly cute-looking products in the form of pets and
wild animals, as well as dolls. Toys weigh about 800 – 900
grams. As a filler, the manufacturer uses a selective
millet and lavender petals.

Cozy plush

Cozy plush

The manufacturer offers extremely original hot-water toys.
in the form of scarves and slippers. Also in the range of fun
animals and heroes of favorite cartoons. Are provided
игрушки для самых маленьких – небольшого размера: около 15 см
and weighing up to 230 grams. There are also toys for children

All products are created using faux fur. AT
Lavender petals are commonly used as fillers.



Domestic company specializing in the production of toys
for kids from 3 years. Hot water bottles filled with millet, in length are
about 19 cm

Spa belle


ATнешне очень привлекательные изделия с гречневым и
lavender filler – ducklings, lambs, monkeys, cubs, etc.
ATсе игрушки гипоаллергенные, их можно использовать для

You can choose and buy a toy heating pad on the Internet
store – hot water toys

Toy Warmer — как сделать своими руками

Toy warmer is not necessary to buy. Many needlewomen sew
product yourself. This is a fairly simple process.

ATам понадобятся:

  • Two kinds of thick fabric – cotton or linen for the lining, and for
    the shell itself fleece, plush or any other dense matter. By
    You can choose monochromatic texture or fabric with a pattern;
  • �”Stuffing”: peas, millet, wheat, buckwheat, rice, cherry
  • Needle;
  • Chalk for drawing patterns on the fabric;
  • Threads of suitable color;
  • Scissors.

игрушка грелка своими руками

игрушка грелка своими руками

ATыкройку игрушки наносят на оба вида ткани с припуском на швы,
cut out and sew parts. Byдкладку нужно предварительно
evenly fill with filler. AT мелкие элементы
hot-water toys: pens, legs, ears, etc., tightly place cotton wool or
small pieces of cloth.

If you decide to use for the “stuffing” cherry
bones, then pre-boil them in water with vinegar, and then
dry thoroughly in the oven.

Master class for the manufacture of dry water heaters

Master class for the manufacture of dry water heaters. Toy presents
from a bag with a dry filler (for example, cherry
bones), which is preheated in the oven. Such a hot-water bottle is easy
warms up and does not cool for a long time.



ATыкройка формата BUT4 (увеличивается по клику):


  • Byтребуются хлопковая ткань двух цветов;
  • Stuffing;
  • Filler. Bones need to be washed, boiled in water with
    a small amount of vinegar, rinse again in water and
    to dry.



Cut toy:



Sew the parts, leaving the body not stitched, then to put
inside the filler.


Paws and head stuffed with soft filler and sew it up so that it
then not mixed with bones.


Fill the body with bones and sew.


Do not forget to sew the tail.


Watch the video: soft toy hot-water bottle with their own hands


– The most popular are hot water bottles filled with lavender and
cherry pits. This is due to the pleasant smell of products.
The main purpose of the acquisition of toys remains the fight against intestinal
colicky baby.

– Virtually every parent is pleased with the acquired or
gifted toy warmer. Moms have a positive effect on
health, mood and sleep baby. Children with great joy and
interest play with fluffy toys.

– Also, the device will please numerous relatives
baby and friends parents. After all, now you do not need to look for what
A pleasant and at the same time useful gift to choose for
newborn baby.

You can choose and buy a toy heating pad on the Internet
store – hot water toys

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A toy that gives warmth!

We sew a toy-warmer cat

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