Top 7 nasty habits of young parents

Young moms and dads sometimes start to make dubious
deeds. Previously, they would not have thought about such things. We offer
consider 7 strange parenting habits that cause
perplexity of others, and from which it is better to get rid of.

противные привычки родителей

1. The habit of sniffing for children

Parents of babies think that smelling the diaper is quite
fine. So they want to know if it’s time to change it to a new one or
the diaper is still fresh. Of course, if you do it at home, bye
no one sees, it’s ok, but if you do it in public
place, it causes shock to others. Moms and dads not
think that such actions seem at least strange for
surrounding Therefore, it is important to control your behavior in
public places and get rid of this bad habit.

2. Habit to lick baby’s pacifier

Parents often lick the nipple that fell to the floor and give it again.
to kid. Adult saliva contains a whole lot of
bacteria and carious monsters, but that doesn’t stop anyone.
Dummies that have fallen on the floor are ritually licked by all family members.
take turns giving the child a bouquet of germs. And from the outside it
Looks just disgusting. Yes, good in this little. If a
The dummy is dirty and must be rinsed with water.

3. The habit of using to wash your own baby

Иногда мамы используют свою saliva, чтобы стереть им крошки с
child’s face.

�”Why wash a child when you can just lick your
палец и вытереть крошки с лица baby…»


It is unlikely that the kid is pleasant such actions. Baby should be washed
water, even if it has to be done 10 times a day.

4. The habit of eating food that has already been in the mouth

Parents often finish eating cookies, vegetables and fruits for the baby,
which the child has already deflated. The appearance of such food leaves
want something better, but adults prefer to eat it than
throw away.

5. The habit of tightening with changing the diaper

If a ребенок немного «подмочил» подгузник, родители не торопятся
to dress him up They believe that in such a diaper is quite possible
leave the baby for another couple of hours. Especially if the nearest
plans – bathing.

6. The habit of sucking baby snot mouth

When a baby aspirator appears in the family first aid kit, parents
пытаются высасывать с его помощью сопли baby ртом. They With
enthusiastically insert a tube screaming babies in the nose and with ecstasy
pull (mouth !!) from there thick snot. And they are so cool gurgle
and rumble. Such a terrible habit is better to forget immediately!

7. Привычка оставлять baby в запачканной

Многие мамы ленятся часто переодевать baby и застирывать его
clothes several times a day. The babe is left long in things
on which he otrygnul-not to run the same erase it 5 times a day.
Well, if parents do not forget to change their child before
walk or go to the store.

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