Toxicosis in pregnant women and how with ithandle

Toxicosis is common and most common.
осложнение of pregnancy. WHO statistics show that in the first
In pregnancy, up to 90% of all pregnant women suffer from toxicosis.
women. In later periods, toxicosis is less common: they
affects about 40% of future mothers. Even the medicine of the XXI century is not
able to correct these indicators.

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  • 1 Early and late toxicosis
    • 1.1 Почему возникает
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    • 1.3 Timing when toxicosis begins
    • 1.4 Symptoms of early toxicosis
    • 1.5 Symptoms of late toxicosis
    • 1.6 When will pass?
  • 2 Treatment of toxicosis – medical methods
    • 2.1 Early toxicosis
    • 2.2 Gestosis
  • 3 Is it possible to avoid toxicosis?
  • 4 How to beat early toxicosis – recommendations
    • 4.1 Food with toxicosis
  • 5 And why is there no toxicosis?
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  • 8 What to do with nausea in early pregnancy

токсикоз у беременных

Early and late toxicosis

Токсикоз, который начинается одновременно с наступлением
pregnancy and lasts up to 12-16 weeks, called early.
Usually this condition is quite easy and does not cause
further complications. But early toxicosis can be severe. it
occurs in 1-2% of cases.

Late toxicosis, by contrast, is not easy. it всегда тяжелое
complication of pregnancy, which is dangerous for mother and baby.
For example, in late toxicosis in 30% of cases, childbirth occurs
prematurely. If a не принимать мер, то в 25% случаев поздний
toxicosis – the cause of maternal mortality during childbirth or soon
after them.

Toxicosis during pregnancy occurs only during gestation
child, in any other life situations, he does not occur.
Childbirth means the cessation of any toxicosis.

Почему возникает

It is still not known exactly for what reasons
toxicosis of pregnant women. It is a lot of theories, some are clear only
medical professionals, here are some of the most common

  1. Neuroreflex. Endometrial receptors
    (the inner lining of the uterus) are irritated when attached
    and fetal development. A signal about this goes to a specific department.
    мозга где располагаются нервные центры, которые отвечают
    for reactions and reflexes: gag, olfactory, digestive and
    similar ones. The back reaction of the brain – this is
  2. Toxic. The fruit produces substances
    who are alien to the mother’s body. Self-poisoning occurs.
  3. Hormonal. Since the onset of pregnancy
    women sharply increases the level of chorionic gonadotropin
    human (hCG). Toxicosis is an aggressive reaction of the body to
    increase in blood quantities of this hormone.
  4. Immunological theory. Fetal egg
    half consists of cells that “came” from the father of the child. For
    the mother’s organism they are alien. Immunity responds to
    it is an invasion of toxicosis.

Video from Tutta Larsen:

Timing when toxicosis begins

Токсикоз на ранних сроках может возникнуть
в любой момент на сроке от четырех акушерских недель (см статью
как считать недели беременности
). Most often, women celebrate
первые проявления токсикоза в 7-8 недель of pregnancy.

Что говорят специалисты. Doctors sometimes
сталкиваются с особой ситуацией:
пациентки жалуются на
toxicosis just after unprotected sexual intercourse. but
such statements indicate not at all the speed response of the body
women. Here is the psychological side, the excitement of
возможной of pregnancy. Hence the imaginary signs

Late toxicosis выявляют у женщин на сроке 18
weeks or more.

No pregnant woman is immune from manifestations.
toxicosis. Most often suffer from toxicosis:

  • юные девушки в возрасте до 18 лет и женщины после 35;
  • overweight women;
  • with diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems;
  • with impaired liver function;
  • with chronic diseases of the digestive tract;
  • harmful conditions of professional activity;
  • toxicosis in previous pregnancies;
  • smoking;
  • multiple pregnancy.

In the latter case, early toxicosis occurs in approximately 2.7
times more often than during pregnancy with one child. Late toxicosis
occurs more often by about a third.

In addition, toxicosis often occurs with undesirable
pregnancy, which the woman still decided to make. Usually in
In this case there is no readiness for motherhood, hence the multitude
unpleasant sensations.

