TOP 6 models of the best baby monitors: description, advantages,cons, prices

Such a useful gadget, like a baby monitor, is becoming
more sought after by modern parents. Choose a baby monitor
necessary depending on the goals and the place where you plan
use the device. The device with the most necessary functions
can be found among relatively inexpensive models.

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  • 1 How to choose a baby monitor
    • 1.1 Leaders among baby monitors
      • 1.1.1 The Philips AVENT SCD505 / 00 baby monitor is responsible for the quality and
      • 1.1.2 Digital Baby Monitor TOMY Tf500 combines acceptable
        price and quality
      • 1.1.3 SWITEL BCC 50 – the first in the rating of baby monitors with
        two-way communication
      • 1.1.4 Motorola MBP 11 –budget option with all necessary
      • 1.1.5 Chicco analog baby monitor hi-contact 863 MHz –
      • 1.1.6 Maman FD-D601 pleases with functionality
  • 2 Dr. Antsiferova on choosing a baby monitor


How to choose a baby monitor

When choosing such a useful device parents should pay
attention to a number of requirements:

  1. First of all, a good baby monitor should run smoothly.
    do your job. The device should produce high-quality
    sound. Digital baby monitors are much better than analog ones. Digital
    models have up to 120 channels that are searched
    automatically. Therefore, they give clear sound and minimize the risk
    the occurrence of interference. Analog devices have little
    the number of channels and transmit the signal directly, causing suffering
    sound quality because interference from other wireless
    appliances in the house.,
  2. Another important criterion is the privacy of communication.
    Analogue baby monitors cannot guarantee that your voice
    the child will not be heard by the neighbors talking at that moment
    wireless phone. That is, using an analog model, you do not
    you can vouch for what is happening outside your apartment
    only you know. And when using a digital baby monitor signal
    pre-encrypted so privacy can
  3. When purchasing a device, it is good to ask about the range
    models and sustainability of work in a residential area, as well as on uneven
    terrain And additional “chips” will make operation of the device
    easier and more comfortable. These include all kinds of indicators,
    sensors. Also pay attention to the autonomous work
    child and parent blocks.

Which manufacturer of baby monitors best took care of
the convenience of parents?

Of course, the favorite for the production of these products is not
long established in our market, is a well-known company
Philips. Under the brand name AVENT, it presents to the attention of caring
parents a whole line of models of excellent quality. Most
advanced ones are characterized by the presence of so-called technology
DECT, reliably protecting communication from eavesdropping and interference.
TOMY DIGITAL can be considered an equivalent company competitor.
The company’s products are not so well known, but are distinguished by reliability and
the same extensive range.

Also, if you are looking for models that combine functionality
and quality, you can safely trust Chicco, Brevi Baby Monitor,
Tefal and AngelCare. Of course, if your financial situation
allows you to spend money, it is better not to find a brand digital model.
However, in the absence of the opportunity to buy even the simplest
digital model, pay attention to more budget analog
devices. For example, many parents are satisfied with their purchase.
– An analog model Maman.

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The leaders among the baby monitors

The Philips AVENT SCD505 / 00 baby monitor is responsible for quality and


Why in the list of the best:

With this digital model you don’t need to worry about cleanliness.
signal. Special attention should be paid to the availability of economical
ECO mode. In it, the connection between the blocks is carried out only
in case of sounds in the room with the baby. Availability of 120 channels with
auto-switching and encryption, various sensors, indicators
(sound, switch on, exit from the reception area, etc.) allow parents
keep the situation under control.


  • DECT technology;
  • feedback function;
  • there is a nightlight with melodies;
  • two power supplies.


  • price;
  • labels and menus are written in English.

Estimated cost in Russia: 4 500 – 5 500 rubles.

The digital baby monitor TOMY Tf500 combines an affordable price and


Why in the list of the best:

This is the simplest model in its lineup. However such
combination of functions, like the “nanny” TOMY, can be found only in
much more expensive models. 120-channel range
device reaching 350 m, clear signal, energy-saving
mode when the sound is activated – this is what this can boast
device The kit also includes a battery for
parent unit and belt clip.


  • two-way communication;
  • the ability to automatically switch the baby unit to
    sound reception mode;
  • DECT technology;
  • light scale sound display;
  • there is a thermometer night light;
  • low battery indicator.

Disadvantages: отсутствует дисплей.

Estimated cost in Russia: 3 500 – 4 500 rubles.

SWITEL BCC 50 – the first in the rating of baby monkeys with two-way
a bond

радионяня SWITEL BCС 50

Why in the list of the best:

The range of the device is as much as 2 km! Swiss
consumer electronics manufacturer helps to facilitate
performance of parenting duties to dad and mom who
It is necessary to monitor the child at a considerable distance.
The radio nurse possesses 8 channels, differs in reliability and allows
контролировать громкость signal. The device is capable of one
instant turn into a walkie-talkie.


  • communication range;
  • two-way communication;
  • with baby crying the device is activated and automatically
    переключается на sound reception mode;
  • backlit display;
  • works both from finger-type batteries, and from a network.

Disadvantages: внушительная цена.

Estimated cost in Russia: 4000 rub.

Motorola MBP 11 –budget option with all necessary

радионяня Motorola MBP 11

Why in the list of the best:

The range of the baby monitor is 300 m, which allows
mom and dad quietly go out and even walk to the nearest
supermarket. If you cross the range line
devices, it will definitely “warn” you about this, as well as about
That the battery is discharged. The visual indicator will help to be
on the alert, even if there is a TV or a water tap next to it. Baby monitor
Motorola MBP 11 is characterized by clear sound and sensitivity.


  • цифровая DECT technology;
  • good sensitivity;
  • VOX mode (voice controlled switch).


  • the power of the baby unit is only possible from the network;
  • The device has no display.

Estimated cost in Russia: 2,000 – 3,000 rubles.

Chicco analog baby monitor hi-contact 863 MHz – mini assistant

Chicco hi-contact 863

Why in the list of the best:

Wireless audio device has 2 communication channels,
radius of transmission up to 70 m within the walls of an apartment (house) and up to 250 m at
open space. The high frequency of the baby monitor provides more
clear reception. However, as a rule, model owners are attracted
compact size and beautiful design. But it is worth noting that
baby monitor Italian brand not everyone can afford.


  • miniature size;
  • LCD display with all the necessary indications;
  • rubberized body of both blocks;
  • clip for mounting the parent receiver on the belt;
  • units work both from the battery, and from the adapter.

Disadvantages: аналоговый тип сигнала, что
implies the occurrence of interference.

Estimated cost in Russia: 2 000 rubles.

Maman FD-D601 pleases functionality


Why in the list of the best:

The radius of this 2-channel analog baby monitor from Korean
manufacturer reaches 300 meters. The device translates into
energy saving standby. The device is made of eco-friendly
materials. The use of “nanny” Maman FD-D601 is optimal for
use in not too large premises and at the dacha


  • display with indicators;
  • a thermometer in the children’s unit;
  • can work on AAA batteries, network and batteries;
  • good sound sensitivity.

Disadvantages: аналоговый тип связи.

Estimated cost in Russia: 3800 rubles.

You can buy a baby monitor in the shop
baby monitors или в интернет магазине акушерство.ру — раздел
baby monitors

Of course, good models are not limited to those listed.
stamps. The main thing is to learn the principles of choice. So if you
expecting with the device not only to hear, but also
soothe your baby you need to purchase a digital device with
обратной a bond. If you live in a block of flats,
Buy a baby monitor with a DECT frequency band. For operation on
the street and in a private house, choose a device with a far radius
actions. In the latter case, economical
good quality analog baby monitor.

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