Top 5 useless and Top 5 essential items fornewborn baby

Expecting a baby, I bought all the things that
advised young mummies on the Internet. Also a lot of things to me
Nadar relatives. It turned out that all these things are very
a lot of space in the house. But what did I really need from this,
and that so lay idle? Now that my child is already 5
years, I made a list of necessary and unnecessary things for moms waiting


Things not everyone needs

  1. Молокоотсос. Fortunately, it was not useful to me.
    She fed the baby herself, so this purchased item was lying
    packaged. The cost of a breast pump can be quite expensive, so in advance
    it would not be advisable to acquire it. If there is such
    need – buy (here we wrote about breast pumps).
  2. Стерилизатор для бутылочек. They gave it to me
    Caring grandparents, but I never printed it.
    Probably he would need for children on artificial
    feeding but not me. I have a baby, when he grew up to lure,
    immediately began to drink and eat with a spoon, so it was easy to sterilize
    нечего (нет, конечно бутылочка у нас тоже была, но что бы
    стерилизовать одну бутылочку в специальном дорогущем
    стерилизаторе — это перебор
    ). In my opinion, it is easier to scald
    bottle and do not buy another unnecessary device in the kitchen
    (топ 9 стерилизаторов).
  3. Йогуртница. It seems to be a useful device, but still
    useless. I dreamed that my baby will eat natural
    homemade curds and yogurts. The funny thing is my boy
    seeing my homemade yogurt, completely refused to eat it. Tried
    put my product in regular store packaging, but cheating is not
    passed by I tried it myself – I like it. But I don’t cook like that
    I want – a lot of fuss. Now my yogurt maker is standing alone.
    It may be convenient for someone, but for me it’s already easier for me to buy at
    the store.
  4. Ванна и горка. Bought pretty good and
    big baby bath. Honestly boiled water and bathed the baby in it,
    while the umbilical wound healed. 10-liter was bought for boiling
    �”Chan.” Bathing turned into torture. After the umbilical wound
    healed, we desired to bathe in a regular bath. Now this huge
    baby bath takes up a lot of space on the balcony. With a slide the same
    story: bought a couple of times. For those who do not have much space in
    apartment, I advise you to think about such bulky and
    �”One-time” shopping.
  5. Undershirts of the Soviet sample and sweaters on
    . They gave me, she did not buy. Modern
    Bodys have long supplanted these “grandmothers” things of the Soviet type.

Useful and necessary things

  1. Electronic thermometer. Believe me, this is a miracle!
    It helps to instantly measure the temperature of the screaming and
    bursting out baby. I do not understand how earlier moms managed her
    measure with a normal mercury thermometer :).
  2. Blender When the baby was on the chest
    feeding, I was a little carefree. But when doctors
    allowed to introduce meat supplements, I was stumped.
    Grind boiled meat with a fork or something else to the state of gruel
    very difficult task! After all, the baby still can not chew well
    large pieces, therefore, need “porridge”. Of course it’s easier to buy
    ready jar of meat. But it is quite expensive and not always
    is useful. Therefore, a blender is my magic wand.
  3. Washer. When the baby arrived,
    washing became five times more. Without a washing machine, I would get away with
  4. Developing a rug. Really necessary thing
    for the baby, which is still crawling. I left my son on the rug and he
    could be there quietly about half an hour.
  5. Circle on the neck for swimming. Find! Small
    it is terrible for a person to send “swimming” into a huge bath. But with
    the inflatable lap bathing turned into a pleasant procedure: as for
    me and for my son.

I’m sure my advice to you is just a little bit.
will come in handy. In the comments you can add a list of useful and
useless things :)

Еще мнение: Рассказываю о покупках
which were useless to us and about very necessary …. (my experience, my
Забыла вам сказать что подушка для кормления очень
handy thing))) and a water thermometer ……. without it, I can’t exactly
determine the temperature of the water.

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