TOP 5 essential foods in the dietpregnant

Many girls in an interesting position take
витаминно-минеральные комплексы для pregnant, которые
maintain normal body function. Synthetic additives
can be replaced with natural fruits and vegetables. After all, it is rich
sources of folic acid, vitamin C, calcium and many others
nutrients needed in carrying a child.

питание беременной

1. Yogurt

This dairy product is an excellent source of proteins. Also
Yogurt contains a lot of calcium – more than milk. He has
active bacteria that reduce the risk of yeast infections. A plus –
even people with lactose intolerance can eat yogurt, and such
a lot.

2. Orange Juice

Fresh drink is rich in vitamin C and folic acid.
A large amount of potassium in orange juice helps lower
high pressure, which is very dangerous during pregnancy.


3. Broccoli

It is a good source of calcium, but it also has vitamins C, B6 and
folic acid.

4. Figs

In fresh and dried form, this fruit contains more fiber than
any other fruits and vegetables, and more potassium than bananas. Besides
Moreover, figs are rich in iron and calcium.

5. Lentils

Rich source of iron, folate and proteins. Due to the abundance of food
fibers lentils also prevents constipation, which often
pregnant women suffer.

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Olga Netrebenko, professor of the Russian State Medical University advises:
how to eat during pregnancy

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