Top 9 modern sterilizers forbottles

Are you still boiling? Then we go to you! In various forums
young mothers do not subside discussion, is it really necessary for a young family
прибор для стерилизации детских bottles. The sterilizer has
a lot of fans and a crowd of ardent opponents. Indeed, our
mothers and grandmothers raised us without knowing vacuum cleaners, washing machines and
the internet. In the twenty-first century, all kinds of gadgets are called
facilitate our lives, help us in everyday life, save time. In care
There is never a lot of cleaning up after the baby, the sterilizer is fast and
reliably destroy germs in bottles, spoons, nipples, pacifiers and
other necessary items. Use a special device for
sterilization is definitely more convenient than boiling bottles daily in

How it works – how to boil the bottles and not burn yourself

Household sterilizers are of two main types:

  • steam (the principle of disinfection – steam treatment);
  • cold (action principle – special
    antiseptic substances).

The steam sterilizer is filled with clean before use.
water, steam from the boil processes the bottles lying on top of the bottle,
soothers, nipples, etc baby accessories. They can work from
network, or installed in the microwave. Although devices for microwave
more compact in size and cheaper, they may not fit each
friend, and metal objects in the microwave to put
can not.

For devices operating in cold sterilization mode
Capacity and special chemical in tablets are required.
They are purchased separately. This disinfection is convenient when you
traveling with a child, but requires strict adherence to dosage,
exposure time. At home, it is more convenient to use
electric steam model.

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Sterilizer для bottles — как выбрать?

Among the steam models of sterilizers, experts decided to
a kind of competition, ranking the best. Manufacturers
There are not so many sterilizers on the market – these are Philips, Beurer,
Tommee Tippee, Tefal, Maman, Chicco, Liko, Ramili.  Each
firms have chosen popular models, and compared them over the following

  1. Price segment.
  2. The volume of dishes to be sterilized at the same time (capacity).
  3. Sterilization time.
  4. The presence of indicators and process automation.
  5. Do you need special bottles.
  6. Additional options.

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Top sterilizer rating

Beurer JBY76

Sterilizer для bottles Beurer JBY76

The winner of our rankings rightly becomes
стерилизатор Beurer JBY76 (Германия, в среднем около 2 500
rubles). This is a true German quality at an affordable price.
Sunny yellow body will cheer up. Sterilizer
equipped with an LED display that allows you to control
sterilization time. There are additional options: automatic
shutdown, heating, audible and visual alert.


  • Small dimensions;
  • Bright modern design;
  • LED display for indication;
  • Возможна дезинфекция до 6 bottles и принадлежностей за 8
  • Keeps sterility 3 hours with the lid closed;
  • Kills all harmful bacteria without chemicals;
  • Optical and acoustic signal;
  • Имеет съемную решетку для фиксации bottles;
  • Nippers included;
  • Cable winding;
  • Signal at the end of sterilization;
  • Auto power off;
  • Energy saving (220-240 V);
  • relatively small price for such a sterilizer.

Minuses: not

Beurer JBY40


Beurer JBY40 (Германия) — настоящее немецкое качество по
affordable price. Sterilizer для СВЧ-печи. Suitable for any
microwave models. Укладываете в стерилизатор до 5 bottles,
set the time – 5 minutes, and quietly do your homework
by deeds. The device can always take with you, going to visit.
Thanks to its compact size, it is easy for him to find a place in the kitchen,
if you wish, you can wash it in the dishwasher. Price from
1050 rubles.


  • compatible with any microwave models;
  • small sizes;
  • attractive price.

Minuses: необходима микроволновая печь.

Ramili BSS150

Sterilizer Ramili BSS150

Паровой стерилизатор для bottles Ramili BSS150
(UK, 3,700 rubles). This cute device is equipped
cyclic sterilization system that allows him to maintain
sterility mode up to 48 hours (sterilization is repeated 4 times
every 6 hours or every 12 hours, which eliminates
young mother from additional worries for a period of up to 48 hours).
LCD display shows processing time. Sterilizer имеет режим
steamers, in it you can cook and warm baby food on
a couple. Equipped with a special stand for various children
of things. В комплект входит  мерный стаканчик для дозировки
water. Время стерилизации 8 мин, вмещает 6 bottles.


