Top of 10 parental mistakes in parentingchildren

Either parent wants to raise their own
baby What do you personally invest in this “good”? Are your
parenting methods right? Young parents allow plenty
errors that adversely affect physical abilities
your child, his mental state. How to avoid major
mistakes in education? We will talk about this today.


# 1 Charge and Threat

Method of education through accusations, threats, intimidation,
shame is an absolutely wild mistake that came to us from the past.
Большинство из вас помнят фразу «Как тебе не стыдно!», но
at the same time they continue to apply it to their children. Sense of shame
makes you want to lower your eyes, it paralyzes activity and
kills any initiative. Is a small blunder worth it? After all
mistakes made by children do not lead to any global

Along with a sense of shame, many parents actively use
guilt. Blaming, many try to give children a peculiar
push (or incentive?) to achieve success. Only these good
intentions are not justified, the child begins to close. Permanent
accusations of parents lead to the fact that the baby
life interest disappears, he feels himself incapable of anything
by creation.

The use of intimidation and threats also lead to nothing good
can not. Extremely low percentage of people can painlessly
get rid of the feeling of fear. Basically, this state is not
induces to action, and has a completely opposite effect – paralysis
all sensations, inability to act independently. Don’t grow
moral disability, frighten the child as little as possible. Special
это относится к знаменитой фразе «Мы больше не будем тебя
. Для маленьких children это шок, истерика, для более
adults – psychological discomfort, the desire to do mischief. You in
anyway, do not do this threat, and the baby will begin to understand it.
with time. Such empty, unwarranted threats will soon begin.
perceived as a lie and just stop acting. To that
same baby just lose confidence in you and will see a lie in any
your words.

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№2 Inconsistency and inconsistency in education

Starting from a very early age the child must develop
clear boundaries of what is permitted. Wrong every day to change
requirements and prohibitions. In such an environment, children are often lost and
completely cease to be guided in different “possible” and

Children need to love unconditional love, while noticing them
successes and encouraging for small wins. Misconducts also should not
go unnoticed, but go without extremes. Simply
explain to the child that you still love him, but such behavior
do not approve. Leave aside any violence, terror, show
child development path, and then he can go himself.


Requirements for children should be the same for all family members.
(a close-knit family will roll up the mountain, or how to overcome disagreements in
child rearing). Otherwise, they will simply learn to adapt to
situations. The parent whose parenting position is completely unprofitable
for the baby, notice disrespect in his side, his opinion
will cease to be authoritative.

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№3 Неровное отношение к детям

Often parents transfer their problems and troubles to
communication with children, which is fundamentally wrong. At one point in time
we kiss them, indulge, buy everything they ask. Tomorrow we can
scream, get angry or just shut up, don’t pay any attention to them
attention. Different “cans” and “no” entirely depend on our

As a result of this behavior, children make a simple conclusion –
no matter what i did, it all depends on my mother’s (father’s)
moods. They do not see your joy for their small achievements,
Do not realize that you are upset by their misdeeds.

If you do not want to grow a psychotic individual, start
control your emotions. Wean you to break your junior
angry, because they just do not know what to expect from you in
next point in time. Most likely, the baby just closes in
myself, move away from you. It will be much more difficult to return trust
than to calm down now.

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№4 Категорический запрет

Определенный круг запретов у children должен быть, но любой из них
need to explain. The child must understand why one thing is forbidden to him.
and other things are allowed on which this opinion of the parents is based.

Before you ban, try to understand the reasons.
Why did your child do this? Perhaps he is not just like that
�“I ate enough paint, and replenished my body with some
missing substances “…

Any categorical inhibitions that you did not bother
explain teach your baby to do the same thing secretly

№5 Чрезмерная опека

There is a category of moms who can be called
�”Mother hens”. Такие мамочки излишне опекают своих children, что тоже
harms their development.

AT each certain age children can already do something
on their own. Each person has such independence
individually, but approximate boundaries still exist.
For example, a first grader is able to dress and dress himself, not
need to do it for him. Let him better fasten several times
the jacket is wrong before you leave the house, but he will do
this is CAM.

Such a hyper-care adversely affects different sides.
the life of your child. He will not be able to find friends for a long time.
learn to express their opinions and defend it, and maybe
�“Earn” neurosis.

Развивайте самостоятельность своих children и поощряйте любые их
initiatives. Let the children help the elders, albeit ineptly.
Do not ignore their desires and introduce total control over their
chatting with friends. Leave a small private space,
Let me feel a sense of risk.

Do not rush to help instantly, let the child himself
решить проблему или попробовать найти выход из сложной situations.
Ideal – an exchange of views. ATыслушайте, как ребенок хочет
act in a specific situation, express your opinion and leave
decision making for him. Let it be his mistake, his little

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№6 Излишняя требовательность и баловство

The child should not be within the framework of constant rigor and
exorbitant demands. Minor slips and pranks should
be sure to say goodbye. Otherwise you will develop obstinacy in your baby,
uncertainty, irritability.


This does not mean at all that you need to retreat from your daily
requirements and arrange permanent concessions. But in the role
The trainer also does not need to act. Use the persuasion method
Explain why it is necessary to do it in a different way. AT
Otherwise, the child will learn to fulfill the requirements only in
your presence and forget about them when you are not around.

Excessive pampering is also not an option. ATыполняя все детские «хочу»,
you just grow up an egoist who doesn’t need to apply absolutely
no effort to fulfill your own desires. Besides,
a child raised this way is unable normally
adapt to the conditions of life in adulthood he just does not
will be able to overcome even the most miserable obstacle.

№7 lack of affection

Children of any age need a caress. It is she who allows them
feel loved Do not deny this to your child.
pleasure, give him some confidence

ATажный момент – ласку нельзя навязывать. Не заставляйте children
kiss you violently, forming a heavy duty. Any hugs and
kisses should go from the heart.

№8 Napoleonic plans

Perhaps, every person has his unfulfilled dream. Becoming
parents, many are beginning to shift these dreams to their
offspring and “stuffing” them in various circles and sections.

Leave the child alone and let him express his own
opinion. У вашего ребенка наверняка есть свои предпочтения
regarding extra classes, so let him develop
this direction.

AT противном случае вы только разовьете чувство протеста, и еще
It is not known what this will lead to in the future. At least you
can provide your child with low self-esteem and dissatisfaction
their abilities.

№9 Недостаток времени

One of the mistakes of parents is not enough time to study with children. ATсе
we are very busy at work and in everyday life, we have our own
terms of reference, but that does not mean at all that about needs
child need to forget. He needs your attention and sharing.
spending time.

It is not enough just to take the child to the garden or school, to buy
favorite thing, cook food. ATажно уметь выкраивать время и
on your child’s hobbies. Watch a cartoon together or select
time for a walk together. Otherwise, your baby will feel
yourself forgotten, seek consolation on the side. Do not let strangers
become closer relatives.

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№10 Денежный вопрос

Replacing love with money is not permissible, but it is often practiced.
It is clear that you are trying to earn as much as possible so that
the baby was all that was needed. But money is not able to replace
parental love and affection. Any most expensive purchase will fade,
if the baby lacks your attention and care.

A child grows up happy when he feels important to
parents. Joint hobbies mean much more to him than
thickness of your wallet.

And, perhaps most importantly, a personal example. Can not
требовать от children того, на что вы сами не способны. They study on
your actions, therefore, above all, be able to bring up

Avoiding typical mistakes in education, you will always be
your child a reputable person and do not notice how your
requirements are met. The baby will not do anything forbidden
simply because it does not want to upset you. Learn to respect and
understand your child, and he will respond to you in return.

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