Symptoms of early toxicosis

The Internet can sometimes tell you a dozen signs
toxicosis. Official medicine has a different opinion.
The main symptoms of early toxicosis pregnant only two (doctors
называют их клинической картиной) – это тошнота и
. There are a few additional symptoms, they
are rare:

  • salivation;
  • dermatosis (rash, pruritus);
  • pregnant asthma (unexplained choking attacks that are bad
  • jaundice pregnant;
  • tetany (convulsions due to depletion of blood calcium);
  • osteomalacia (softening of the bones due to their poverty

As for some other manifestations – increased sense of smell,
aversion to food, irritability, then they are not
clinical symptoms of toxicosis. These manifestations you can
observe at any stage of pregnancy without any nausea and

Doctors distinguish three degrees of toxicity. First: vomiting up to 5
once a day, weight loss is not more than three kilograms. Second: vomiting
5-10 times, weight loss 3-4 kg, blood pressure decreases.
The third degree: vomiting 10-25 times, even if the pregnant woman has not eaten for a long time,
weight loss – more than four kilograms, to reduced pressure
an increase in temperature and tachycardia (rapid

Symptoms of late toxicosis

Group of complications during pregnancy that occur after
18-й акушерской недели, медики называют гестозом,
or late toxicosis. The danger of this condition is that
At first you can not pay attention to him. Only visible
small swelling (swelling can be everywhere: on the arms, legs, face).
They are written off for long walking or uncomfortable shoes.

That is why doctors are especially attentive to weight.
pregnant women often send them for urinalysis and measure the blood
pressure. So they reveal the clinical signs of preeclampsia:

  • external and internal edema (fluid does not accumulate
    only under the skin, but also in the internal tissues of the body);
  • significant weight gain (also often indicates excess
    fluid in the tissues);
  • protein in the urine.

If late toxicosis is not treated,

  1. Various kidney diseases. They are called a common word.
  2. Pre-eclampsia. Sleep may be disturbed. Often there are headaches
    the pains. You might think that now you will faint:
    feels nauseous, dark before eyes.
  3. Eclampsia. This is the most dangerous condition. First comes
    convulsive seizure similar to epileptic. Muscle contraction
    involuntarily, and nothing can be done about it. Cramps can
    end with a coma.

Что говорят специалисты. Than before
there is preeclampsia, the more dangerous the situation. If not to take action, to
моменту родов может накопиться слишком много осложнений

When will pass?

Early toxicosis rarely crosses the border of the first trimester.
pregnancy and ends at 13-14 obstetric weeks. Sometimes
complication may be delayed until the 16th week.

Gestosis (late toxicosis) occurs individually in each
women. Sometimes он проходит только после родов.

Treatment of toxicosis – medical methods

If early toxicosis causes you inconvenience, it interferes normally
live, be sure to consult a doctor. He will hold an extra
examination and determine the severity of toxemia. With preeclampsia without
medical assistance can not do.


Early toxicosis

Severe toxicosis can lead to

  • weight loss;
  • palpitations (tachycardias);
  • constant increase in body temperature;
  • weaknesses.

There are many dangers here. When weight loss can fall kidneys.
Developing, the baby will begin to “take” calcium from the mother’s body.
Then her teeth start to literally crumble, her gums bleed,
increases bone fragility. Found in maternal blood
lack of oxygen. So the baby will almost start choking.
Врачи называют такое состояние гипоксией плода,
it prevents the child from developing normally.

тяжелая форма токсикоза

And how to go to work and do household chores,
if in the morning there is no strength to get out of bed?
In this
situation the doctor sends the patient to the hospital. They organize there
intravenous nutrition, will establish a water-salt metabolism, will ensure peace
and constant observation. Some medications may be prescribed.
Usually these are vitamins. Or drugs that relax the uterus.
(so that there is no threat of miscarriage). All these ways quickly
restore the health of mom and baby.

There is another method for the treatment of toxemia. It is called
To do this, the father of the child take
lymphatic fluid and injected mother under the skin of the forearm. In that
In the case of a woman’s body, it quickly deals with toxicosis. After all
half of the baby’s cells contain “alien” for the mother’s father’s cell
organism. It is important that the father of the child does not suffer any
infectious diseases, otherwise immunocytotherapy
is impossible.

There are also various homeopathic
Since these medicines are herbal
origin, they have almost no contraindications. Assign
homeopathic treatment of severe toxicosis can only doctor.

Very rarely, no medical measures help to stop or
at least facilitate early toxicosis. The condition of the future mother can
become dangerous to her life. Then doctors will make a difficult decision about
termination of pregnancy. Fortunately, now such situations are almost not

In our time, trying to fight with early toxicosis means
alternative medicine. If the doctor does not prohibit, then for treatment
early toxemia can apply acupuncture, herbal medicine or
hypnosis. If early toxicosis causes more psycho-emotional
complications, will help course elektrosnoy or consultation psychologist.


If late toxicosis occurs in a pregnant woman only in
in the form of dropsy, it can be treated at home. The doctor’s instructions will be

  • restriction of fluid in food to 1-1.5 liters per day;
  • reduce salt and sugar intake;
  • take herbal sedatives and medicines
    increasing blood formation.

Attention! With preeclampsia categorically
Do not take diuretics!

If the future mother noticeably increases the pressure, it is necessary
send to the hospital.

Preexlampsia and eclampsia are indications for urgent labor.
If a pregnant woman cannot give birth to herself or there is no time for that,
Doctors will appoint an emergency cesarean section. On late
during pregnancy the baby will be saved.

