Top disposable diaper ratingdiapers for newborns

Modern families with small children no longer
представляют свою жизнь без одноразовых diapers. Since birth
baby and up to two or three years diapers make life easier every day
parents, saving such valuable time during this period (no need
wash the mountains of diapers or panties) and ensure a comfortable sleep like
child and his mother. With diapers, the baby stays dry even
during the longest walk or trip. But what disposable
diapers choose for your baby? After all, in the children’s market
Their products are represented by an incredible amount. And they are all different.
although they are called upon to perform the same function.

The content of the article

  • 1 Pampers Diapers
  • 2 Huggies diapers
  • 3 Merries Diapers
  • 4 Moony diapers
  • 5 Diapers GooN
  • 6 Diapers Libero
  • 7 A few simple rules for buying diapers
  • 8 Reviews of moms toddlers about diapers for newborns
  • 9 Compare Pampers, Haggies, Merries and Gauze
  • 10 Choosing diapers
    (Moony / Merries / Libero / Huggies / Pampers)

Diapers pampers


The undisputed leader for many years is the products under
Pampers brand from the company Procter & Gamble. These
diapers have long won the trust of consumers – because of them
начиналась вся история diapers.
Be the first in the world
not easy but honorable. Moreover, the company every year only
gaining momentum today releasing different lines of diapers, proceeding
of the features and needs of the gradual development of the baby. The most
Common special lines are:

  • Pampers New Baby – diapers for newborns детей;
  • Pampers Active Baby – diapers for more active crumbs,
    starting from the age of three months;
  • Pampers Active Girl and Active Boy – designed specifically for
    separating children by gender so that babies feel
    lighter and freer, and chilling inconvenience
  • Pampers Let’s Go – panty diapers for more
    �”Adult” kids;
  • Pampers Sleep & Play – diapers from the economy series.

Features of Pampers diapers:

  • A number of diaper models are suitable for low weight and premature babies.
    babies, especially in need of protection of delicate baby skin;
  • they are so comfortable that they do not limit the child
  • a special inner layer of diapers ensures that
    the skin of the child is not subjected to friction;
  • Breathable diaper structure protects baby’s skin from
    greenhouse effect;
  • The problem of leakages is solved by double protection: reinforced
    cuffs, and also wide elastic sidewalls.
  • in the use of diapers have proven themselves
    reusable fasteners;
  • Both the children themselves like the colorful, colorful design of the diapers, and
    their parents;
  • some models are saturated with balm that provides care
    skin baby.

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Diapers Huggies


Manufacturers Huggies though failed to become
pioneers in the field of children’s products, but still a number of
Mom believes that it was in these diapers that their dreams were embodied in
a life. Every day has become much easier and easier thanks to
use of diapers Huggies. Company Specialists
showed the world what an excellent velcro, quality
panty diapers and a beautiful outer layer

Features of diapers brand Huggies:

  • in models for newborns used incredibly
    soft, gentle and breathable material called “Babysoft”;
  • fluid excreted by the child (urine or feces) evenly
    distributed in the inner layer of the diaper;
  • even if the mother uses the powder to protect the baby’s skin,
    oil or lotion, diaper clasps retain their
  • exceptional dryness of the child’s body is achieved by
    combinations of materials for the diaper and the absorbent system
    жидкость превращается в gel;
  • to those children who are already learning to go to the pot on their own,
    special diaper panties are recommended, in which they disappear

Diapers Merries

Diapers Merries

They стали показателем качества товара и его популярности среди
consumers. Japanese manufacturers Merries overtook their
Western colleagues in the shop for several points at once, despite
поздний выход на рынок diapers.
And despite the fact that
the cost of their products is several times higher than others.
dignity appreciated moms all over the world.

Features of Merries diapers:

  • they have a major distinguishing feature and advantage over
    all other diapers – indicator of fullness;
  • diapers are ideally fixed on the baby, do not slip with the priests and
    do not go astray;
  • they provide air access to the baby’s skin thanks to
    micropores present on the inner layer;
  • they are clearly divided in use by “gender”: for
    girls was strengthened lower zone, for boys, respectively, –
  • The composition of diapers included witch hazel extract, having
    антибактериальные и антисептические properties;
  • maximum comfort and minimum pressure is achieved in score
    elastic wide lycra gum.

Moony diapers

podguzniki moony

Another Japanese diapers that have become for many parents
самыми лучшими. They used the new material Air Silky,
what made this baby products more tender and pleasant to the skin,
non-irritating, highly absorbent

Features of Moony diapers:

  • their soft cotton-based interior eliminates the risk
    skin irritation;
  • diapers developed an innovative ventilation system with
    constant air exchange;
  • high-quality velcro is designed as reusable;
  • in the process of using (filling) the diapers keep
    shape, absorption capacity and elasticity;
  • the superabsorbents of the inner diaper layer provide
    excellent absorbency and turn the liquid expelled by the child into
  • voluminous folds on several sides guarantee absorbability
    not only urine, but also liquid baby stools;
  • thanks to the soft cotton mesh located on the thickened
    parts of the diaper (on the side where the baby’s back is)
    sweating of the back and priests, the risk of prickly heat and
    allergic rash;
  • Moony diapers special series of Newborn were created taking into account
    all the features of newborn babies, the problem of unhealed navel
    solved thanks to the diaper section, which has the shape of a semicircle,
    what allowed to exclude friction about not healed wound;
  • as quietly as possible change the diaper to a sleeping child
    thanks to the silent shingles tape with rounded edges;
  • the availability of a convenient indicator of occupancy complements the volume
    list of the main advantages of Moony diapers.

