TOP 8 sports for pregnant women

Pregnancy — не противопоказание для sports!
Of course, heavy exercise is prohibited for pregnant women, therefore,
for example, weightlifting (by the way, if you’re up to pregnancy
занимались силовыми упражнениями — то можно продолжить занятия
and during pregnancy) and long-distance running do now not
work out. But to completely give up physical exertion
can’t! Even more, in these important 40 weeks you need to stay in
good physical condition. If you played sports before giving birth,
then after birth, physical and mental recovery occurs
very fast. It is very important that mother is always full of energy for
child rearing. This article will look at 8 main types
sports for pregnant women.

one. Yoga


This ancient Indian exercise complex has no
contraindications. Old people and adults can do yoga
even children. It is also suitable for pregnant women. Yoga allows
easily overcome stressful conditions. She will give to your mind
calm, and the body – flexibility and youth.

2. Swimming


Swimming is another activity that suits well.
pregnant women. Swimming normalizes the work of the internal
organs, as well as strengthen the bones of the pelvis, which is very important during
childbirth. This sport is practiced even by people with bone diseases and
joints. Swimming instructors will select an exercise program for
you. Swimming relaxes and gives a sense of calm.

3. Stretching


Stretching is very similar to yoga. It is a complex
exercise with an emphasis on stretching the muscles and tendons.
Stretching allows you to learn how to control the pain that will have
by the way at birth.

4. Walking


Even walking in the fresh air plays a big role. Lasting
walking strengthens the heart muscle. This is probably the cheapest kind.
sports! For a normal walk you will need sportswear.
shoes and a bottle of cool water to quench your thirst. Walk
every day, do not give in to your laziness – do not take breaks.

5. Dancing



Are you okay? Do doctors let you dance? If a
these two questions you answered “yes”, then why not do
dancing? Dance clubs can be found in any city and they
will cost you cheap. Choose a dance you like, put
Disc with the appropriate music – and dance! Dance raises
mood and heals the body.

6. Aerobics


For the normalization of metabolism fit aerobics. Not complicated
rhythmic exercises to the music will help you keep yourself in shape.
Exercises in the supine position will strengthen the muscles of the pelvis. This will facilitate childbirth and
will shorten before postpartum recovery.

7. Strength training


Yes, with variability you can even do strength exercises! If a
you were doing strength exercises before pregnancy – then why
do not continue classes during pregnancy? Of course have
greatly alleviate their sports equipment, and from heavy
dumbbells give up completely. Go to the doctor and ask him
make you a new mode of study.

8. Arnold Kegel exercises

Упражнения Кегеля

German doctor Arnold Kegel once invented a complex
exercises to strengthen the pelvis. Exercises should be done like this:
strain the muscles of the pelvis, as if you want to keep the flow of urine, wait one0
seconds, and then relax. Repeat 5-6 times. These exercises
can be performed both at home on the couch and in transport, because
they are simple and invisible to others.

Do not be ashamed of your pregnancy. On the contrary –
be proud that very soon you will have a child. If a вы будете
eat well, sleep a lot, spend a lot of time walking and
engage in your favorite sport – successful delivery to you

Rules of sports during pregnancy. Part

Rules of sports during pregnancy. Part

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