Top Stupid Floor Planning Tipsbaby

Many young parents try to “plan” not only
the birth of the baby, but even what he will be sex. Future moms and
daddies use tables, calendars, follow different
omens Стараясь зачать baby желаемого пола готовы выполнять
множество рекомендаций, питаться по особым правилам и
Engage love on schedule. Looking through all the possible tips –
we have chosen the most popular foolish signs among them.



  • Funny beliefs in the “sunny” country. AT
    In China, many believe that if you sit on the night of love
    head north, you can conceive a boy, well, and if you go south –
    a girl;
  • Secret weapon. Some still
    enjoy the sign that if you put a pink under the pillow
    a ribbon or scissors is for the birth of a girl, well, if a hammer or
    the ax is to the boy (well, at least not a chainsaw);
  • More often or less. Parents who
    they want a son – they have to make love more often, but if
    a girl — the less often, the better;
  • Food affects the floor of the future
    It is believed that if parents want a girl,
    then mom should eat chocolate, nuts, cottage cheese, white meat, fish, and
    drink cocoa or mineral water, replace coffee with tea, and from
    ice cream and cheese refuse. If you want a boy, then mom
    it is necessary to eat more marinades, dishes from potatoes and mushrooms,
    red meat, bananas, apricots, and dates;
  • Calendars and tablets. Planning to conceive
    son: need in an even year of life mom plan conception in odd
    months or, on the contrary: in odd years – even months. If
    parents want a girl: conception even years should be – even
    months, and in odd months – in odd months. No logic, but
    beautiful and clear;
  • Guessing on the “daisy”. It is considered
    that girls are born to couples where a woman loves her husband more, and
    boys – if the weak half of the heart is “colder” than that of the strong
    floor. ATот только как это измерить?
  • The moon is in the right phase. To the family was born
    the future defender should be engaged in sex at night,
    with the window open. A new moon should be born in the sky, but with
    this weather should be without snow and rain. If родители
    want the house filled with girlish babbling – the sky should
    illumine the full moon, the weather should be bad: rain and snowfall.
    The window should be kept closed;
  • Papa’s head is to blame. It is believed that
    if dad thinks exclusively about sex, conception, a son will be born. If a
    the thought of the father takes care of work, about the position of the family – into the world
    an heiress will appear.

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