Diapers GooN

Podguzniki GooN

For the Japanese, the main requirement in the creation of diapers was
ensure maximum dryness and comfort of the child.
Products brand GooN declared itself functional
differences from other diapers, which influenced their demand and
worldwide popularity.

Features of GooN diapers:

  • in their production used natural materials with
    an absorbent layer that consists of a mixture of gelling
    substances and cellulose;
  • в подгузниках есть распределяющий слой, за score чего материал
    the diaper is not crumpled, and all the liquid flowing into it
    evenly distributed;
  • diapers have a fullness indicator;
  • porous breathable material allowed air to freely
    to circulate, and wet vapor – push off from the skin
  • GooN models have elastic buckles and a belt;
  • as part of the inner layer of GooN diapers there is a vitamin

Diapers Libero


This brand has a good economical model “Every Day”
which is very soft in Japanese diapers. Pay
attention to the presence of a feather on the package. So, can get caught
a variant of these diapers, which include polyethylene. Tutu
almost the same, but the feather is missing.

Each of these manufacturers of diapers has its own
fans and happy customers, their disappointed customers and
dissatisfied consumers. And what diapers for your child
do you choose?

A few simple rules for buying diapers

Buy products that match the weight and age of the baby. It is better
to be guided by the lower figure of the weight indicated on the pack
diapers. For example, if a child weighs 3.5-4 kilograms, then
It is better to try on diapers for 4-9 kilograms than to wear
diapers from 2 to 5 kilograms to the victorious end. But,
Of course, it is easier and safer to focus on the baby’s skin after
diapers: if there are characteristic redness, rubbing or
deep marks from rezinochek, then it’s time to change the size!

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Reviews of moms toddlers about diapers for newborns

Irina, 22 years old. We use exclusively
diapers pampers. The first pack went as a gift still in
maternity hospital, and then they themselves began to buy. They are very comfortable
mesh (liquid feces perfectly absorbed). For newborns it is
exactly what is needed. Я считаю НьюБорн the best. But we are fast from them
grew up and had to give the remnants of girlfriends.

Yana, 30 years old. I have more diapers Haggis
like. Pampers seems to be good too, but Haggis seemed to me
a little softer, softer, or something. My son was born large
comrade, so we immediately took diapers for 3-6 kg. They
cool! After them, nothing at all wanted to take something.
change. And the quality is excellent, and the price, compared to others,

Alina, 35 years old. We Haggis did not fit. They
constantly sticking, and the gel got straight to the causal place
small! I didn’t like the quality and the moisture is unevenly distributed.
in them. But when they moved to Pampers, everything was fine for me. Grabs
one diaper for a long time, butt doesn’t stop, and everything is absorbed
fine. My daughter even started to sleep normally … They are nice even in their hands.
keep, smooth.

Tatiana, 28 years old. We used at first
Libero. It is quite normal diapers. Although personally my opinion:
diapers should only be used in extreme cases.
(clinic, walks, well, sometimes, sleep). It is better детей к ним не

Julia, 21 years old. So many heard positive reviews
o Pampers, that they decided to buy their son after birth. And here
such a disappointment … In general, I did not like them. In two days
the use of small appeared any diaper rash, redness.
My husband and I decided after this not to save on the health of the child and
tried to take expensive Japanese Merries. For the week was
it is clear that these are not perfect. We have them stupidly leaked. New
The purchase was in favor of the Taiwanese Sealer. And it was really
super! They дышат, впитывают всё, не протекают и мегамягкие. Everybody

Svetlana, 41 years old. We only bought Blueberry.
I consider them the best. Nothing flows, no diaper rash.
Later, the panties of the same brand were taken – and quickly taught the child to
the pot.

Eva, 22 years old. I take only Japanese
manufacturers! Merries or Mooney. They оптимальные по качеству.
No Pampers and Haggis will replace them. Price, of course, can for
someone bites, but the child is calm and sleeps well. And I’m with
by him.

Anna, 32 years old. And we immediately bought “Goon”. I think
their best. I have no complaints about them. And soft, and
gentle, and butt breathes. Neither cream, nor powder with them at all
we buy There is one minus in them – the price.

Elena, 34 years old. Haggis is just awful.
The texture is such that it is made of cardboard. Soak up
disgusting. Ass daughter was constantly wet. What if
by and large comes down, then generally horror – all this through the belt out
gets out. Now I take only Pampers. Still molfiks good and
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Check the prices of diapers, read reviews and
full descriptions, choose from 371 species and buy diapers can in
specialized children’s online store Obstetrics 

Compare Pampers, Haggies, Merries and Gauze

Choice of diapers (Moony / Merries / Libero / Huggies / Pampers)

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