  • multifunctionality;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • availability of electronic display;
  • стерилизация до 6 bottles;
  • steamer mode;
  • подходит для всех видов детских bottles;
  • special stand for various items (jars, nipples,
    utensils, teethers, and other children’s accessories).

Minuses: not

Chicco Steril Natural

Chicco Steril Natural

Chicco Steril Natural Electric Sterilizer for Seven
bottles (Италия, 3 710 рублей) — сообразительный помощник от
popular Italian brand for an adequate price. Lucky
value for money and functionality.  There is a special
mesh for small items.


  • вместительность: 7 bottles. + grid for various
    items: jars, nipple, dishes, teethers, and others for children
  • transparent case;
  • автоматическая стерилизация каждые 5 часов;
  • время стерилизации 5 мин;
  • подходит для любых bottles;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • sealed water tank – enough water for several cycles.

Minuses: not.

Tefal Baby Home BH 7300

стерилизатор Tefal Baby Home BH 7300

Sterilizer Tefal Baby Home BH 7300 (Франция, 4 030 rubles).
Tefal always cares about us. Подходит для любых типов bottles,
has a compact round shape, openwork stand, easily fits
in any kitchen. At the end of the process automatically
turns off.


  • interesting design;
  • water level control;
  • не требует специальных bottles;
  • small sizes.

Minuses: достаточно дорогой

Philips Avent SCF281 / 02 for microwave

стерилизатор Philips Avent SCF281 / 02 for microwave

Sterilizer Philips Avent SCF281 / 02 for microwave-печи
(UK, 1 990 rubles) – quality, inexpensive and
effective device. It can be used at home, on trips and
guests, wherever there is a microwave. The device allows
одновременно стерилизовать  4 бутылочки Philips Avent. Sorry
understandable in circulation.


  • ease of use;
  • quick disinfection – 2 minutes;
  • small price


  • a microwave oven is required;
  • special bottles;
  • do not sterilize metal objects.

Philips / Avent SCF284 / 03


Philips / Avent SCF284 / 03 (Великобритания) — придет на выручку,
when a lot of dishes. For parents of a child
twin children – this sterilizer is a real find. It consists
of 3 modules that can be grouped together. (Heating
детского питания, стерилизация bottles, стерилизация пустышек,
nipple, plates, spoons, small toys, breast pumps). Only for 6
минут стерилизует 6 шесть bottles Philips AVENT. Price from 5 150


  • multifunctionality;
  • compactness;
  • fast sterilization;
  • automatic shutdown.

Minuses: достаточно дорогой.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature (UK) – compact
sterilizer for 1 bottle. Comfortable model for
travel parents. This cute device will come to you on
помощь: дома и в гостях, для обработки bottles от сока, чая,
сцеженного молока, во время долгой прогулки в парке, в
traveling with the kid by car and train. Processing can
carry out steam in the microwave or cold using special
pills. Цена: около 1 160 rubles.


  • small sizes;
  • low price;
  • convenience.


  • simultaneously sterilizes 1 bottle;
  • when cold sterilization is necessary to buy
    special pills.

Maman LS-B210

Maman LS-B210

Maman LS-B210 (China) – an inexpensive option
heater sterilizer. Этот прибор подходит для 2 bottles и
jars of any type. Can quickly heat up the power to the required
temperature Время стерилизации bottles, сосок, пустышек 15
minutes Цена: примерно 1 330 rubles.


  • compactness;
  • low cost


  • manual temperature controller;
  • not автоотключения;
  • достаточно большое sterilization time.

This is the rating of the best models of sterilizers,
presented in the Russian market.


Выбрать и купить стерилизатор для bottles
можете в интерnot магазине бабаду.ру
— или
акушерство.ру — Подогреватели и стерилизаторы

Do you need a modern sterilizer, or will you manage the old ones
Grandma ways decide on their own. We tried
present the best models for sterilization in detail and fully.

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