Top sites to help your children in training

The first bell, inviting schoolchildren to their desks, is already rang out, which means it’s time to update their knowledge and remember everything that was forgotten.

Exclusive to the younger generation and their caring parents we compiled a list of 25 sites that can help remember forgotten material and catch up, as well as learn and digest new.

Supporting Resources

School Assistant – A Website That Can Help Catch Up lost and remember forgotten material (mathematics, Russian language and etc.).

GDZ – ready-made solutions to homework, as well as essays, abstracts, reports and cheat sheets. is a large online library where you can find any book, book or crib according to the school curriculum.

Internet lesson – a huge collection of video tutorials in all subjects for grades 1–11.

School knowledge is a resource in which communication and help takes place. in homework solutions between students in many schools.

National Digital Library – Collection of Publications, helping to solve any problem or question, limited and not limited by copyright.

Assistants in Russian language and literature

Children’s online library – a library with many books on Russian literature for grades 1–11. – a service with a large number of dictionaries and reference books on the Russian language.

The culture of writing is a collection of tests, assignments and rules, and also reference books and dictionaries.

Summary of books – all short retelling of literature in one place.

English Learning Assistants

LearnEnglish Kids – a site for children to help learn English is fun.

LearnEnglish Teens is the same resource for teens only.

Puzzle English – YouTube channel containing several hundred English video tutorials.

Math resources

Catch the answer – this assistant can solve an example online any complexity.

Nigma – is an excellent search engine that provides answers to any math related questions.

School math – cheat sheets, problem solving and much another.

Biological sciences

The theory of evolution as it is is a cluster of useful materials, devoted to the theory of evolution.

An electronic textbook on biology – a treasure of knowledge for all branches of biology in an accessible language and with pictures: anatomy, zoology, ecology, botany, etc.

Encyclopedia “Flora and Fauna” – material on almost all representatives of flora and fauna.

Geography and Natural History

Brief geographic encyclopedia – the same brief and capacious information that teachers bring in geography classes.

Online geographic directory – atlases, maps, and guides by geography.

Chemical sciences

ChemNet – An online library containing megabytes of information on chemistry.

Chemistry for all – briefly and with pictures about organic matter and inorganic.

Organic Chemistry – A Convenient Electronic Textbook on Organic chemistry with a nice interface.

Physical sciences

Nuclear Physics on the Internet – Science Filed in Language populists. is mainly a resource for teachers of physics and pupils of grades 7–9.

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