Top 5 sources of vitamin E (for pregnant women andfor those who are planning a pregnancy)

In the waiting period of the child in the body of a woman
The need for vitamins and minerals increases by 1.5 times. On
втором месте (после фолиевой кислоты) в это ответственное
время стоит необходимость в витамине E (токоферол). Besides
beneficial effects on all body systems, it regulates
fertilization and childbearing processes. There are 5 main
products whose daily use is able to satisfy
daily need for it.


Полезные свойства витамина E

Витамин E — это жирорастворимый антиоксидант. is he
neutralizes the oxidative action of free radicals,
prevents various cell pathologies, including cancer.

In addition, vitamin E:

  • slows the aging process;
  • повышает иммунитет, защищает от вирусных и бактериальных
  • improves tissue regeneration;
  • stimulates the formation of capillaries and improves tone,
    vascular permeability;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • increases the recovery capacity of the body;
  • reduces the formation of scars, scarring on the skin;
  • lowers body fatigue;
  • reduces the appearance of seizures;
  • helps to reduce blood pressure;
  • normalizes blood clotting, prevents its increased
    level involved in the treatment of thrombotic diseases; promotes
    reduce blood sugar, is included in the comprehensive treatment of diabetes;
    along with vitamin C has a high anti-cancer effect on
  • promotes усвоению витамина А.

Значение витамина E при подготовке к

Большую роль витамин E выполняет в период планирования и
first trimester of pregnancy. Its other name is
tocopherol, which translates as “bringing

  • Maintains a normal hormonal background, so
    ovule matures and ovulation occurs;
  • Promotes fertilization of the egg and its attachment to
    the wall of the uterus;
  • In the male body, tocopherol accelerates the production of sperm and
    improves its quality.

Необходимость витамина E при

  • Participates in the normal formation and maturation of the placenta.
    Reduces the likelihood of placental abruption;
  • Normalizes blood flow between mother and fetus;
  • Saves from spontaneous abortion
  • It protects the embryo from negative influences, participates in
    the formation of all systems of the fetus;
  • Reduces fatigue during pregnancy;
  • Lowers the incidence of seizures during pregnancy.

Women preparing for conception, as well as pregnant vitamin
E назначает врач-гинеколог. However, synthetic vitamin E is all
is worse perceived by the body than its natural sources.
В природе существуют натуральные источники этого «витамина
childbearing. Представляем список из 5 продуктов,
daily intake of which is capable of satisfying daily intake
the body’s need for it.

1. Vegetable oils


Onстоящий кладезь витамина E – масло зародышей пшеницы.
A tablespoon of this oil per day will provide the body with a daily
потребности в токофероле.

Other vegetable oils containing
this vitamin. Imagine them in descending order: sunflower,
cottonseed, corn, olive, soybean oil. Much more useful
unrefined cold pressed oils, because in them
The maximum amount of natural ingredients is preserved.

2. Nuts



Onибольшее количество витамина E содержит миндаль, чуть
hazelnuts are less rich in them. Next come peanuts, pistachios and cashews.
В грецком орехе витамина Е в 10 раз меньше. than in
almond Eat a handful of uncooked nuts a day or two
to provide the body with the necessary amount of tocopherol. Besides
In addition, the vitamin of childbirth is rich in raw sunflower seeds,
sesame and pumpkin.

3. Rosehip and sea buckthorn

These two fruits are also rich in tocopherol. And they contain
a lot of vitamin C, strengthening the immune system. Scientists have proven that
витамин E лучше усваивается организмом, если он поступает с
пищей, содержащей витамины A и C. Облепиха и шиповник
do an excellent job with this task.

From the wild rose, prepare vitamin tea: mash the dried fruit,
pour boiling water and leave to steam in a thermos for a day.
Sea buckthorn is better to crush with sugar and dilute with water.

4. Leafy vegetables


On первом месте по содержанию токоферола среди листовых овощей
are spinach and green sorrel. They can be consumed raw,
cut into salad, blanch. It also contains a large
amount of vitamin C. Eating leafy vegetables will prevent
constipation, often found in pregnant women.

5. Seafood


The highest content of tocopherol seafood is eels and
squid. Fish is salmon and pike perch. Seafood is also rich
iodine, calcium and phosphorus, necessary for the body. Seafood
It is necessary to subject to non-prolonged heat treatment. So they
will keep the most vitamins and minerals.

Another list of products in which there is a vitamin

  • green turnip;
  • kale (kale);
  • raw chard;
  • mustard;
  • Pine nuts;
  • avocado;
  • broccoli;
  • parsley;
  • papaya;
  • olives;
  • eggs;
  • wholegrain;
  • soya beans.

Daily having these foods on the table, the expectant mother
will be able to fully provide themselves and their baby
miraculous vitamin E.

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