Is it possible to avoid toxicosis?

Medical statistics show: absolutely healthy women
Toxicosis of pregnant women almost never suffer. If you plan
conception, carefully examine “the day before” and, if necessary
carry out the treatment:

  • eliminate excess weight, if possible;
  • cure bad teeth and gums;
  • carry out rehabilitation if you have chronic infections;
  • set the mode of the day (to avoid overwork).

When pregnancy comes, practice a special sport.
(gymnastics, yoga, swimming) and be sure to walk every day.

These measures will either help to completely avoid toxemia.
pregnant or easy to survive.

How to beat early toxicosis – recommendations

In no case do not need to be afraid of early toxicosis. it
unpleasant, but you can survive.

  • In the morning it is advisable to have breakfast before getting up from
    If you cook and bring breakfast to no one,
    take care of yourself. Put a bottle by the bed
    mineral water, mors, compote (like that) and put
    favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts. The main thing – that food could not
    spoil overnight. After breakfast, lie down or sit,
    think about the good, and only then get up. Are you afraid to fall asleep again?
    Set a timer or set an alarm.
  • Essential oils – a great tool.
    A drop of oil on the pillow will help to overcome nausea in the morning. Wear
    Ginger oil with you and inhale it if abruptly
    badly. Attention: oils must be natural,
    substitutes won’t help! On the Internet, it is often advised to drip oil
    right on the skin of the hand and keep near the nose. In fact, it’s better not
    to do. Good essential oil will easily cause skin irritation.
    And the bad is better not to use at all!
  • If you do not like the concentrated smell of ginger
    oils, try ginger products (eg
  • If you are sick and nauseous in transport, it is good to wear with
    is a mineral water, an apple, a piece of cheese or some other
    We’ll have to spend a couple of experiments to
    find “your” product. And if it’s really bad, but get out of the car
    subway / bus and other transport is impossible, will have to stock up
    thick plastic bags and wet wipes. Vomited
    for all? Просто скажите: «Я беременная!» и ничего не
    hesitate. Now the most important thing is your wellbeing and
  • If you drink often, but quite a bit, vomiting can
    to avoid.
  • Of the folk remedies for toxicosis helps special
    It is necessary to mix for 2 tsp. dry mint, herbs
    yarrow and calendula flowers, add 1 tsp. the root
    valerian. Insist half an hour in 400 ml of boiling water, then strain.
    Collection take 2-3 tbsp. l every two hours during the day. Course –
    25 days, then you need a break for half a month.
  • When nausea helps well activated
    But first you need to consult about his admission.
    a doctor.
  • An attack of drooling will pass, if you rinse your mouth
    infusion of sage, mint or chamomile.

See more methods of dealing with early

Food with toxicosis

Another important point during pregnancy is nutrition.
If organized properly, toxicosis can be mild or
will not appear at all.

  1. No fatty, smoked food, give up canned food.
    Cook better steamed or baked.
  2. Multi-colored soda contain harmful dyes, from which
    can easily vomit.
  3. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten every day. Plant Food Should
    take about a third of the daily ration.
  4. Dairy products are a must. If you don’t like just milk,
    drink kefir and other fermented milk drinks. Those who do not like
    cottage cheese, can be recommend cheese. However, it is better that dairy
    foods were not fat.
  5. If pulls for sweet – buy marmalade, marshmallow or marshmallow.
    Cakes, caramels and chocolates for a while should stay in
    past life.
  6. Vitamin B6 in toxicosis is especially useful. This vitamin
    rich in eggs, fish, beans and avocados.
  7. Do you like honey? it тоже хорошее средство при токсикозе. Remember
    that this product can not be added to hot drinks – from this he
    loses useful properties.
  8. Instead of tea, it is better to drink a special vitamin brew. Throw in
    boiling water a tablespoon of rose hips and a couple of apple slices,
    let it brew.
  9. If you do not have high acidity, lemon water will help
    (squeeze the juice of half a lemon, bring water to volume
  10. Juice or decoction of pumpkin will help relieve nausea.
  11. Eat often and in small portions. If possible,
    eat reclining.

And why is there no toxicosis?

No need to think that pregnancy without toxicosis does not happen. If a
you good health, and conception was planned, toxicosis
pregnant women may not occur at all or be very easy.

There is a situation that you definitely need to pay attention to.
If a токсикоз начался, а потом резко, внезапно прекратился, это
may mean missed abortion. Then – urgently to the doctor.
Especially if such a sign appeared before the eighth obstetric week
of pregnancy.

Be attentive to yourself. In time pick up techniques that
will help to cope with toxicosis. Be sure to visit regularly.
doctor, so as not to miss late toxicosis. And then pregnancy
really be easy.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: История одной мамы: как я
became a vegetable due to toxicosis


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