Top 6 harmful products for pregnant women

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expectant mother always warns: now you need to eat
right, paying attention to the preparation of a useful diet. there is
food that is acutely required by the female organisms and
child, but there is, on the contrary, those that can harm. Below
the main ones are given, which will have to be at the time of gestation
get rid of.

вредная еда для беременных

6 foods that pregnant women better to forget

1. Sausage and sausages

In addition to overt harm due to the presence of carcinogens (in
smoked sausages) and chemical additives (in any sausage)
There is one more negative property of products. It has
Listeria is a bacterium that is far from being useful for human
organism. Since susceptibility in pregnant women to bacteria is much
above, then from sausage, sausages and other similar products

2. Meat, fish, eggs without heat

It is possible to get infected from raw meat, fish products and eggs.
many parasites, but salmonella and
Toxoplasma – harmful microbes. They cause severe intestinal
diseases that pregnant women admit are absolutely impossible.
Therefore, the use of dried meat, poorly roasted
kebabs, sushi with raw fish, raw eggs is unacceptable!

3. Alcohol


Rarely, who comes to mind to take alcohol “in position”
but still there are lovers of experiments. Alcohol leads to
the birth of a sick child, with an underdevelopment of organs and nervous
system, causes birth trauma, fetal alcohol syndrome.
Autism in a baby after birth can even provoke
minimal doses of light alcohol.

4. Coffee

Caffeine in any form is contraindicated, but only when
abuse It leads to a spasm of the vessels of the placenta only in
significant dosage. Therefore, a cup of coffee occasionally myself
you can pamper you. But do not forget about other caffeine-containing
products (tea, pastries, chocolate, etc.) to the total
the amount of substance was not large.

5. Cheese with mold

Listerias settle in such a product as exquisite cheese with
mold This type of cheese must be abandoned, at least
least before birth!

6. Drinks “without calories”

In fact, all such drinks include a lot of chemistry,
which is intended to replace sugar in them. It is unknown which drink in
the result will be more harmful – sweet or dietary, so about those and
others are better for a future mother to forget for a while.

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